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Most frequent questions and answers

Most people do not welcome death, and no one welcomes it when someone else forces death upon them through a vicious act of murder. Sadly, many people murder others for money, vengeance, sport, and a host of other reasons. When this happens, many people turn to the police and to murder private investigators at private investigation agencies to help conduct homicide private investigations. Of course, because law enforcement is often unwilling, ill-equipped, and understaffed to properly investigate homicides, much of the work falls upon them.

Many people do not even know what murder private investigators are, what they do, or how and where to hire a homicide private investigator from a private investigation agency to conduct homicide private investigations on their behalf. This is why the owners of our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City have put together a series of informative questions and answers about them. Thus, the questions and subsequent answers to many of your most common queries are listed below as follow:

He/ She solves cold cases and unsolved homicide investigations. They are a new set of eyes upon old evidence, information, etc., and hope to be able to solve the cases and bring justice to the victims of the deceased and their families. 😊

Technically speaking, anyone can investigate it and many people do. This is evidenced by how many people on social media outlets like YouTube and TikTok have vlogs and other documentaries make videos about cold case private investigations. However, few, if any, of them have the same level of experience, education, and training as do murder private investigators.

To become effective agents, most detectives must undergo extensive licensing, training, and education. Indeed, many people who choose to become one often have previous experience in law enforcement, the military, etc.

One thing to keep in mind when you consider who can conduct cold case private investigations is that unless the individual has a current private investigator license issued by the State of Oklahoma, then nothing the person discovers or any reports, or evidence, will be admissible into a court of law. This is why it is important to only locate this official and then to hire him/her that is fully licensed by the state of Oklahoma. Not only is it illegal for a non-licensed person to conduct murder private investigations, but doing so could also jeopardize your legal case.

They solve murders by conducting homicide private investigations. More specifically, they perform the following tasks when solving the case:

  • Collecting Evidence & Forensic Analysis – Murder cases always involve the collection of a ton of different types of evidence. Thus, they must be well-versed in both knowing what types of evidence to collect and how to collect and store it properly. The most common types of evidence often include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Forensic Evidence (Hair, Saliva, Semen, Vaginal Fluid, Fibers, Fingerprints, Sweat, Shoe Prints, Tire Tracks, Etc.)
  2. Video Footage of Witnesses, Alleged Murders, and Alleged Victims of Attempted Murders)
  3. Testimony From Witnesses, the Alleged Perpetrator, the Alleged Victim of an Attempted Murder, Police, Etc.
  4. Any Other Relevant Evidence, Such as Previous Court Files, Police Reports, Persons Familiar With the Persons in C) as noted above, etc.
  • Surveillance – When you hire them, they will often conduct surveillance upon witnesses to a homicide, alleged perpetrators, and alleged victims of attempted murder. By carefully watching their actions and seeing where these individuals go, whom they are with, whom they are associating with, and what time they are doing these activities, they can learn quite a bit. This information can potentially prove to be very useful in solving murder private investigations and cold case private investigations. 😊
  • Courtroom Testimony – During investigations, judges, criminal defense attorneys in OKC, and/or prosecutors will often require them to tell what they found out and otherwise know. This may include sharing reports and expert witness testimony with a jury.
  • Crime Scene Re-enactment – In some circumstances, a judge, prosecutor, or criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City might find them to re-enact the crime scene where a murder or attempted murder allegedly occurred. This way a jury can see what likely happened during the alleged incident, and a judge, prosecutor, or criminal defense attorney from a private investigation agency in OKC can be crucial in helping to clarify that picture for the court.
  • Witness/Alleged Perpetrator/Alleged Victims of Attempted Murder Location Finding, Criminal Background Checks, Etc. – Many times, the courts need to locate witnesses, alleged perpetrators, or even an alleged victim of an attempted homicide. In these instances, they might conduct nationwide skip tracing, a social media scan/deep Internet search, surveillance, and/or a plethora of other tactics to find missing persons and to locate missing people.

There are many qualities that go into the makings of a licensed individual who conducts cold case investigations. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Honest
  • Hardworking
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Inquisitive
  • Discreet
  • Self-Motivated/Self-Driven
  • Adaptable
  • Excellent Writing & Speaking Skills
  • Collaborative/Team Player
  • Flexible
  • Willingness to Learn New Things
  • Willingness to Obtain a License, as Well as the Training/Education/Coursework Needed for it.

All of them who have these qualities are the types of legal professionals that the owners of our private detective agency choose when they hire the best professionals. If you feel you have the qualities above, please locate one as you find the best private detective agency today. 😊

While the minimum age to obtain a license is 18 for unarmed and 21 for armed private investigators, the average age of private investigators in the United States is about 43 years of age. Additionally, approximately 3/4th of them in the United States are men, while the other 1/4th are female. There is no such empirical data on non-binary and gender-fluid private investigators in Oklahoma. 😊

Yes and no. Technically, anyone is allowed to investigate any matter they want, and many YouTubers and TikTok influencers always put out many true crime series. However, most or all of what they discover is inadmissible in a court of law because they need a private investigator license in Oklahoma. Additionally, many such influencers spread false rumors that can cause people damage to their reputations and can hinder the successful completion of unsolved murder investigations.

The most successful YouTubers and TikTok influencers can make hundreds if not millions of dollars from posting their findings online that captivate their audiences about cold case murders. Conversely, our agents can earn 6 figure salaries each year if they own their own private investigation agencies and are very successful.

The most money in this field comes when the best individuals are also highly skilled at making charismatic videos on YouTube, TikTok, etc., that other people can relate to and captivate their audiences. That way they can combine their experience, education, and training in this field with creative video/expressive skills, which can communicate theories, non-confidential findings, etc., to inquiring minds that want to know. 😊

They typically wear whatever makes them discreet inconspicuous, and blend into their environments. They do not want others to notice them. They will just want to conduct their investigations and then leave.

Shockingly, the United States of America (USA) has about 200,000 unsolved murders now. Sadly, this number keeps increasing by about 6,000 cold case murders each year. ☹ This is why our country needs more skilled investigators from the best private investigation agencies to conduct criminal investigations. That way when someone needs to locate them for this job, it will be much easier to hire them from our private detective agency.

To solve these cases, police officers will use a measurement to determine which cold cases are the most solvable. If they deem the case has a relatively high probability of getting solved, then the law enforcement’s cold case private investigators will take the following strategy to solve it:

  • Reviewing Old Evidence/Previous Investigations for Errors/Mistakes – They are just humans, and as such they are just as likely as the next person to make mistakes while conducting unsolved murder investigations. Thus, when examining cold case files to solve them from years past, police and a murder private detective from a private investigation agency should take great care to review previous interviews, evidence collection and interpretation, etc., to look for mistakes. Sometimes just having a fresh set of eyes on an unsolved homicide case can make a significant difference. 😊
  • Talking With Witnesses – Time & Circumstances Can Loosen Tongues – Like anything else, people change over time and as such their willingness to talk about what they know and whom they know can also potentially open. When this happens, skilled law enforcement personnel and these individuals can both use this to their advantage to solve them. 😊
  • Utilizing Jailhouse Snitches/Former Inmates for Information – Jailhouse snitches and cellmates with alleged perpetrators often talk for freedom or the right price. The individuals may have since ceased involvement with their gang, or perhaps they have a grudge to settle and do not mind spilling the beans on a person they detest. Whatever the reason, inmates who can garner information from and/or about alleged perpetrators can prove crucial to the solving of cold case investigations.
  • Using Nationwide Skip Tracing to Locate Missing Witnesses, Alleged Victims, & Alleged Perpetrators –They are keen to use their special access to tools, gadgets, and gizmos that allow them to conduct nationwide skip tracing to locate missing persons. By utilizing a skip trace service to find missing witnesses, missing alleged perpetrators, and even alleged victims of attempted homicide. A nationwide skip trace service can be most useful and productive in locating a missing person. 😊
  • Utilizing New DNA/Forensic Technology to Detect Perpetrators – With time science and technology constantly develop new ways to process and analyze DNA and other forensic technology that were previously unavailable. Indeed, this type of technology has not only found cold case perpetrators from long ago, but has also been used to exonerate people previously convicted of crimes they did not commit.

According to the Bureau of Labor’s statistics Florida has the largest number of private investigators living and working there, with the total coming to 4,350. Nonetheless, states like Oklahoma still have a growing demand for them. Thus, if you wish to locate the best one to do this job on your behalf, then you have come to the right state! 😊 Locate the best official from our best private detective agency near me today. 😊

Finding employment as one makes you great. However, if you do this job with honor and skill, you will have a lot of fun and help people in need, and yes, you will become super cool!

If you are ready to become a super cool superhero and want to have fun while making lots of money, then come work as a licensed detective today and conduct murder private investigations. Locate one at our private investigation agency today for more information.

It can indeed be stressful at times, but it can also be very exciting and financially lucrative. 😊 Indeed, they can earn substantial amounts of money doing something they enjoy while helping others experiencing incredible loss. A large majority of them note that they love conducting cold case private investigations.

When you hire them, you are making the right decision. This is because many police officers, especially those from small towns with few staff and even smaller budgets, are undertrained, understaffed, and often lack interest in pursuing such inquiries.

This is not to say that all police forces and law enforcement agencies are inept, unmotivated, and understaffed, as many are the exact opposite. However, many police forces fall far short of expected standards and measures, and many of our clients want an independent review and investigation into murders and unsolved homicides. Even though our clients must pay for their help whereas police receive their pay through public funding, having a dedicated individual specifically working for you is also a wonderful feeling. There is a completely different attitude when someone works for you on a private basis, as opposed to a public official who receives a salary from public funding.

A forensic private investigator, especially in the context of a rape or a cold case murder investigator from a private investigation agency, will often use DNA and other forensic evidence to help solve murder private investigations. In fact, they tend to specialize in forensic analysis. So, if your legal case involves one where forensic evidence is crucial to proving someone’s guilt or innocence, then hire one to help solve your forensic investigations. 😊

When you hire them to conduct cold case investigations on your behalf, there are many ways they can help solve your case. Some of the methods they use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Conducting Surveillance:

One of the best ways for them is to conduct surveillance. They do it by watching suspects, witnesses, etc. Knowing where they go, whom they are with, when they are going, etc. Surveillance can prove key to locating witnesses and perpetrators alike, as well as bringing new evidence to light that can help prove innocence or guilt of an alleged perpetrator of murder.

Find one from our private investigation agency to conduct surveillance to help you with your inquiry today. 😊

  1. Analyzing DNA & Other Forensic Evidence in Laboratories:

Though often considered “junk science” by many legal professionals, DNA and other forensic evidence can also play a key role in it. Whether through hair, skin cells, semen, vaginal fluid, sweat, blood, saliva, etc., each person’s DNA is unique and can potentially place victims and perpetrators alike at a particular area. Thus, DNA and other forensic evidence can prove crucial to helping prove the guilt or innocence of an alleged perpetrator of murder.

When you hire the best official, he/she will work diligently with you to have DNA tested or re-tested. Locate one today to conduct all your murder private investigations. 😊

  1. Interrogation & Interviewing of Suspects, Witnesses, Victims:

Witness and perpetrator interviews, as well as interviews of attempted murders, can prove crucial to both a prosecution’s and defense’s legal case. Courtroom testimony by a credible affiant can often directly lead to a conviction or an acquittal. Police officers often do an insufficient job of interviewing people, or perhaps they did a decent job but hearts, minds, and tongues have changed over time and people who were previously unwilling to disclose information may now be willing to spill the beans.

This is when you need to hire them to help you with the case through interviewing and interrogations. When you hire the one, you can rest assured that you will have the top legal professional working on your team to help prove your innocence or to help find who murdered your loved one. So, hire them today to conduct homicide private investigations on your behalf. 😊

  1. Use of Undercover Agents:

You can also them for your job using undercover agents. When you hire them, they will surely be discreet and will go undercover to do whatever is needed to help prove your innocence or to find the murderer of your loved one(s).

  1. Integration of Informants:

They can also use their special informants to help gather needed information to solve it. Our special informants are spread out throughout a variety of locations, places of employment, in prisons, etc., and include people in both high positions and prisoners. Hire one to help you with your homicide private investigations. 😊

The answer to this question is not always clear-cut. Experts can conduct easier, simpler forensic investigations in a matter of days. However, when the DNA evidence is more complex and involves multiple victims, surfaces, DNA types, and many possible perpetrators, then forensic investigations can stretch into weeks or even months. This is especially true if labs are backlogged with many other forensic investigations.

If you need to hire them on your behalf, then find the best from the best private detective agency near me today for more information. 😊

They stay hidden by blending in with their surroundings and adapting to their environment. Whether using tinted windows, disguises, keeping a distance and watching from afar, or even just pretending to be an employee of a company to help discover employee fraud within a business, they have many ways to stay hidden while conducting murder private investigations. 😊

Skilled individuals can earn large sums of money. Often considered among the most skilled of the murder private detectives can easily earn top six-figure salaries and stay very financially well-off. Of course, this mostly applies to the very experienced professionals who also have an excellent business sense. 😊

If you are wondering which states they earn the most money, then the answer is clearly in states like California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. However, when you consider how much they earn, one must also think about the cost of living within those respective states. While the salaries themselves may appear higher, the cost of living, business-related expenses, can certainly offset the size of the salary that a homicide private detective and a cold case murder private investigator near me can earn.

If you have questions about starting a career as an unsolved homicide private detective who conducts cold case private investigations, then you can locate a murder private investigator to speak with about it. So, please locate one from our private investigation agency today. 😊

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