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Yukon is an up-and-coming suburban city in the Oklahoma City metro that has wonderful schools and is a thriving city. Unfortunately, sometimes legal disputes arise that require people to locate a process server and to hire a private investigator as they locate a private investigation agency in Yukon to serve court papers and other legal documents. Many people do not even know what they are, what they do, or even how to hire one. ☹

Fortunately for you and the rest of society, the owners of our private investigation agency in Oklahoma have put together some special information for those seeking to locate the best process server and who wish to locate the best private investigator as they find the best private investigation agency  to help them serve court papers and other legal documents. Answers to common questions about them are listed below as follow:

They are individuals the State of Oklahoma has vetted and licensed to serve court papers and other legal documents. They are integral to the judicial system in the United States and indeed throughout many parts of the civilized world.

It will cost you about $350 for the first year you get your license, and when you renew it after the first year it will cost you about another $350 or so for a three-year license in Oklahoma. Of course, there are also other license expenses that you must also cover, such as advertising, internet costs, utilities, office space, fuel, and a whole lot more.

It takes about 4-6 weeks from the time an applicant first fills out her/his/their license application. Filling out the application itself gets the process started for her/him/them, while she/he/they then complete the other related requirements like passport photos, a process server bond, publishing notice of license application in a legal newspaper, etc.

They usually do not even call a person whom she/he/they is/are serving court papers upon, prior to doing so. This is because they prefer to retain the element of surprise by not alerting the defendant/respondent/witness in advance about her/his/their pending service of process.

Of course, there are a few instances when one might call the person she/he/they is/are serving beforehand, but even in these instances it is unlikely that they will call from a blocked number because it would likely raise the defendant’s/respondent’s/witness’s suspicions and/or might go straight to voicemail. Some of the reasons why they might call a defendant/respondent/witness beforehand include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • They are trying to trick the defendant/respondent/witness by claiming that she/he/they is/are with UPS, FedEx, etc., in order to get the defendant/respondent/witness to meet up with her/him/them.
  • They might be out of time to serve the papers. When they call defendants/respondents/witnesses call defendants/respondents/witnesses ahead of time and are not trying to trick her/him/them, then it may be because she/he/they do(es) now know what else to do and are trying for a “Hail Mary”.
  • One other reason that they might call a defendant/respondent/witness from a non-blocked number is because the defendant/respondent/witness wants to receive the paperwork. Though less common, sometimes the person knows the paperwork is coming and may even want it. By communicating with them in advance, the defendant/respondent/witness can help choose the date, time, and location of service in the most discreet manner possible.

None of the reasons listed above where they might need to call a defendant/respondent/witness beforehand really merit they are calling from a blocked number. Even in the instances above, it is most helpful for agents to simply call from a cell phone or perhaps to borrow a landline phone at FedEx, UPS, etc., when trying to trick the defendant/respondent/witness into getting served.

Yes, it is indeed possible to serve someone via certified mail with a return receipt. However, except for large businesses and governmental agencies, what defendant/respondent or witness is going to want to sign for your documents? Thus, when a petitioner/plaintiff chooses to be stingy/miserly and opts for service of process via certified mail with a return receipt on an average individual defendant or small business, then she/he/they end(s) up wasting time and money because the petitioner/plaintiff will end up having to hire a professional to go back and serve the defendant/respondent/witness anyway.

In the State of Oklahoma, any licensed process server may serve court papers and other legal documents statewide. They must first undergo rigorous background checks and must also fulfill other stringent requirements, to ensure they are fit and proper with the trusted job of process serving. Any individual who does not meet those requirements may not serve court papers and other legal documents.

Likewise, any sheriff or sheriff’s deputy so duly authorized by her/his/their sheriff’s department may serve court papers and other legal documents in the county in which they are a sheriff or sheriff’s deputy. No sheriff or sheriff’s deputy may work outside of her/his/their jurisdiction.

Also, in the technical sense of the word, a postal worker can deliver court papers and other documents someone has sent via certified mail with a return receipt. If and when the defendant/respondent/witness signs for the documents that the United States Postal Service employee has brought to the person, then that person has been served.

Yes, there are instances when they can simply leave court papers and other legal documents at the front door of a defendant/respondent/witness. The courts do not always allow service of process whereby they simply drop the documents off at the door, but some exceptions do exist. The exceptions include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • They are serving a petition and summons for forcible entry and detainer and the petitioner/plaintiff does not want a monetary judgement – just a possession of property judgment. In this instance, they can post the petition and summons for forcible entry and detainer onto the front door and then take a photograph of the posting with a date, time, and location stamp on it.


They must then mail out a copy of the court documents to the same address via certified mail with a return receipt. They must then return a copy of the proof of mailing with her/his/their affidavit of service to the courts, upon completion.

  • Another reason when an expert can leave court papers and/or other legal documents on the ground at someone’s door, is when that person is there but refuses to accept service of process. Instead of shoving the court papers into the person’s hands, it is better to take the less confrontational approach to simply leave it at their feet.
  • One other time when it is okay for them to leave court papers and other legal documents at a person’s feet/at the door is when a judge specifically authorizes it. Judges usually do not permit such actions otherwise for effective service of process.

You need merely to locate the best private investigation agency to accept your work assignment/case. Fortunately, you are lucky enough to have already successfully been able to locate the best company with the best process servers and the best private detectives in Yukon. So, if you need to hire one, then call us today at (405) 593-3515. 😊

It goes without saying that it is almost always better to hire a process server than to hire a sheriff’s deputy to serve court papers and other legal documents upon an individual, business, governmental agency, or nonprofit organization. There are many reasons why you are better off attempting to find one to serve court papers, as opposed to choosing to hire a sheriff’s deputy.

While it true that you can sometimes hire a sheriff’s deputy to serve court papers and other legal documents for less money than if you hire a process server near me as you locate a process serving company to serve your court papers and other legal documents, it is imperative to remember that you often get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always better, especially when being a scrooge could potentially jeopardize your entire legal case.

They are standing by to help you serve court papers and other legal documents whenever and wherever you need! 😊 If you need to locate one for your job, then please call us today for more information! 😊

No, under current Oklahoma law, no one with a felony conviction may find employment as a process server. In addition, no official may have any pending violent misdemeanor charges or convictions, and no one may obtain a process server license if she/he/they has/have ever been required to register as a sex offender. The State of Oklahoma essentially wants to ensure that each process server and private eye from private investigation agencies in Yukon, OK are “good people” per se.

Yes, when you find them, they can and sometimes do try to disguise themselves to serve defendants/respondents, witnesses, and others. While many wish that defendants/respondents did not try to avoid service and make the legal process more difficult than it needs to be, it sadly does happen. Thus, the disguises are very important indeed for those who wish to locate and serve missing people.

Some of the most common disguises that they use to serve defendants/respondents, etc., include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • FedEx/UPS Delivery Driver
  • Pizza Delivery Driver
  • Uber Eats/Door Dash Driver
  • Traveling Missionary
  • Door-to-Door Salesperson
  • “Lost” Person Seeking Directions

To find the right disguise that will optimize the chances of success, they will need to choose a disguise that will most likely help her/him/them with the successful service of process. One disguise in one circumstance might not be the best choice in another, so when you locate one to do the job on your behalf, you will want to be sure to discuss disguise possibilities with your agents.

They can make a decent amount of money for her/his/their time and effort, if they know how much to charge. Indeed, many can earn substantial salaries, especially if they own their own private investigation agency in Yukon, Oklahoma and advertise on social media. 😊 Indeed, adept ones can often earn well into the 6-digit salaries.

Of course, some clients are stingy and do not want to hire one if they must pay her/him/them fairly. Indeed, some process serving clients want to pay only menial amounts like they do to the sheriffs’ deputies. Since sheriffs’ deputies get paid from public funds and do not have to advertise for business, they can afford to charge less for their services, but the quality that sheriffs’ deputies do compared to process servers is far from adequate.

Legally speaking, they do not have to do like you see on movies where they yell out, “You’ve been served!” However, when you hire one to serve court papers & other legal documents for you, the professional will typically at least say, “I have court papers for you” or something like that.

In the State of Oklahoma, there are no laws in place which dictate which hours of the day or night that these specialists may play their trades. This is especially helpful for them because there are occasions when you locate one, he/she needs to work overnight to successfully complete the legal work.

A process server who owns her/his/their own larger, successful, independent process serving company and private investigation agency can often make a very large sum of money. This is especially true when they also have a large staff working under them to help with the process serving and private investigations. The owners of our own private investigation agency and process serving company currently gross an annual amount of almost $1,000,000. 😊

In a sick and demented move, Oklahoma has currently become one of the growing number of states in the USA that no longer requires its residents to obtain a gun license prior to carrying a firearm. There is no waiting period, background checks are never required at gun shows, and almost anyone can buy firearms. Overall, the USA’s Neanderthal-like infatuation with guns is very unhealthy.

Inasmuch as many everyday residents of a legal age with no felony convictions and case in hand can carry a gun on them as they go about their everyday happenings, these specialists are not permitted to carry firearms with them when performing their legal duties . . . unless they have first completed a Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) course/license as an armed private investigator or an armed private security guard.

Most times they will not call you prior to serving you with court papers and/or other legal documents. This is because they prefer to keep the element of surprise. If a specialist calls someone she/he/they is/are trying to serve before they attempt the service of process, then he/she will concomitantly lose this crucial element of surprise.

There are only about 2 reasons why they would want to call a defendant/respondent, witness, etc., prior to attempting to serve her/him/them with the court papers or other legal documents. The first reason is because the individual or business they want the documents, such as in an agreed-upon adoption, though this is very rare. In these instances, the respondent/defendant may even meet up with them to receive the court papers and/or other legal documents.  

The second circumstance is when they call someone either to trick the individual via a ruse, or because they have run out of time and ideas and are trying a “hail Mary” to cajole the defendant/respondent or witness into divulging her/his/their current address.

Both these moves are risky for these officials. However, if the gambling pays off these tactics can provide excellent benefits and relief for them to serve an evasive person court papers and/or other legal documents.

While no expert recommends that anyone attempt to hide from them, there are nonetheless people who will want to do and who will want to know the most effective methods with which to avoid them. In fact, even you, the reader – right now – may be seeking to learn how to avoid them.

According to our experts, some of the most effective ways to avoid a process server and hide from them include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Turn off all your lights, park your car in the garage, and go into the middle of your home and remain silent, when they come knocking at your door.
  • Register all your utilities, vehicles, address on your driver’s license, and tax information on another mailing address of a trusted friend or family member.
  • Get a post office box/P.O. Box and list the physical address and name of a trusted friend or family member for all your utilities, vehicles, address on your driver’s license, and tax information.
  • Do not file a mail forwarding request with the United States Postal Service (USPS). They can fill out a special form at the post office and obtain the new address you forwarded your mail to, if you had filled out their special request form. Thus, if you truly wish to avoid a specialist, then you must take this special precaution.
  • Put a “for sale” sign in your yard and a lock box on your front door. Move everything out of your house’s room that faces the street and move your vehicle inside of your home, so they will think you have moved away.
  • Leave lots of mail in your mailbox and park your vehicle inside the garage, so they will think you have gone on vacation.
  • Have someone else answer your door and lie to them. Ask the person to tell them that you do not live there, died, etc., as appropriate.
  • Get a Ring camera and only answer your door via camera and microphone. Let them know you “are not there” whenever they come by. Tell them that you are “out of town” for a time sufficient to hinder the legal case at hand.
  • Move out into the forest into a cabin with no physical/911 address.
  • Put a fence around your entire property and always lock your gate. Post a “No Trespassing” sign all around your property. If he/she jump your fence, it is trespassing and they can receive a ticket from law enforcement.
  • Let the place you work know that they are trying to serve you with court papers and/or other legal documents. Ask your boss and co-workers to cover for you at work.

These are just some of the many ways that a person can hide from a professional. If you want to know of even more ways or if you want to hire one, then please find the best process server and private investigator as you find the best private investigation agency today for more information and assistance.

Some people try to avoid a process server for a wide range of reasons. Some of the most common given reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The person believes the case to be frivolous and does not want to have to deal with it.
  • The individual is a jerk and is just trying to make the lives of the plaintiff/petitioner and process server in Yukon, OK more difficult.
  • The defendant/respondent/witness does not want to come to court to defend the matter or testify.
  • The person may know she/he/they is/are at fault and do not want to face the consequences of her/his/their actions.
  • Sometimes defendants/respondents/witnesses believe that if they can somehow scare off or otherwise impede a professional, that the whole legal case will somehow miraculously “disappear.”

As you can clearly see, there are a variety of reasons why someone might want to hide from them from a process serving company in Oklahoma. If you or someone you know needs to hire a process server one for this job on your behalf, then you have come to the right place. 😊

The point of choosing to hire a specialist is to deliver legal notice of a legal matter, administrative hearing, or other court proceeding. In fact, our country’s laws and judicial system require and depend upon effective service of process by legal officials to keep the legal system going. If no one got served, the legal system as we know it would shut down. Thus, they are an integral and irreplaceable part of the American legal system.

Oklahoma does not place any restrictions or other limitations on when one may serve court papers and other legal documents. This is especially important for the process serving and private investigations professions, because if the State of Oklahoma attempted to place such time restrictions upon them, it would severely hamper their ability to do an effective job.

Well, from a legal standpoint it is not illegal. However, when you try to avoid them. However, it is likely that you are only going to make the situation more difficult for yourself, with added expense and perhaps even harsher treatment by the judge or other judicial administrative authority. Thus, please do not avoid these officials. Doing so benefits no one.

Not all wear disguises. However, when they choose to wear a disguise, it is because the defendant/respondent/witness, etc., is actively avoiding service of process. In these instances, they must get more creative and deceptive.

Indeed, some of the more common/usual disguises our professionals from private investigation agencies use when wayward defendants/respondents and witnesses attempt to avoid them include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pizza Delivery Person
  • Uber Eats/Door Dash
  • Evangelical/Missionary
  • FedEx/UPS/Package Delivery Person/Service
  • Young, Hot, Femme Female Process Servers – Not Really a Disguise, But More of an Enticement to Get Bisexual & Straight Males to Open the Door

The disguises above comprise some of the most common disguises they use when trying to locate and serve difficult defendants who wish to hide from them.

If you or someone you know need to hire a process server or a private investigator to help you serve court papers and other legal documents, then look no further. 😊 You can find them as you find a private investigation agency in Yukon, Oklahoma to help you – OURS! 😊

Most of the time, you are not allowed to “refuse” service of process by these officials any more than you could “refuse” a traffic ticket from a commissioned police officer. However, some limited exceptions do exist, in which case our specialists have explained below:

  • The person the expert is trying to serve is younger than 15 ½ years old.
  • The individual they are trying to serve is the wrong individual.
  • The court papers they are trying to serve require personal service only, such as with a subpoena or an indirect contempt citation, and the person the papers are for is not there.
  • They are attempting to serve court papers or other legal documents upon an individual at a business via substitute service.

These instances our process server and private detective from our private investigation agency in Yukon have mentioned are some of the reasons why an individual may refuse to accept service from these individuals. Otherwise, no one is allowed to “refuse” service by one. If this were true, then no one would ever get served by them.

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