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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a bitter court battle or other legal dispute, and there was no end in sight? Does neither side in the legal dispute seem willing to budge one inch, with both parties demanding they get everything they want with no one wanting to compromise? If so, please rest assured you are not alone. Fortunately, there are helpful solutions with our mediator service in Oklahoma City who can help you work out an amicable settlement that both sides can live with.

What Are Mediators in Oklahoma City, OK?

Mediator services for divorces and other matters in OKC have been helping people for many years to resolve their legal disputes in a more amicable manner, whereby both sides get part of what they want. By sitting down with a certified Oklahoma mediator when going through a legal dispute, you can avoid long, drawn-out court battles with expensive attorneys and court costs by opting to locate a mediation service near me from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to help you resolve your legal differences and come to a workable and peaceful resolution to your matter.

Mediators are highly trained legal specialists who know how to help people work through conflicts and who specialize in dispute resolution. Each person who works with our legal services firm as a mediator service near me with our private detective agency in OKC is highly trained and certified as a mediator by the State of Oklahoma. They remain dedicated to helping businesses and couples work through conflicts, until they come to a reasonable solution together.


Meet Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing, Chief Mediator

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is one of the owners of our legal services firm, and she is also licensed as a mediator near me through the State of Oklahoma. Indeed, she has worked hard as a mediator in Edmond, Oklahoma to assist many clients over the years resolve many kinds of disputes, some of which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Divorces Between Couples
  • Child Custody Disputes
  • Business Disputes Between 2+ Companies
  • Small Claims Cases
  • Contractual Disagreements
  • Disputes Between Neighbors
  • Probate, Will, & Trust Disputes
  • Inter-Family Disputes, Elder Care, Disputes Between Parents & Children, Etc.
  • Any Other Legal Dispute Where The Two Parties Agree To Mediation Services in Oklahoma

Types of Dispute Resolution Services, Plus Their Pros & Cons:

When you seek to hire a mediator or want to find the best mediation service near me to help you negotiate a settlement with someone in an amicable fashion, you should remember you have several options to help you resolve your legal matter. As you will see below, there are a plethora of reasons why you might wish to choose mediation services over the other choices you have that we have listed below:


Negotiations often happen before anything else. With negotiations, the two parties try to work out a resolution together without outside assistance. Unfortunately, when negotiations fail, people often turn to more expensive, time-consuming methods to help resolve their disputes.


The decision to choose mediation services in Oklahoma to help you resolve differences is usually the least expensive and quickest option. A mediator in OKC might even be able to help you both resolve your dispute the same day, helping to draw up a formal agreement that all the parties can agree upon and live with. As mentioned earlier, when you locate a mediator near me to conduct mediation services in Norman, Oklahoma, parties involved can save a substantial amount of money and time if they are all willing to give and take some and not expect to get everything they desire.


Arbitration is yet another option to the problem-solving method of legal disputes in Oklahoma. Arbitration is a step above both negotiations and mediation. Arbitration usually takes place before a designated arbitrator in Oklahoma who is often a retired judge. Both parties end up paying for the cost of the arbitrator’s time, as well as their own attorneys, if applicable. Arbitration, much like litigation before active judges and juries, can prove extremely costly and time-consuming.

Unlike with mediation, after hearing all the evidence and motions, the arbitrator will decide which part(ies) shall prevail and what the outcome will be. The outcome may not be agreeable to one or more parties involved, but that will be irrelevant.


The typically most expensive and time-consuming ways to resolve a legal dispute involves one or multiple parties filing a lawsuit against one or more opposing parties. A judge or jury often decides on which one side should prevail in the lawsuit, and it may take many years and expensive court costs, attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, private investigator in Oklahoma costs, and more to resolve it. The only exception to this time and money rule are small claims cases, because those are often inexpensive, and a judge often hears and decides those quickly.

It is also important to point out that litigation and arbitration often ends where one side wins and the other party loses. Thus, there is a great degree of uncertainty in pursuing litigation and arbitration, because even “can’t lose cases” can and sometimes do lose in court. This is why many people opt to hire the best mediation service by attempting to locate a mediator in Oklahoma City to help all parties in a legal dispute come to a resolution where everyone is happy and no one “loses big time” per se.

How Our Mediators in OKC Conducts Our Mediation Service Near Me:

If you have ever wondered how mediation services work, the process for each mediator in OKC at our private detective agency near me works in the following steps:

  1. All parties collect their information and submit their preliminary evidence to the mediator before the mediation session begins.
  1. The mediator in Oklahoma City that provides early settlement mediation services will then meet with the initiating side and, if applicable, their lawyer in Oklahoma, to hear their contentions.
  1. The mediator in Oklahoma that is providing a mediation service will then go and speak with the responding side and, if applicable, their attorney near me, acting as an advocate for the initiating party and presenting their contentions.
  1. The mediator then goes back and speaks with the initiating party, and, if applicable, their attorney in Oklahoma, presenting the contentions of the responding parties and acting as an advocate on their behalf.
  1. Each time the mediator goes back and forth between parties, and, if applicable, their lawyers in OKC, the mediator near me will try to get each side to give up something and find areas of agreement that will satisfy both parties.
  1. When both sides have come to an agreement, the mediator writes up the agreement and notarizes it after both parties have signed it. The parties then must follow the terms of the mediation agreement, and if they do not then the offended side can petition a court to enforce it on their behalf and will surely emerge successfully.

Sometimes a mediation settlement for a small claims or divorce case, business dispute, child custody disagreement, etc., may last into the afternoon or even over a series of days for more complicated legal matters. Even so, when you find a mediator to conduct a mediation service on your behalf, you are less likely to spend as much money and time than if you pursue arbitration or formal litigation through the courts.

Why Our Mediators in Oklahoma City Stand Out From The Rest:

Many of our mediators in Yukon, OK and other mediators near me who provide divorce mediation services and early settlement mediation services have some or all the following qualifications:

  • Advanced Degrees
  • Many Years of Experience in Various Legal Fields
  • Lie Detection Training
  • Human Trafficking Training
  • Mediation Services Training & Licensing
  • Counseling Experience
  • Licensed Private Investigators
  • Licensed Ministers
  • Well-Versed In Different Cultures, Religions, Etc.
  • Parental Experience
  • Dispute Resolution Training

How To Become a Mediator in Oklahoma Who Provides Early Settlement Mediation Services:

To become a licensed mediator in Oklahoma, there are training classes and other requirements you must first complete. You must also receive a recommendation from the person who trained you, and each mediator who provides mediation services in OKC must also commit to providing a minimum of eight (8) hours of mediation services each month or eighty (80) hours of early settlement mediation services each one (1) year. For a full listing of requirements for those seeking to become a mediator in Oklahoma who provides a mediation service, you can click here.

Why Wait? Hire a Mediator For Divorce & Child Custody Mediation Services Now! 😊

If you would like to hire a mediator in Oklahoma and want to utilize our dispute resolution services and mediation services for child custody and other legal matters at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, then you are more than welcome to contact us at (405) 593-3515 for more information about our mediators and our early settlement mediation services 😊

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