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What Techniques A Polygraph Examiner Use in Edmond OkC


Techniques a Polygraph Examiner in Edmond, Oklahoma Utilizes When Conducting Polygraph Examinations in Oklahoma City, OK on Police Officers

Polygraph examiner in Oklahoma examines people to identify whether they are speaking the truth or not. The examiner will use their analytics and communication skills to spot a lie. Furthermore, they use polygraph tools and techniques to conduct the examination. Let’s learn about the techniques a polygraph examiner in Oklahoma uses while conducting a polygraph examination in OKC.

Techniques a Polygraph Examiner in OKC Use for Polygraph Examinations

There are several ways that a polygraph examiner is OKC follow to identify deception. These techniques help them to spot a lie, settle family disputes, and identify disloyal employees. Polygraph tests can clear any doubts that cause problems and help families to move on from misunderstandings. However, it is important to consult a professional Polygraph examiner in Oklahoma City. Here are some techniques that a polygraph examiner in Oklahoma uses to conduct the test.

1. Standardized Tests

Standardized tests performed by professional polygraph examiners in Oklahoma can access deceptiveness. The experts use these tests to determine the integrity, conscientiousness, and dependability of a person. This is a traditional method to spot a lie. But with timely research and refinement, examiners have advanced methods to conduct the test.

Almost every technique to identify deceptiveness includes questionable activities, opinions about various illegal behaviors, and hypothetical situations. The polygraph examiner in OKC observes the person’s behavior to identify dishonest behavior. The polygraph examination in Oklahoma includes integrity tests to rate the honesty level of the employee, family member, or government officer.

The standardized tests are effective in identifying the integrity of a person. But, the major problem is variation in conclusion. Since the expertise level of polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City is different, you won’t find accurate results. However, you can search for a professional team to perform polygraph examination in OKC.

2. Interviews

Polygraph examination in OKC also includes employment interviews and assessments. With the help of interviews, Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City can ask critical questions with the person and identify whether they are lying or telling the truth. The polygraph examination in Oklahoma includes related questions with surprising twists to reveal the information that the person is trying to hide.

The structure of the questions constructed by Polygraph examiners in OKC is tricky. The interview questions can be about the past incident or the current one. For instance, if you are an employer and want to hire an honest employee, you can ask the examiner to include questions about previous job experiences.

A polygraph examination in OKC is a great strategy for the screening test. Many polygraph examiners in Oklahoma include both interviews and standardized tests to evaluate the performance and reliability of a person.

3. Voice Stress Analysis

While conducting polygraph examinations in Oklahoma, examiners also evaluate the voice stress levels of the person. If the person is a liar, they will stress while answering the questions. On the other hand, if the person has a confident voice, they are speaking the truth. There are various devices to monitor the high pitch and vocal tension of a person.

There are various studies suggesting that if a person is lying, their voice will change. Therefore, experts can align a list of questions while conducting polygraph examinations in Oklahoma to determine untruthful responses.

Many polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City use devices to record voice signals. These signals can determine the accurate shift in the voice and stress levels. These devices have high accuracy than manual observations. That’s why people consider this technique for polygraph examination in OKC more reliable.

Another benefit of the technique is that Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can determine the results immediately. They don’t have to wait for the results. The polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City can determine the results in real-time. The examiner can spontaneously decide what questions they should ask next based on previous questions.

4. Facial and Body Movement

Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma detect facial and body movement as well. They receive training and experience in observing people’s movements and identifying patterns. These patterns act as indicators to spot the lie and identify wrong answers. For instance, when a person avoids eye contact while answering a question, they are running away from the truth.

Studies suggest that facial and body movement is 58% accurate in spotting liars. That’s why many polygraph examiners in OKC use this technique to identify liars. These examiners can detect deception and fraud through body movement.

There are tools as well that allow polygraph examiners in Oklahoma to automate the detection of facial and body movements.

Why do You Need Polygraph Examination in Oklahoma City?

Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City use polygraph instruments to detect the act of deception. Furthermore, the tool record change in blood flow and respiration process and helps examiners to spot a liar. Many OJPS use these tools to tell whether a person is honest while responding. There are various types of tools for a polygraph examination in Oklahoma. The goal of these tools is to resolve disputes and expose the truth.

Different polygraph techniques are available in Oklahoma. If you want to investigate a person for truth, you can hire a professional polygraph examiner in Oklahoma. Techniques such as Control Question Test can help examiners ask relevant questions about the incident or event.

Polygraph examination in Oklahoma removes doubts and misunderstandings. Furthermore, it is a tool for resolving disputes. There are various tools to detect deceptive persons, but polygraph examination in OKC tools has higher accuracy.


Do you want to conduct a Polygraph examination in OKC? If yes, then you should hire a professional team with extensive experience and training. If you don’t hire the right polygraph examiners in Oklahoma, you might end up with the wrong results.

If you want accurate results from a polygraph examination in Oklahoma City, you should contact Keefe Private Investigations. Dr. Tinsley and Dr. Makayla Saramosing will be available to help you with the polygraph examination in Oklahoma.

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