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Is it possible to monitor how a nanny takes care of a child while I am not at home?

The desire to protect your child is natural for parents. Leaving the children in the care of a stranger, even with the best recommendations, parents want to be calm and to know that in their absence nothing bad will happen. A hidden camera monitoring the nanny allows you to track the situation in the house when you are not nearby.

The law does not prohibit the use of video surveillance in the home. However, there are some nuances that should be observed:

  • Equipment should be installed on the territory of private property;
  • Family and domestic workers should be aware that video is being taken;
  • Devices should not be masked in any objects (mirrors, lamps).

So, the nanny or babysitter should know that a motion sensor and other technical equipment that controls her activity are installed in the room. If you think that in this way the whole effect of shooting is reduced to zero, then this is not so. On the contrary, home staff, knowing this information, will fulfill their duties more efficiently and in good faith.

In addition, home video systems allow you to monitor the condition of the apartment in your absence. Even if the theft has occurred, camcorders will provide material that can be used as evidence.

Each video surveillance system consists of the following devices:

  • Directly to the camera;
  • Monitor

A hidden camera for monitoring the nanny makes it possible to control everything that happens in the apartment, house or in the surrounding area. You can be aware of what is happening with the child, his daily routine, diet and sleep patterns. In case of dishonesty of the nanny, her possible illegal actions, you can quickly respond to the situation.

Camcorders can be digital or analog. Able to record around the clock, including at night. The image may be in color or b/w. You can view the recording remotely using a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

The best choice for an apartment or house is several cylindrical or dome cameras that can cover the maximum area without “dead zones”.

The hidden camera of the nanny allows parents at any time to make sure that everything is in order with their child, give instructions or express wishes to the employee. This is an effective way to control the situation in the house, to prevent theft.

Wherever you are, you can always monitor the condition of your home and take emergency measures in an emergency.

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