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The Curious Case of the Process Server and the Person Who Doesn’t Want to be Served

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Unruly people. As process servers, we deal with them on the daily. We can’t blame them. Who wants to be served with court papers suing for money, divorce, custody, or property relinquishment? Nobody. However, when people decide to make problems for themselves such as not paying their debts, consequences will ensue. We should feel happy that it’s a legal agent coming and not the mafia. We’ve heard notorious mobster Lucky Luciano took a different approach, rather than utilizing the judicial system to get back money owed to him.

Serving irate people with court documents is, unfortunately, part of the job description of a legal investigator. There are no two ways about it. So how does a private agent in OKC handle such shenanigans? Here are a few ways NOT to handle unruly people:

  • Do not spit at the disobedient person.
  • Do not push the unruly person.
  • Do not make “yo mama” jokes about the unruly person’s mother.
  • Do not leave a flaming bag of dog shit on the unruly person’s porch.
  • Do not toilet paper the unruly person’s house.
  • Do not throw rocks through the unruly person’s windows.
  • Do not tamper with the brakes of an unruly person’s car.
  • Do not practice your karate skills on the unruly person.
  • Do not call the disobedient person names.
  • Do not steal the unruly person’s cat.

How Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Dr. John Patrick Keefe II handle unruly people during process serving:

  • Always be courteous and polite.
  • Explain everything that needs to be explained as quickly as possible.
  • Allow senseless banter in one ear and out the other.
  • If you’re in physical danger, defend yourself.
  • Call the police, if necessary.

When it comes to legal investigation, you never know what you’re going to get. Don’t let the mindless chatter of those who are being served bother you. It’s not you who they are mad at; it’s the person who initiated the lawsuit.

In addition to the lists above, you must always be prepared and ready to defend yourself should things get really out of hand. Consider carrying a concealed weapon. Using a gun is, of course, the very last resort, but sometimes it can save your life. If a violent person is using excessive force against you and your life is in danger, by all means, do everything you can to protect yourself.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II also recommends using video recording equipment on every process serving job. This way, the actions of unruly people are recorded and can be utilized in the court of law if needed. Should you have to get physical to defend yourself, the court will see this on the video recording, protecting you as a investigation officer. Video recording can be accomplished through video camcorders or a cell phone.

Remember, every time you serve someone with papers, your life is potentially on the line. Learn how to effectively deal with unruly people. Knowing how to verbally de-escalate a heated situation is the best weapon a process server in OKC can be armed with.
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