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How To Properly Serve Eviction Papers?

In most movies and TV shows, people get evicted at a moment’s notice when their landlord is screaming at them to get out. In reality, an eviction notice have to be served and there is a whole proper process for it, which ranges from filing the eviction papers to hiring a process server. If you own a property and want to evict a tenant from your home, you should familiarize yourself with the eviction process. Here is how to properly serve eviction papers.

Serving The Eviction Notice

Before your tenant can be officially evicted, they will have to be served with a notice. Since the tenants will probably have an idea about the upcoming eviction, they may try to avoid you. The tenant may not answer the door to you, may stay away from home, or change their work timings. Until they are given the notice, the eviction process will come to a halt. Thus, hiring a process server from Oklahoma City can make sure that the proceedings do not get delayed. Using their skill and expertise, they can make sure that eviction notice is served to the tenant.

Must Be Accurate

The landowner must file the eviction at least a week before contacting a process server from Oklahoma. The only legal action that is permitted without a court order from a judge is an eviction, thus a process server from OKC can also mail the eviction notice through the mail and then post the notice on their front door. However, the landlord must keep in mind that the notice has to specify information that is accurate and not misspelled. For example, if they address is central street but the notice says central drive, the entire notice will be rendered ineffective. It is possible to type up another notice and file it again, but that will delay the proceedings, thus you should make absolutely sure that the document is accurate before filing it.

Timeline And Reasoning Should Be Included In The Notice

The landlord needs to specify the reason for evicting the tenant, whether it’s due to non-payment of rent on a timely basis or any other violation of the lease terms. The reason should be provided in detail and contain specifics, for instance the lease term that they violated or the weeks passed without paying rent, etc. The notice should also include the timeline during which the renter needs to respond to the notice.

Hiring a professional process server can make sure your eviction notice is served timely and efficiently, which in turn will save you time as well.

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