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Oklahoma Process Servers Should Have Formal Training Courses to Help Them Succeed

For the sake of professionalism and the quality of work, Oklahoma process servers should have to take some kind of training class. Right now all a process server in Oklahoma to do is to go down to the courthouse with two passport photos, get a small process server bond, swear he or she is of sound moral character, be at least eighteen years of age, and make sure there are no felonies on his or her record. Quite frankly, that is far too easy, and it entices many people into the profession who have no clue about what it means to be a process server.

There are so many rules under both the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure that process servers have to follow. These laws not only benefit them, but they also help the clients they work for. For example, a well-trained process server should know how many attempts on service he or she should make, as well as the different types of allowable service (i.e., personal, substitute, posting, etc.). Knowing the laws can also help process servers in other ways, too.

If process servers do not know what their rights are and what they can do, businesses, individuals, and the federal government might try to exploit a process server’s lack of knowledge. For example, some federal penitentiaries like the one in El Reno, Oklahoma refuse to allow process servers to serve process on inmates. They will only let a sheriff’s deputies provide the service, and they claim to allow it by mail. However, an Oklahoma process server has the same right as a sheriff’s deputies to serve process. If a process server in Oklahoma does not know that the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure specifically allow them make this type of serve, then they may think they cannot do it when they really can. This is just one of many examples where the laws can aid in the service of process. Of course, laws are not the only things process servers need to know.

An excellent process server will also provide creative methods of service and will know how to find and seek out someone who is hiding. How does someone serve an individual who is in hiding and does not wish to be found? These are areas in which process servers should receive continual training, and yet where is the school or training to learn this? It is true that some who enter the field of process serving may have a military and/or law enforcement background, and others will have a very natural creative ability. However, how many humans enter the field of process serving without any such experience or knowledge of creative methods? The number is probably higher than most people think.

Many process servers pay a large sum for their license and get their bond thinking that people will just automatically contact them. However, professional process servers who have served in the field for any given period of time know otherwise. To stay in the field, one must know how to form, market, and run a business and seek out and keep clients. Unfortunately, most new process servers find themselves lacking this vital knowledge, and thus their licenses often sit there largely unused.

These are some of the numerous reasons why process servers in Oklahoma should have to have some type of course or training like they do in Texas and in various other states. This type of training will not only help process servers become more effective as professionals, but it mightalso help raise the amount of money they can charge for their services. Until then, the field of process servers will remain saturated with an endless supply of individuals who very well may not know what they are doing.

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