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Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputies Versus Private Process Servers: Which Group Serves Legal Papers Better?

When it comes to serving legal papers in Oklahoma, many people ask whether it is better to use the sheriff’s deputies or private process servers, such as the experts at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com.  Both groups have their pros and cons, and they can each do a meritorious job.  However, an excellent Oklahoma process server tends to have certain capabilities that an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy simply does not – at least in most cases.  Please allow us to elucidate . . .

Oklahoma sheriff’s deputies are paid about fifty dollars to serve process on individuals, businesses and governmental agencies.  Once hired, they usually get around to serving the papers between seven to ten days later.  They also work between the hours of eight to five o’clock.  If they have to serve try more than one address, they usually charge a brand new fee for service.  Unfortunately, these are not the only factors that limit their effectiveness

An Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy will only put forth some of the most basic effort.  Ergo, if a person answers the door and says that _______ [insert name here] is not at home, then a sheriff’s deputy often has to just take that person at his or her word.  They simply do not have the time or the human resources to extensively investigate the matter.   This places yet another severe limitation on what they can do, and this is yet another reason why choosing an Edmond, Oklahoma process server over an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy is the right choice.

Oklahoma City process servers, on the other hand, have numerous advantages for many of the same reasons that are disadvantages for a sheriff’s deputy.  An outstanding Norman, Oklahoma process server can serve papers early in the morning or, in some cases, in the middle of the night.  Process servers in Yukon, Oklahoma can wait there all day and night, if paid, in an effort to find and serve the individual.  They can check as many addresses as needed, and they can often perform skip tracing to find elusive individuals.  For these reasons, a wonderful private process server is usually the best choice.  However, one exception does exist.

Under the law, federal agencies (i.e., federal prisons) are supposed to allow process servers in Oklahoma onto their property to serve federal inmates.  However, the federal government and those that work within the walls of the prisons could care less.  After all, they are the “feds”, so why should they care what “non-feds” think?  So, in this circumstance having a sheriff’s deputy serve the papers is always the best choice – and even they sometimes have problems getting onto the property!

It is always vital to thoroughly check the references and performance records of all Oklahoma private process servers.  The quality of each Moore, Oklahoma process server and the company they own or work for can vary widely, as can the service that sheriff’s deputies provide.  Indeed, an Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy might do a praiseworthy job, depending upon the type of service required and the deputy that serves the papers.  Just to make sure to consider all factors before you hire anyone.

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