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Most frequent questions and answers

There are a ton of reasons why someone might need to hire a private investigation agency in Warr Acres, OK. Sadly, many people seldom consider what private investigators are or what they do, until that frantic moment comes and they find they suddenly need to hire a private investigator and a process server from a private investigation agency at the last possible moment.

Fortunately, the owners of our Warr Acres private investigation agency have put together a series of FAQs to help those seeking to hire a private investigator and a process server. These FAQs consist of a series of questions and answers which address most of the concerns and the need for information that many potential and current clients have as they attempt to locate them. The questions about private investigation agencies, the process servers and private investigators in Warr Acres, OK they employ are listed as follow:

Private investigators have many areas where they can conduct private investigations. This is because they can conduct both civil private and criminal private investigations. Indeed, the State of Oklahoma places no limitations or other restrictions on what they do.

The following list shows some of the many areas in which they can investigate:

  1. Criminal
  2. Rape
  3. Fraud 
  4. Murder 
  5. Cheating Spouse 
  6. Divorce 
  7. Robbery 
  8. Kidnapping 
  9. Sex Crimes
  10. Adultery
  11. Runaway Teen 
  12. Unsolved Homicide 
  13. Child Custody 
  14. Forcible Oral Sodomy 
  15. Child Pornography 
  16. Insurance Fraud 
  17. Lost Cat & Lost Dog 
  18. Runaway Child 
  19. Workers’ Compensation Fraud 
  20. Infidelity 
  21. Missing Pet 
  22. Sexual Assault 
  23. Runaway Kid 
  24. Cold Case 
  25. Human Trafficking 
  26. Sex Trafficking 
  27. Child Abuse 
  28. Child Abduction
  29. Parental Kidnapping 
  30. Arson 
  31. Workmen’s Compensation Fraud

Private detectives have many civil and criminal areas they can investigate. If you need to hire one, then you can locate them from our best private investigation agency. 😊

You have already had success with your task of trying to locate a private investigator and a process server. Please find them here today. You can contact them from the best private detective agency in Warr Acres right here. 😊

Yes, though never inexpensive, your choice to hire them is almost always a fabulous choice. Indeed, licensed individuals can help do things the police are not capable of doing and/or willing to perform. Plus, because they all hold professional legal licenses, judges and juries will accept them as official evidence as well.

As noted earlier, they have specialized training and experience in areas the public simply does not. Each one also has special access to records and other sensitive information that most people do not have access to.

If you need to locate the best officials, please find them from the best private investigation agency – yes, with us! 😊 The owners of our company guarantee you the best agents with the most affordable pricing. 😊

Experienced ones usually cost at least $100 per hours, plus mileage and other expenses. A skilled detective will often secure a retainer for a set amount of time, depending on the type of case. Rest assured that bigger cases like human trafficking, murder, rape, etc., that require extensive time and resources by them will cost thousands or even tens of thousands to get started.

Yes, much like police officers conducting an interrogation of a suspect, they can also lie to people they are investigating as part of their private investigations. This is because they must use deception and stealth as part of their private investigations. It just comes with the job.

Of course, all must also follow all local, state and federal laws. No one can violate any state, federal, or local law/ordinance.

They must also act honestly, professionally, and ethically with their clients, etc. They are legal professionals with professional reputations and standards to maintain, so just like lawyers, doctors, and teachers, process servers and private investigators must likewise hold up a high bar of qualifications and dedication to their chosen legal profession.

No, he/she is not authorized to make arrests. They are not law enforcement personnel and as such only have the same slavery-era “citizen’s arrest” powers that any other United States citizen currently . . . enjoys?

When a professional needs to find more information about people, they have many ways in which they can do so. The most common ways that they use to look people up are as follow:

  1. Skip Tracing – Our skip tracers can conduct a skip trace service to find out all kinds of information about a person of interest (POI). This information includes both civil and criminal information, and our comprehensive reports are extremely thorough. They just take some core information about the POI and run it through their special systems to pull up all this information.
  2. License Plate Checks – One way that our specialists look up people during their private investigations is by running license plate checks. Whenever they see a vehicle that they wish to know the owner and her/his/their residential address information for, they can run a license plate check to ascertain this valuable information.

This can be extremely useful and discreet, if one needs to find out who someone is without approaching the individual. License plate checks are an invaluable tool for them, especially while conducting surveillance.

  1. Active Monitoring of Social Media Accounts – Many people post and even overshare so much of their personal information all throughout social media. You can hire one to attempt to get a person of interest (POI) to add them on as a friend on social media.

To achieve this, our agents will first spend time creating a special social media profile that would most likely appeal to the POI. That way it will increase the chances that the POI will accept the friend/follow requests that they send to the POI.

  1. Surveillance of the POI – They can also follow people around to see where they go and what they are doing. That way they can also try to ascertain whom the POI is with and at what day and time.
  2. Post Office Box Checks – If they have a P.O. box number but do not know to whom it is registered or what that person’s physical address is, they can run a post office box check with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to locate that information. This occurs when the one fills out a special form and gives it to the postal worker, and then that postal worker then provides that privileged information to ones.


  1. Forwarding Mail Checks – When people move from one location to another, many of them will fill out a forwarding mail request. This enables the United States Postal Service (USPS) to forward their mail from their old address to their new address. The public does not have access to this special information, but when a private detective from our private detective agency fills out a special form they get this information. 😊
  2. Going Door-to-Door – One of the best though time consuming and costly ways to locate a missing person, find missing persons, and to learn more information about a person of interest (POI) is to simply go door-to-door. By interviewing neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues, etc., they can learn a lot. 😊
  3. Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches – You may also hire one to run social media scans/deep Internet searches to pull up public posts made by and about the POI, as well as to locate some of the POI’s social media scans. These deep Internet searches/social media scans can also show any news stories about the person of interest that may provide valuable information to our private investigations in Oklahoma clients.
  4. Catfishing – Catfishing comes in especially handy during romance scam and cheating spouse private investigations. Our these special investigators create fake sex and romance profiles that will likely appeal to the person of interest (POI). They then use those profiles to seek and find sex and romance profiles of the POI across different sex and romance websites/apps. For added measure and evidence, they can even try to bait the POI into meeting with her/him/them.
  5. Investigative Interviewing of Family/Friends/Colleagues – Though it can be risky, takes time, and can cost more money, one method to look up persons of interest (POIs) is by interviewing their family, friends, and colleagues to find out more information about them. This method does risk the possibility of tipping off the POI, but these types of individuals who know the POI the best can often have the best information to proffer. 😊

No, once again they are not member of law enforcement. As such, they may not obtain warrants to wiretap phones or other devices.

When you hire one, there are so many wonderful advantages you can gain to help you with your civil and criminal private investigations. Of course, just like with everything else, every good thing also has inherent downsides, too. The owners of our private investigation agency elucidate about the concomitant disadvantages of choosing to hire the best person for your case.

One of the biggest disadvantages of choosing them might get caught. Also referred to as “getting burned”, it is always a possibility during private investigations and can possibly jeopardize an entire case. ☹

Also, sometimes when you hire them, they may not successfully get the information you desire. Just like doctors cannot save every life and criminal defense attorneys in OKC from criminal defense law firms cannot keep every defendant from going to jail with a dismissal or acquittal. However, distinguished ones will give your legal case much attention and will pursue it vigorously.

Private detectives can also make mistakes. Yes, they are human, too. As such, it is always possible that when you hire one that she/he/they will always make a mistake. No one is perfect, and they are no exception.

When you choose them, you also want to be careful to do your due diligence first. That way you can hire them who is very experienced. Otherwise, it will serve as a big disadvantage and a definite albatross around a client’s neck to hire a newbie  that lacks investigative experience.

These are the main disadvantages to hiring them. Of course, it is very worth noting that the advantages of choosing to hire the best private investigator near me and choosing to hire the best person typically far outweigh the disadvantages.

If you need to hire a private detective, please locate one to conduct private investigations in Warr Acres, Oklahoma on your behalf. 😊 You can find the best agents right here with us. 😊

Yes, there are circumstances under which they can see a person’s Internet history. It is necessary for them to have lawful access to their account login information and/or the iPad, cell phone, laptop computer, etc., to be able to pull their Internet histories.

If you need to hire a specialist to help you, then you need to locate onw from the best private detective agency. You can find a private detective today to assist you. 😊

There are a ton of laws that regulate their actions. Firstly, every official must follow every single law that every other resident and citizen of the United States is likewise bound to obey. This is unchangeable.

Process servers from private investigation agencies in Oklahoma are also bound by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure. These laws also govern how process servers may act and what they must do when serving court papers.

Private investigators must also follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), as well as the Uniform Credit Code. They must also follow the Oklahoma Security Guard and Private Investigator Act, speed limits, trespassing laws, etc.

It is true that many detectives have special access to sensitive information, such as social security numbers, dates of birth, drivers’ license numbers that the public does not and should not have access to. Likewise, like police officers an armed private investigator may carry her/his/their personal firearm/pistol into banks if on duty/working, while the public cannot. So, while they must follow many laws, they also receive special advantages that allow them to properly conduct their work. 😊

They may follow people while conducting surveillance to anywhere the public may go while conducting private investigations and it is not considered stalking. However, they are not permitted to trespass or otherwise violate the person of interest’s (POI’s) privacy by entering her/his/their home or business without permission and may not steal files or other information.

They are not able to access private information, such as bank accounts, medical records, etc., because this information is protected by federal and state laws. However, there are sneaky yet legal methods that many skilled individuals have to obtain certain protected information in perfectly acceptable ways. 😊You just have to ensure that when you hire one that you pick the ones with the most skills and experience.

The ability to locate missing persons depend on the circumstances under which the person went missing and if she/he/they want(s) someone to find her/him/them. The success of the best agents to find missing persons also depends on her/his/their level of experience, how long it has been since the person of interest (POI) went missing, as well as luck.

When you hire a private investigator to do this job for you, make sure you inquire about the level of experience and training he/she has before hiring her/him/them. Not all are experienced or even intelligent.

They have many ways to catch cheaters cheating. You just have to select one that knows how to. 😊 The most common ways that he/she to catch cheating spouses with marital infidelity are as follow:

  1. Catfishing – One way that they catch cheaters engaging in marital infidelity is by catfishing them. This occurs when a specialist create authentic-looking sex and dating profiles on difference sex and dating sites that would most appeal to the person of interest (POI).

Catfishing by a detective from the best private investigation agency allows him/her to search the websites/apps to see if the POI has any sex or dating profiles. If so, he/she can take photos of the profiles and can also attempt to get the POI to meet up for sex/romance as further evidence.

  1. Surveillance – One of the best tools that they use to catch cheaters is surveillance. Surveillance is when they conduct cheating spouse private investigations by following a person of interest around to see whom she/he/they is/are with, what they are doing, where they are, and what time and date it occurred. Surveillance must occur very discreetly, and they regularly conduct surveillance as a part of their investigations.
  2. Actively Monitoring a POI’s Social Media Accounts – You can also hire a specialist to create real-looking social media profiles that would most appeal to the person of interest (POI). With any luck, the POI just might add our detectives as a friend on social media. If that happens, they can catch cheaters cheating by gaining access to all their otherwise restricted information to see all the data they post onto their social media. 😊
  3. Nationwide Skip Tracing – Another method that they can do to catching cheaters during their adultery private investigations is to conduct their skip trace service. Skip tracing is when an expert takes some information about the person of interest (POI) and enters it into their special database.

They can then run that information through their database and pull up tons of information about the person. This information about the POI can include former and current residential addresses, current and previous phone numbers, and current and former E-mail addresses, among lots of other data. An experienced individual can use this information to locate a missing person, thus catching a cheater in marital infidelity.

  1. License Plate Checks – Whenever our professionals from our private investigation agency are conducting cheating spouse investigations via surveillance, sometimes they see people and vehicles and do not know who those individuals are or where they live. They can run these license plates and find out who owns them and where they live.

If the information associated with the license plate does not provide the most current address for the owner of the vehicle, then as noted above our adultery and infidelity private detectives at our private detective agency can still conduct skip tracing and can perform their nationwide skip trace service. That way if the owner(s) of the vehicle did not update her/his/their address information, the skip trace and nationwide skip tracing by our skip tracers can find the latest information. 😊

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