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Most frequent questions and answers

Process servers in Moore from private detective agencies in Oklahoma have exhilarating and yet thankless, dangerous jobs. Sadly, many people do not even know what they do or how vital they are to the judicial system. Indeed, process servers from private investigation agencies deliver court documents to governmental agencies, individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations daily all throughout the United States of America.

Because many people do not even know what a process server is until they finally discover they need one at the last minute, the owners of our private detective agency have put together a set questions and answers that will benefit both current and prospective clients seeking more information about them from Moore private investigation agencies. These questions and answers are stated below as follow:

He/ She is an officer of the court for service of process only who serves court papers and other legal documents upon individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Without them, our judicial system as we know it would grind to a halt and would cease to function.

They are not law enforcement officers and have no police or arrest powers. All must follow every law just like everyone else. Make the right choice to hire the best process server from the best private detective agency – OURS – today! 😊

They serve all types of court documents and other legal papers. Some of the most common types of legal documents that you can hire one include, but are not limited to, the following:

Thus, if you need to hire one in Oklahoma, just contact us today. By making this choice, you are helping to tilt the scales of the legal system in your favor!

To serve court documents, they first ask for the following information from the client:

  • The Full Legal Name & Any Aliases of the Defendant/Respondent/Person or Business Getting Served
  • A Complete List of Documents You Want Our Process Server to Serve Upon the Defendant/Respondent
  • The Address You Want Them to go to
  • A Photo or Physical Description of the Person You Want Them to Serve, if Available
  • Whether You Want the Serve to be Done on a Rush or a Routine Basis. Rush Serves Usually Start the Same Day, While Routine Serves Start no Later Than 3-7 Business Days & Sometimes Sooner
  • When the Last Date is for Good Service Upon the Individual, so They Can Make All Attempts by That Date

Once you provide this information to our process servers, they will work on attempting to get the person served. They will then try to serve the individual and may use tricks if needed and permitted by law.

Once they either get good service or are unable to complete service, they will fill out an affidavit of process server, which will look different for California and federal cases. They will E-mail a copy of this form to you and will then either mail you the original or will send it to the courts, whichever you most prefer.

If they are unable to effect good service upon the individual or business, then our skip tracers at our private detective agency in Moore can conduct nationwide skip tracing and take other actions to locate missing persons.

Without these officials to deliver court papers and other legal documents, the judicial system as we know it would grind to a complete halt. Why? This is because there would be no one to provide notice to anyone about court hearings, when they need to come, what they must respond to, etc. Without them to serve as impartial/disinterested parties to these lawsuits, there could be no lawsuits.

The same holds true for interstate commerce in Oklahoma. Without trucks to deliver  goods, many say that most businesses as we know them would also grind to a halt. Without a way of transporting goods throughout the nation, companies would simply run out of supplies and would have nothing to sell to their customers.

The next time you meet a professional, please be kind. Do not try to harm them and do not try to hide from them. They are just people, too, trying to earn a living and raise their families. 😊

The cost to hire this professional can vary, but most routine serves in larger cities in Oklahoma cost less than $100 as of the date of this writing and can be much more expensive in tiny middle-of-nowhere towns. Their cost for rush serves often cost less than $200 in larger cities and upwards of up to $400 or more for the remotest, tiniest towns. Most of the time, however, serves are not this expensive.

Also, our process servers can offer skip tracing services to locate missing persons. These usually cost about $99 or so, as of the date of this writing. Our skip tracers are very adept at nationwide skip traces on behalf of our skip tracing clients. 😊

Our process servers from our Moore private investigation agency can also conduct criminal and civil background checks on individuals for about $99, as well as social media scans/deep Internet searches on persons of interest (POIs) for about the same price. As mentioned in an earlier question, our skip trace service by a skip tracer can pull a ton of invaluable information on persons of interest.

Our experts can also wait and watch for evasive defendants/respondents in court cases. Indeed, some defendants/respondents just do not want them to serve them with court documents. Thus, they can stay on the lookout for evasive defendants near their home, place of work, etc., and catch them as they come or go.

Some defendants/respondents will “castle up” and hide out, so this “siege serve” tactic by them can prove to be very effective. Eventually most defendants/respondents must leave their homes or places of work, and when they do you can hire the best process server to serve them for only about $99 or so per hour. 😊

No, it is illegal to interfere with them. Do not attempt to interfere with their duties.

He/ She may walk around your house, provided there is no locked gate and posted sign clearly stating that no trespassing is permitted. They are not permitted to trespass anymore than are non-process servers, but all officials are absolutely permitted to approach defendants/respondents to serve them court papers and other legal documents.

You can hire them to serve court papers and other legal documents on your behalf. 😊 You can hire them to do the same thing to companies, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. They serve all kinds of court papers and other legal documents daily, and their job, while rewarding, is also very dangerous.

Yes, some of them leave cards and notes, but when you hire the best person to serve court papers and other legal documents on your behalf, most of them choose not to leave notes and business cards because it makes them lose the element of surprise. Unless the defendant/respondent/subpoenaed person wants the court documents and would be very likely to respond to them, then it is not necessary nor advisable for the best process server from the best private investigation agency to leave a note.

Yes, as with notes on doors some do call defendants/respondents they are trying to serve before going to serve them, this is very uncommon. When you hire one to serve court papers and other legal documents upon a defendant/respondent, etc., our best individuals will want to maintain that surprise element so the respondent/defendant does not start actively avoiding service.

The only time it would be appropriate for one to call a defendant/respondent before going to her/his/their residence to serve court papers is if he/she certain that the defendant/respondent does indeed want the papers. Sometimes defendants/respondents do want the paperwork and are very agreeable to meeting with them.

The only other time it would be appropriate for the best one to call a defendant/respondent when attempting to serve court papers, is if he/she is trying to trick the defendant/respondent by claiming to be with a shipping company who has some vague package delivery or as a last resort when he/she is out of ideas and time. Some people will indeed fall for the trick, especially if they have recently ordered a package from Amazon or some other shipping company.

When you hire a specialist to serve court papers, some of them do wear bulletproof vests. Why would they choose to wear bulletproof vests to protect their own lives and help them get back to their families. Indeed, there have been a ton of cases where violent defendants or even non-defendants who just happened to be at the home who attempted to kill or even murdered process servers, private investigators, and sheriffs’ deputies in Oklahoma.

So, when you hire the best individual for this job, know that these bulletproof vests save their lives. It is always advisable for them to always wear bulletproof vests when out serving court papers to defendants/respondents. Indeed, they never know when a defendant or respondent in what appears to be a routine serve could become dangerously violent.

When you hire a professional to serve court papers and she/he/they cannot obtain good service on the defendant/respondent, then they have several options. The options for them in cases like this are as follow:

  • Nationwide Skip Trace Service – Our skip tracers can take certain information about the POI and use it to locate the POI’s address and find out a ton of information about him/her/them. To conduct our skip trace service, our skip tracers ask that each client kindly provide as much of the following information as possible:4
  • The SS# of the POI, or the Last 4 Digits of the SS#
  • The POI’s DOB, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Current & Former E-mail Addresses
  • Current & Former Phone Numbers
  • Current & Former Residential & Business Addresses
  • Social Media Links
  • Race
  • Usernames/Login Names for Social Media/Apps

In return for as much of the information above as our clients can muster, even though most clients do not have all the above information, our agents can often obtain the following information about the POI:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Records
  • Professional License
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Race
  • Current & Former Home/Business Addresses
  • Current & Former Phone Numbers
  • Current & Former E-mail Addresses
  • Mugshot Photos of the POI, if Applicable
  • Evictions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Global Watch Lists the POI is Listed Upon
  • UCC Filings
  • POI’s Employment History
  • Marital Records – California Only
  • Neighbors, Family Members, & Friends’ Names/Addresses/Information
  • Much More! 😊

Does this type of information sound useful to you? Whether you are trying to locate a missing person like a long-lost loved one, friend, old classmate, etc., or to locate a missing person to serve them with court documents or other legal papers, you can hire an expert can assist you with finding missing people. 😊

  • License Plate Checks of Vehicles – Whenever our process servers and private investigators in Moore, Oklahoma from our private detective agency happen to see vehicles at locations where they do not know, they can run their license plates to determine the owners of the vehicles and the residential address that each vehicle is associated with.
  • USPS Forwarding Mail Checks – Whenever a defendant/respondent files a forwarding mail request with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to have her/his/their mail sent to their new home or office address, our professionals can fill out a special request with the USPS to obtain that new address. Armed with this new address information, they can go to the new address to try to serve the defendant/respondent.
  • USPS Post Office Box Checks – In cases where the POI has listed a post office  box at the USPS as her/his/their residential address, they can present a special form to the USPS staff and see what physical address the defendant/respondent has associated with the USPS P.O. box. Everyday residents are ineligible to obtain this special information; only licensed individuals have special access to this privileged private information.
  • Active Monitoring of the POI’s Social Media Accounts – You can hire a specialist to actively monitor the social media accounts of persons of interest (POI) who need to be served with court papers or legal documents. When other methods fail, choosing to hire an individual to constantly check the POI’s social media and see what she/he/they post. Indeed, many people post all about their social lives, whereabouts, locations, etc., on their social media all the time. Actively monitoring their social media accounts can be an astute way to quietly surveil POIs with a very low risk of getting burned/caught.
  • Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches – Running social media scans/deep Internet searches can also prove to be very beneficial to locating missing persons, because they complement our private investigation agency’s nationwide skip tracing service and can show public posts the POI has made. Social media scans/deep Internet searches can also show what public posts people have made about the POI, as well as any news stories about the POI. When taken together with skip traces by our skip tracers, these social media scans/deep Internet searches can provide a clearer picture of the POI and can often add insights into her/his/their whereabouts.
  • Checking Mail in the POI’s Mailbox – Without touching the mail in a POI’s mailbox, our agents can determine for whom the mail in the mailbox at an address is for. You can always hire one to employ this tactic. 😉
  • Asking Neighbours, Families, & Friends of the POI: One other way to find missing persons is to discreetly ask their neighbours, friends, and family. While this method can be a tad riskier and might possibly tip off the POI, if done correctly and discreetly our detectives can minimize the risks of that happening.

When you hire the best person to serve court papers and other legal documents on your behalf and he/she gets good service, he/she/they will then fill out an affidavit of process server. This affidavit of process server is the proof that the court gets that the agent that you chose to hire did indeed serve the defendant/respondent. They will E-mail you a copy of the affidavit of process server and will mail the original one either to you or to the court, whichever you request.

Of course, when it comes to defendants, respondents, and others that they must show up to court or lose by default. Defendants/respondents who are wise will hire an experienced attorney in Oklahoma City to represent them in court. Only foolish defendants and respondents ignore the court papers and accompanying hearings or other actions they require.

As mentioned earlier, to conduct our skip trace service to locate missing persons who are actively avoiding service of process, you may hire a process server or a private detective from our best private investigation agency. They will happily take the information from you about the person of interest (POI) and will use it to run it through our system and hopefully locate the missing person.

Also as described elsewhere in these questions and answers, there are other ways to locate missing people if the skip tracing by our best skip tracer does not work. They have conducted skip tracing services and have employed other methods to locate missing persons for many years and will put all their vast knowledge and experience to work for your best benefit. 😊

This is because some people are just a$$holes. Yes, that is right. They are a$$holes, and decisions they are making to avoid them are the same kind of idiotic decisions that probably landed them in the middle of a court proceeding in the first place.

If someone has chosen to hire one, please just take them. Avoiding service of process does not make the matter disappear and attacking an official will only land you in jail. Please use your head and make better choices. Thanks. 😉

While some agents do say things like, “You have been served” to defendants/respondents, etc., when handing them court papers and other legal documents, many do not. It does indeed happen sometimes, but most times probably more in the news than in real life.

Yes, when you hire them for your job, some of them will try to trick the defendants/respondents if the defendants/respondents become evasive and continually attempt to avoid service of process. Others do not attempt tricks at all. Indeed, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) strictly prohibits the use of tricks by both plaintiffs/petitioners and process servers for debt collection cases.

So, what kinds of tricks do some of them use to trick evasive defendants/respondents? Glad you asked! 😊 The owners of our private investigation agency would love to elucidate on this topic.

One trick that they use when trying to trick evasive defendants/respondents they are trying to serve is to go as a pizza delivery person with a pizza box, Uber Eats food delivery person with some food in a bag, or DoorDash driver with food in a bag or box. Sometimes this trick can work, even if the defendant/respondent did not order food because they just play off the encounter as innocuous and accidental. As with any trick, sometimes this tactic works and sometimes it does not.

They can also attempt to trick defendants and respondents by acting like package/parcel delivery drivers. When you hire one to serve court papers upon someone, some of them will even go in a vague parcel delivery company uniform they have created. 😊If the need to call the defendant/respondent arises, they can simply claim they have a package for them and give out a very common name so it sounds less suspicious.

When you hire a process server from our private detective agency near me to serve someone with court papers or other legal documents, there are still further tricks they can try when attempting to get evasive defendants/respondents served with court papers and/or other legal documents. One of these special tricks consists of having our specialists approach the door and pretend to be lost or looking for her/his/their missing dog or cat. This can sometimes prove to be very helpful, as some people fall for it.

If you need help to get an evasive defendant/respondent served and have not had any luck, then you need to hire one as soon as possible. Our officials will be more than happy to assist you with all your process serving needs. 😊 So, hire the best professionals from our best private detective agency in Oklahoma today! 😊

Some wear costumes when serving court papers and other legal documents upon individuals. Most time when you hire them to serve court papers and other legal documents upon people, they do not avoid and hide and they do not need a costume or disguise to serve court papers and other legal documents upon individuals. Of course, some people act like idiots and fools, and thus costumes and disguises can indeed become necessary.

When costumes and disguises do become necessary for them to wear, the following are some of the most common process server disguises and costumes and private investigator disguises and costumes:

  • Uber Eats Driver/Door Dash Driver
  • Pizza Delivery Person
  • Person Looking for a Lost Dog
  • Fake Political Poll
  • Person at the “Wrong House” on “Accident”
  • Package Delivery Driver (Generic Version of UPS, FedEx Office, Etc.)

These are just some of the many costumes that you can hire one to dress up in and trick unsuspecting defendants/respondents who are not involved in debt collection cases into answering the front door and accepting the legal documents. 😉 If you need to hire them to help you serve someone with court papers or other legal documents, then please contact a process server from our private investigation agency in Moore, OK today for more information. 😊

It is possible that when you hire an expert to serve court documents or other legal papers to a defendant/respondent, etc., that she/he/they will call the defendant/respondent, etc., before going. However, most times they will not call defendants/respondents in advance, because each will want to maintain that surprise initiative.

Once many defendants/respondents become aware that he/she is trying to serve them with court papers or other legal documents, many of them will try to avoid one. Thus, unless the defendant/respondent wants the legal documents or they are simply out of time to serve the legal documents or other court papers and have no other options, most times a process server from a private investigation agency in Moore, Oklahoma will not contact defendants/respondents in advance.

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