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The main areas of notary intervention of the notary 2

The main areas of intervention of the notary

The Notary

The notary knows too well about the serious problems resulting from an incomplete proposal that is poorly drafted or poorly understood.

Meet him to tell him about your project. The notary server is the legal advisor of the agreement and the real estate transaction professional. With his help, buyer and seller will prevent unfortunate and often irremediable situations.

To make your contract a success, you have to know how to start on the right foot. At Oklahoma Judicial Process Server in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we have everything ready for you.

The main areas of intervention of the notary

Notaries are the public officers established to receive the deeds and contracts to which the parties must or wish to be given the authenticity attached to the acts of the public authority. It is used to secure the date, to keep the deposit, and to issue large expeditions.

In addition to this legal mission of authentication and preservation of the acts, the intervention of the notaries is very wide: it is a generalist of the law having a universal vision of the legal problems.

He is involved in the entire legal and tax field which makes him naturally competent for his function of advising clients.

The traditional domains of his activity include marriage contract, donation between spouses, donation-sharing, will and inheritance. The State imposes certain obligations on him, and the consumer has a particular expectation.

The Notary State expects:

  • registration of wills
  • authenticity for certain important acts
  • retention for 75 years of documents, 100 years when the act concerns a minor.

The expectation of the consumer includes:

  • The authenticity and its effects: probative force (origin, content and date), opposability to third parties because of the land registration and enforceability.
  • An impartial advisor on family and personal matters.

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