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Paying Your Oklahoma Process Servers, Private Investigators, Mobile Notaries, Deception Experts and Other Staff Fairly Helps Your Business Grow

We live in an age and time where shunning unions, paying lower wages, providing employees with fewer job benefits, mostly hiring those who will work for the cheapest pay, and outsourcing and mechanizing the rest have become the norm.  Too many employers seem to believe that cutting pay and maximizing profits at the expense of their employees is the best business practice.  Indeed, the amount of wealth that CEOs and other owners of large corporations have amassed is obscene, especially given the enormous poverty elsewhere in the world.  It benefits companies to generously pay those working in the fields of process serving, private investigations, notary public officials, deception experts, bail bondsmen, polygraph examiners, etc.

The old adage “You get what you pay for” is really quite true.  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers started with this philosophy early on, ensuring that its employees receive generous pay.  While some people will indeed work as hard or as little as they normally would regardless of how much pay they receive, earning good wages or a decent salary can help a great deal.  However, incentives, bonuses, and higher salaries can help increase retention rates, often boosts staff morale, and can also improve the retention and performance of Oklahoma private investigators, legal agent, and other professionals.

Oklahoma process servers, private investigators, mobile notaries, polygraph examiners, etc., are true professionals and deserve to receive decent pay and benefits.  These fields all require training, licensing, certification, and/or additional educational requirements.  Any Oklahoma legal agent, private investigator, notary public, OKC polygraph examiner, expert witness, or bodyguard can tell you just how extensive the process is and the amount of time and money he or she had to spend getting licensed/certified.

It goes without saying that certified teachers also spend a great deal of time and effort on training and education.  However, one only has to look at how little the government in states like Oklahoma pays its teachers, to see why so many outstanding educators flock to other states like Texas, Alaska, and elsewhere.  Oklahoma currently ranks forty-ninth in the nation and the lowest in the region for teacher pay.  And some people wonder why it is hard to keep wonderful teachers in Oklahoma . . .?  Likewise, Oklahoma private investigation agencies, process server companies, etc., need to pay their staff fairly, if they want to keep qualified, motivated people on board.

An Oklahoma legal agent, for example, gets paid for the work he or she does and keeps clients by helping get the serve done right.  However, since this takes time, training, licensing/certification, talent, and a knowledge of the laws, it also costs money.  If private detective agencies and the clients that hire them want a private investigator in Oklahoma to put forth his or her best effort in finding out whether or not a spouse is cheating on them or to seek out the truth in a criminal investigation, then the same principle applies.  Oklahoma private investigation agencies and the clients that hire them really do get what they pay for.

So, what benefits do private investigators, process servers, mobile notaries, bodyguards, polygraph examiners, and other professional employees prefer?  Empirical data and common sense show that these individuals desire high salaries, paid vacation and holidays, retirement plans/401k plans, health/dental/vision insurance, paid maternity/paternity leave, paid sick leave and bereavement leave, scholarships, reimbursed expenses, stock options, free on-site childcare, and other such benefits.  Unfortunately, many jobs today lack many of these benefits, with unscrupulous employers like Wal-Mart leading the charge in, “Always low wages. Always.”

Having given much focus to the financial side, private detective agencies and other employers should also never underestimate the true value of non-monetary rewards such as positive praise, opportunities for growth, feedback, etc.  These also comprise a conglomerate of invaluable components that enrich the job atmosphere for any Oklahoma notary public, polygraph examiner, private investigator, bodyguard, and process server.  An experienced, outstanding private investigator making $100,000 per year who has a boss that always belittles him or her might very well decide to go elsewhere.  Needless to say, money alone often does not always keep the best employees.

A nice combination of both tangible and intangible rewards can help employers improve retention, hire the best staff, and create a positive environment.  Excellent companies often know that happy workers tend to produce more, utilize fewer sick days, and keep the experience they have gained each year working for their company instead of the organizations’ competition.  Treating each Oklahoma notary public, process server, private investigator, polygraph examiner, bodyguard, etc., right increases the likelihood that they will likely stay loyal for a long time to come.

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