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How a Process Server in OKC can be More Accommodating to Pets at a Defendant’s House

Process servers in Oklahoma City are responsible for some of the most important tasks in the judicial system. Not only do they need to deliver the court notice to the defendant, but they also have to take up the responsibility of finding the defendant. Only when they can find the defendant can they deliver the notice, which will allow them to get paid. But if they can’t deliver the notice on time, not only do they not receive their payment, but the court could even drop the case.

ill sometimes try their best not to be served, finding them is often half the challenge. They could have changed their address or could even be hiding in their home in an attempt to avoid the process server. Some defendants have gone so far as to camp out in their homes for three months to avoid being served. And in these specific circumstances, the finding can be easier than finally delivering the document and getting their signature.

These types of defendants can cause a process server in OKC a lot of trouble, as they have to worry about getting the necessary signature to start the proceedings in court finally. And some defendants, to dissuade the process server, will actively use force against them or will assault them upon finding out who they are. These are just a few of the challenges that a process server has to face when serving the process to the right people.

However, not all defendants are difficult to work with, and some can even be hospitable to their process server. And if a process server in OKC finds themselves going to a defendant’s house with a cat, they should keep a few ground rules in mind.

Dealing with Pets When Serving Process

Pets, like cats and dogs, can be very territorial. Dogs can be very protective of their owner, and a cat can be very protective of their space, which is usually everything they touch. Therefore, it is not uncommon for process servers to face resistance from these pets when doing their job.

Dogs can often growl and bark when the server steps foot on the property, and the cat can generally be very cold and hiss. And while most cats will usually just glare at a distance or will hiss when coming closer, others will usually get angry enough to start swinging their claws but will usually back down after some time.

The simple rule to always follow when serving servers is to read the room. The first step is always to locate the cat or dog who is hostile, which will usually make their presence known by either coming near you or by making some noise.

When the server can locate them, they should try not to befriend the animal, making them more agitated. Instead, they should keep their distance and try not to interact with the pet unless they introduce them. If the owner does not take the initiative to introduce, the process server in Oklahoma City can ask them for an introduction. But even under the supervision of the owner, the process server should be careful of the dog or cat biting them. Cats can be especially untrustworthy, as they could suddenly attack with their claws or by biting the server.

By being more careful, they can avoid possibly agitating the cat or dog, making the entire ordeal significantly more complicated. People are very protective of their pets, so anything happening to them can make them uncomfortable. And when dealing with the difficulty of serving the process, a good defendant can be very valuable, which is why the process server should not be willing to set them off in any way.

Be Careful Where They Step

This step is especially important if the defendant invites the process server into their home and has a cat. Cats will usually lie down wherever they like since they see everything as their property. So they can either lie down right next to the door or even in the hallway, regardless of what someone might have to say. So if the process server from OKC finds themselves here, they would have to be very careful when walking inside with the cat around.

They should be careful of the cat on the floor and look around corners and through doorways to see if the cat is not hiding there. Anything that the process server could do, they should ask if there is a cat around first. Then they should check if there is a cat in the area, and then finally do the thing they want.

Walking on eggshells like this can be very frustrating, but it is only temporary, as the process server will eventually leave. And if the process server in OKC will have to go down or upstairs to meet the defendant, then they should especially be careful of a cat, as they might be climbing the stairs as well. If the cat is climbing the stairs, it either matches their pace or goes faster, as they might be trying to catch up.

And as long as a process server in Oklahoma can follow these instructions easily, they will be able to serve the process without agitating the defendant.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

Finding the right process server in Edmond doesn’t have to be difficult, as Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can offer some of the best servers. Our process servers have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver the process without worrying about upsetting the defendant effectively.

They also know their way around unaccommodating or unreasonable defendants, allowing them to get the documents to them one way or another. So if you want to find efficient and effective process servers, the OJPS is the place.


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