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The Importance of Video Cameras for Oklahoma Process Servers

Traditionally many people think of video cameras as something that, say, a licensed private investigator might have use for. A professional Oklahoma process server would never have use for video cameras now, would they? Well, while it is indeed true that private investigators in Oklahoma often have more of a need for them than their process serving counterparts, this does not mean that the latter does not need them at all. Indeed, video cameras can prove to be valuable for members of both professions.

A lot of things can potentially happen to Oklahoma process servers when they go up to serve someone papers. The person they are serving might be very nice and could just accept the papers. This can make for a smooth, easy serve, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Some people grow angry and blame the Oklahoma process severs for serving them the papers. Despite the fact that process servers are an impartial party to the entire process, this does not always seem to matter. The person who just got served might try to attack the professional process server and might also curse and swear at him or her.

Threats of violence can also take place, and a carefully mounted video camera located on a car or a tiny video camera placed on the process server’s shirt can provide invaluable evidence. Everything needs to be documented to show the police or even a judge or jury how what happened and can exonerate the process server while showing where the real blame lies.However, other circumstances also arise when process servers in Oklahoma can find great use for a video camera.

Sometimes people who are served will lie and will claim that they never received the papers at all. While the courts will often believe an officer of the court over other ordinary individuals, having video evidence can help ensure that anyone claiming that he or she was not served has just perjured himself or herself in court. This also protects Oklahoma process servers from legal liability, as it is a felony in Oklahoma for a process server to have properly claimed to have served someone papers when he or she really did no such thing.

Video cameras definitely have their place within the professional process serving profession. When used correctly, they can record helpful evidence that can protect process servers. This type of equipment adds an extra layer of invisible armor that serves as a shield of sorts. Indeed, video cameras can protect private investigators and process servers both!

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