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5 Common Myths Related to Polygraph Examinations

Myths Related to Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph examination (often called the lie detector) is a procedure that measures and records an array of physiological indicators like blood pressure, pulse rate or respiration while someone answers questions.

Myths Related to Polygraph Examinations

The device will show if the candidate is telling the truth by measuring their reactions to specific questions. The polygraph test is a century-old procedure that has been used to detect lies and deception.

However, various promising research conducted on this device revealed that it could not determine whether or not someone’s statements are true. And the contemporary findings challenge its reliability.

This test measures certain physiological responses assumed associated with lying and dishonesty – which may not always necessarily mean they are telling a lie.

The Myths About Polygraph Examinations: 

Polygraph examinations were believed to be the most reliable tool in law enforcement’s arsenal. This is because they happened to be used as a lie detector and solve many criminal cases. However, the recent discoveries state that it is not really reliable when it comes to detecting lies and merely recording the subject’s reaction.

Moreover, polygraph examinations are often shrouded in mystery and misconception. There are many myths about polygraph testing that have been repeated so often that people believe them to be true. In addition, according to critics, polygraph testing provides precision only 70% of the time.

This blog post will dispel five of the most common myths about polygraph examination.

Myth No: 1: Not Admissible in Court: 

The most common myth about polygraph examinations is that their findings are not admissible in court. However, it is not entirely true. They are used as solid proof in certain conditions, and all the law enforcement agencies like the FBI, CIA, and secret services use this testing.

Just think, if it was not reliable, then why would the top-notch agencies use this kind of examination to solve the cases?

Myth No: 2: Being Nervous and Confused Make You Fail the Test: 

Being nervous can make you feel shaky and scared because it is perfectly natural. However, it does not really mean that you will fail the polygraph examinations. The polygrapher examiner OKC are experts in the field, and they know how to filter the lie.

Moreover, they use the control question techniqueand with the help of that, they monitor the subject’s reaction and then come to definite findings.

Myth No: 3: People Fail the Polygraph Testing Even if They Are Telling the Truth: 

This myth circulates polygraph examinations that you might fail the test even if you are telling the truth. The chances of this are quite narrow. Moreover, if you are telling the absolute truth, there is a very slim chance of failing.

Myth No: 4: Polygraph Testing Only Takes 10 Minutes: 

We are so used to believing that whatever is shown and depicted on TV shows and movies is true. It has really corrupted our minds into believing, which is not really true. For example, the real polygraph examination takes about 2 to 3 hours and not 10 minutes, as shown in the shows.

Myth No: 5: Every Profession Has Bad Apples and Polygraphers are no Exception: 

No one is indeed perfect, and even professionals sometimes make mistakes. So, there should always be the leverage of committing a mistake in any process. Usually, the polygrapher examiner Oklahoma is highly qualified and expert in their field, but they can still have some drawbacks.

The chances of this are quite rare, and it does not always happen that an innocent is proven guilty through a polygraph examination.

The Versatile Uses of Polygraph Examinations:

Deception and lying are common aspects of human nature. We start to learn from a very early age, and they continue with us throughout our entire life. Lying can have multiple facets.

One of them can be to protect oneself, the others can hide true intentions, and some just lie habitually. However, there are some individuals who are more expert in lying than the ones who feel nervous about denying facts.

The polygraph examination allows filtering lies in an efficient manner. It indicates dishonesty, and through the control question technique, the polygrapher examiner Oklahoma City reveals the truth from the deception. This kind of testing is a triumph of science and can be used exceptionally to trace the truth.

So why not use it and take its advantage for solving several national and international criminal cases?

The Pros of Polygraph Examination OKC

A polygraph is a well-established tool law enforcement uses to verify truthfulness during police interviews. However, this technology has been met with some controversy due in part to its inability for accuracy.

Polygraphs have been used in courtrooms with success rates across 19 states. Moreover, they are also helpful when it comes to pre-employment screening, especially if you believe that someone may be hiding something from their criminal background.

Let’s delve into some pros of polygraph examination Oklahoma City for further understanding:

  • In the courtroom, the polygraph examination is admissible.
  • The use of polygraphs in law enforcement is a longstanding tradition. Law enforcement agents use polygraph tests most often as an effective way to bring criminals to justice. These exams are given daily, and even the sight of one can have people feeling pressured enough for them to admit their wrongdoings without any denial.
  • Polygraph examinations are proven to settle the family issues as well. For example, suppose there is someone in the family with a history of abusing drugs or stealing, then polygraphing can provide you with solid proof. It will help you further in resolving the matter.
  • Polygraph tests are an important tool for both high-security and non-critical workplace environments. They can help you uncover the truth protect your company’s reputation by ensuring employees are not engaged in fraudulent activities. Moreover, it is highly effective in pre-employment screening.
  • It has vast usage in law enforcement agencies and military applications.

The Final Verdict: 

The polygraph is an iconic device that has been around for over 100 years. However, the polygraph examination does not have much research behind it, and many people question its validity in determining if someone’s telling the truth or lying.

Nonetheless, efforts continue to develop new approaches using this kind of reading because

there are no better methods available as yet. It is a fact that there is not anything called the lie detector, but polygraph devices do work by making people reflect their psychological signs indicating the lie.

The studies suggest that if a person is prone to lying, he can easily fool the examiner. But still, the polygrapher can examine the subject by tracing various indications. So it is true that polygraph examinations are reliable, but you need to make more concrete findings in order to extract the absolute truth.

In this article, we have debunked various myths related to a polygraph examination Oklahoma and explained the uses and pros of this testing. Despite several speculations, we can still confidently say that polygraph testing is credible and can be used effectively to solve many criminal cases.

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