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Should you report notary public workers who do not accept LGBTQIA+ cases

Discrimination is a very serious issue that members of the LGBTQIA+ community have to contend with on almost a daily basis. Not only has their identity cost them jobs or housing opportunities, but it has also led to them facing discrimination from notary public workers OKC as well.

And even though the National Notary Board does have regulations when a worker can refuse to sign, discrimination based on sexual orientation is not one of them. And yet, members of the LGBTQIA+ community still worry about being turned down by a public notary worker in Oklahoma or a Process server in Oklahoma City. In that case, should people be reporting notary workers who openly discriminate against LGBTQIA+ individuals?

Where a Notary Worker Can Say No

Process servers OKC and Notary public workers are usually singular people offering both services. But to become a notary public worker, individuals will have to register to their state’s notary office and take an oath before they can start working. They will usually give this oath in person, as oaths are generally contentious on the telephone or through an email.

As public servers, they take an oath to serve and represent their clients fairly. And if they refuse to represent someone, it is usually in direct violation of the oath they have sworn. Of course, there are some very specific cases:

Disqualifying a Signer

There are a few situations where a notary public worker in OKC can refuse to offer their services. These are usually situations where the signer is not physically present for the signing or if the signer does not speak the same language as the notary. In these two situations, the notary worker can refuse to offer their services.

They could also refuse to accept a signer if they feel like the signer is not in the correct state of mind to sign or lacks the mental capacity to do so. They can even refuse a signer if they feel like the documents are forged, illegal, or the signer is not present of their free will.

These are the only exceptions that a notary public officer will have when disqualifying a client. And as it is very apparent, they cannot refuse to offer their services based on gender, sexual orientation, or race. If they do so, they are actively violating their oath and have their practicing license revoked.

Should You Actively Report or Call out a Notary Worker

If a notary worker actively refuses to offer services to an individual because of their sexual orientation, you can report them. Since the LGBTQIA+ movement has come so far, individuals no longer have to deal with bigotry of this sort. Instead, there are laws in place that will protect them, and the notary board of the state will bar them from offering their services.

Furthermore, it should be your responsibility to report these types of notary workers. These notary workers can leave a bad impression on people who employ them for the first time. You can save them from a potentially scarring experience, where they would otherwise have to make a very difficult decision.

The “Beliefs” Excuse

One of the main reasons LGBTQIA+ people face this sort of discrimination from process servers in Oklahoma or with Notary public workers in Oklahoma City is their personal beliefs. A notary can sometimes refuse to offer their services with an explanation as simple as, “it is against my beliefs.”

And even though the US does allow notary workers to work while still exercising their religious or personal beliefs, discrimination is usually where they draw the line. And as a public worker who is supposed to offer their services to a client, their personal opinions will have to take a back seat.

An Experience with a Trans Signer

Trans people can find it especially difficult to find notaries due to their unique appearance. A renowned notary once recounted one of her clients who had just gone through gender reassignment surgery, and many notaries refused to serve them. And when the notary finished signing, they recalled the experience as a moment of growth. It was the first time she had the opportunity to work with a trans signer. They better understood pronouns, and they even learned how to prepare documents for trans signers.

Unfortunately, many notaries have used the abovementioned guidelines to justify refusing to take on a trans signer. If the signer is more masculine or feminine presenting that is different from their sex, they could excuse the signer not being in the right mental state to sign.

On the other hand, notaries have also used the excuse that an individual dressed in a more masculine or feminine way may be trying to forge their documents. While these are usually wrong accusations, they still can do that.

Fighting Back Against Bigotry

While mobile notary public workers in Oklahoma can use these excuses to avoid representing specific people, change is coming. There are plenty of trans notary public workers representing members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Furthermore, many allies to the cause have also started offering their services, which means that you can easily find a notary worker for you. It also helps that these notary workers understand trans identities and can understand specific cases.

If you want a notary public worker in Oklahoma city to represent you effectively, we can offer you the services you need. We have the certification necessary from the state’s board, and our notary workers understand your sexual orientation. They will not be asking any offensive questions and ensure that everything goes by without any issue.

We also offer other legal services you may require, ensuring that you have the smoothest experience.

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