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Oklahoma Armed Private Investigators Face Critical Ammunition Shortage

As hunters, sportsmen, law enforcement officers, security guards, and others throughout Oklahoma rush to buy all of the ammunition they can, some Oklahoma City private investigators have found themselves without.  Of course, there are many causes for this shortage, and it poses a direct security risk for those who really do engage in dangerous professions.  Without adequate ammunition for firearms, Oklahoma bodyguards, police officers, private detectives, process servers, and others may lack what the need to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.  It is important that those at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com examine the causes of the ammunition shortage, how professionals can cope with it, as well as what society as a whole can do to prevent more shortages in the future.

In the wake of multiple mass school and theater shootings, many people have turned to carrying firearms and buying up all of the ammunition they can.  The media’s coverage of these killings has played a tremendous part in hyping up the shootings, inadvertently encouraging subsequent killings by other would-be copycat killers who want their fifteen minutes of infamy.  Thus, the public finds itself scared, and many people in American society rush out to buy weapons and ammunition to protect themselves.   This jeopardizes the well-being of armed Oklahoma private investigators, who serve in more dangerous capacities on a regular basis and often need these bullets to protect themselves from harm.  Of course, other reasons for the ammunition shortage also exist.

Many people fear that President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party will take away all of their firearms and ammunition.  Once again, the media, often backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), gun dealers, ammunition manufacturers, lobbyists, politicians, corporate stock holders, and other private individuals, both directly and indirectly strike fear into the hearts of those in America.  Fearing some new drastic change in the law, people have once again significantly increased the rate at which they have stockpiled weapons and ammunition.

These shootings and everyone who has been involved in them have proven to be very “good” business for many interest groups.  While private investigators have suffered, all of the aforementioned have profited greatly from the mass killings and evasive anti-weapon laws.  Since the demand for firearms and ammunition has greatly outpaced capacity, something that gun and ammunition manufacturers, among others, surely “could not have seen coming”, they and their supporters have reaped in enormous financial profits.  Thus, while special interest groups have once again scammed Americans through fear, private detectives in Oklahoma have found themselves in greater peril.

Oklahoma City private investigators need to help take the lead in trying to calm the fears of those around them, through meaningful education about what is really taking place.  While the United States Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to bear arms, the panic special interest groups have intentionally caused is only causing a gun and ammunition shortage, and it is also unnecessarily pushing up the prices.  This is exactly what the gun and ammunition manufacturers want and runs contrary to what is most helpful to society.  Quite frankly, it is very un-American.

If a private investigator cannot conduct an investigation because he or she does have the needed firearms to feel safe on the job, this hurts the profession.  Since armed private detectives often find themselves in greater danger than those working in other fields, they should at least get a higher preference category during these shortages.  Of course, creating this special class might inadvertently cause resentment among non-private investigators.  This could lead to a backlash against Oklahoma private investigators and those who own and run private detective agencies.

People should remember to keep calm, turn off the mostly negative news media, and should not panic to go buy up all of the guns and ammunition they can find.  Violence prevention and the elimination of fear, panic and price gouging start with each individual person, and together we can keep these special interest groups who wish to make a killing off of the masses from prevailing.  If those in our society fail to do so, they will only cause increased harm to those (i.e., private investigators) who are actually in much more dangerous situations than they.

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