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Preparation Required for a Notarization

Notary Public Oklahoma City

There are many reasons why you need to get a document notarized. Either you have to send a certified copy of your documents abroad, or you want to get your will notarized.

In order for you to face no hassle while getting your documents notarized, here are some tips to help you prepare so things work out well when you go to the Notary Public Oklahoma City office. Following these tips will ensure a smooth notarization.

1.   Know The Type of Notarization You Have To Get

Generally, notarizations come in 3 basic forms: copy, acknowledgements, and jurist certifications. It will be your responsibility to tell the Notary Public what form of notarization you want. Being a ministerial official employed by the state, the Notary does not have the power to advise you which form of notarization is it that you need. Before you make a visit to the Notary Public OKC, be sure to review the kinds of notarial acts, and confirm with either the receiving organization or the document drafter what form of notarization they need. If you are still in doubt, you can always contact an attorney.

2.   All Signers Are Present

At the time when you are completing your document, you ensure every area is filled out except the signature section. According to notarial acts, the Notary Public Oklahoma City will call for the signer to sign the document in his or her presence. For that, all the required signers need to be physically present in front of a Notary Public OKC to get their signature on the document notarized. So make sure all the signers are available and can attend the appointment set with the Notary Public Oklahoma, otherwise, the Notary will not be able to notarize the document.

3.   Be Willing and Aware

Among other duties of the notary, one of them is to make sure the signers are alert and mentally aware of what the document is that they are signing. In the condition where the signer is intoxicated, medicated, or does not comprehend what is happening around, the notary has the power to decline to notarize the document.

One more thing the Notary Public OKC will look for is any signs of force and coercion. Regardless that the signer is not happy with some of the clauses mentioned in the document, the Notary Public has the authority to ensure the signer is not being forced to sign the document.

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