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Can my Process Server in OKC be a Private Detective in Oklahoma?

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One of the most important responsibilities in the judicial system is delivering confidential court documents to the defending party. Without the right individual taking over this responsibility, a court case could be seriously affected. Therefore, finding the right process server in OKC becomes more important.

Despite them taking on this responsibility, many do not know the expertise that some private detectives have in the field. More specifically, many people do not know that their servers can also be dedicated private investigators in OKC. And as a PI, they will have to use their abilities to the fullest to find the defendant and serve the process. However, it can sometimes be a little more difficult than just showing up to an individual and getting their signature.

Sometimes, the defendant will actively try to avoid the process server in Oklahoma, often trying to wait out the delivery date. PIs do not have a lot of time to deliver the necessary documentation, having only three months to make the delivery. If they do not give the right documents to the defendant within the recommended period, the court will drop the case.

And even though there are ways for a private investigator in Oklahoma City to serve the process without going to the individual, they have to verify that the individual has the right signature. Therefore, they will often resort to delivering the files themselves.

While it is not necessary for a process server in Oklahoma to also be a private detective, most clients prefer the ones that are. And the simple reason why is that a PI has a wider array of skills than a process server alone.

What Makes a PI Process Server in OKC Different?

A server who also happens to be a private detective in Oklahoma City holds multiple skills that make them effective at delivering documents quickly. The main distinction between normal process servers and PIs is that private investigators must undergo specific training and dedicated classes. They first have to complete a diploma program to qualify as a private investigator. This diploma takes two years to complete and includes various courses such as juvenile justice, investigation classes, and forensics training. The criminal justice course in the degree program is the most important one, which allows a private detective in OKC to have multiple options for a career path.

The most obvious choice for a career path is to continue their degree program, earning a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree. With these qualifications, the individual can continue to work as a Private investigator in OKC, or they can take up various other career options working with different law enforcement. The Police and federal agencies can be very good places for them to start working professionally.

The field of study they go through is enough to justify the difference compared to their regular process-serving counterparts. However, it’s how they use these skills and knowledge that makes them better at the job. Through skip tracing in Oklahoma City, a private detective can find the defendant if they are making an effort to hide from the law or the process server. And if the recipient starts to become violent when the PI is serving process, then they can better deescalate the situation and negotiate with them. These skills make them much more effective in the serving process.

How Does a Private Investigator become a Process Server in OKC

A private detective in Oklahoma City has the skills necessary to find a defendant or deal with an escalating situation. And with these two skills already at their disposal, becoming a process server in Oklahoma becomes fairly easy. The next step is for them to learn and familiarize themselves with local, state, and federal laws surrounding process serving. As long as they can learn and remember these laws while following them, they can be effective process servers.

A good example of the types of laws that a PI will have to learn to be a server process in OKC is that some states do not allow individuals to serve after 10 PM and cannot start serving again until after 8 AM. Furthermore, a server cannot make the delivery at an individual’s place of employment unless they have agreed upon it. If the process server does not have permission from the individual that they can deliver at their employment, it can be an invasion of privacy.

While a PI process server in Stillwater is always more efficient and capable for the job, it can also be more expensive to hire. After years of accumulating the knowledge and skills for the job, they will also have a larger price tag. This is more important to understand to set your expectations correctly.

But even if they are more expensive, a private investigator in the OKC serving process is also much better. They usually have the skills and knowledge to complete the task quickly and move on to the next one. So if you were wondering if your process server in Oklahoma City can be a Private detective, then the answer is yes.

Finding the Right Process Server in Oklahoma City

The serving process is essential to the success of a case, allowing the plaintiff to notify the defence about the case. And without the right process server in Oklahoma working on the case, the court could drop the plaintiff’s case. And if you are looking for private investigators servers as well, the Keefe Private Investigation has what you need.

Our private investigators in Oklahoma have the skills and the experience to serve the process on time. They can easily track and locate an individual through skip tracing, and they can also deal with individuals who choose to be hostile. So if you want an easy experience with your process server, consider KPI and our incredible private investigators for the job.

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