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Oklahoma City Process Servers Deserve Respect and Dignity

For far too long, process servers have not received the respect and dignity they deserve.  Too many people try to harm, harass, and sometimes kill them.  Oklahoma process servers place their lives in grave danger each time they go out into the field to try to serve an individual, as some people react in very uncivil and violent ways.  For those in Oklahoma that wish to intimidate, maim, and kill process servers, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com hopes that they remember a few things about the people working in this field.

These Oklahoma residents, who are officers of the court, work very hard to support both themselves and their families.  They are just trying to earn an honest living.  An Oklahoma process server does not want to hurt anyone or cause harm.  Instead, a process server merely wants to accomplish the job and go home.  How does it make sense to yell at them and/or try to shoot them?  Is that not illegal and immoral?

Licensed by the courts, Oklahoma process servers are messengers of the court.  They are not the ones who filed the lawsuit or other court papers against anyone.  Instead, they are obligated to act as a disinterested party.  A process server does not care who prevails in the court hearing; rather, he or she just wants to deliver the papers.  People do not get angry with the mailman for delivering bills or other news, right?  Well, then why would someone hurt someone who is merely bringing the message?  Unscrupulous people need to remember not to kill the messenger!

Lastly, please remember that process servers are also fellow human beings.  Yes, that is right: they have thoughts, feelings, and dreams, too.  Like any other human being, they deserve the very same respect, dignity and kindness that everyone else does.  It would be wrong to hit one’s mum, dad, teacher, religious leader, etc.  Why, then, is it okay to insult and attack an Oklahoma process server?  While process servers may bring news that is often undesirable, he or she did not write what is on the papers.  Oklahoma process servers are not bad people and do not deserve unwarranted, unnecessarily, and sometimes deadly wrath of angry, mean, hateful recipients.

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