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The Pitfalls of Oklahoma Process Server Companies That Hire Independent Contractors in Different States

In today’s society, it seems as though outsourcing is everywhere.  From credit card companies that send customer service jobs overseas to firms like Nike and Apple that exploit laborers in factories overseas, independent contractors and outsourcing are everywhere.  Not only do the companies that overseas labor “enjoy” increased tax breaks, but they also limit their legal liability if something goes wrong (i.e., if a poor child gets his or her hand cut off while working).  In addition, these companies can often pay these individuals less, too, which is a definite added “bonus” for chief executive officers seeking to maximize their company’s profit margin.  While all of these benefits are aimed at helping the wealthy, they also have their downsides for both clients and the workers, and the same holds true for process serving companies.  The experts at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers would like to elucidate . . .

Process servers who outsource their work to others in different states throughout the United States of America can potentially experience a multitude of headaches.  Professional law agent need to thoroughly investigate the individuals they hire.  How reliable are the Texas legal agents?  Will a legal representative that gets hired to do a job in Florida, California, New Mexico, Kansas, or elsewhere perform the job effectively?  What are the customary fees associated with those areas, and which laws apply?  Will someone hired as an independent contractor know what is fair and reasonable and how to follow the laws?  These are just a few of many reasonable questions that Oklahoma legal agent seeking to outsource their out-of-state work might experience.

It is true that an Oklahoma law agent who owns and effectively runs a company can take care to avoid many pitfalls.  The legal representative can perform background checks, requesting references, etc.  In addition, performing a quick Google search can often help determine whether or not a particular process serving company has found itself plagued with a multitude of complaints.  The Better Business Bureau is yet another resource to use when hiring, though most process serving companies do not list themselves with it.

Relative to finding out what fees are usual and customary for law agent in different states, sometimes making phone calls around to a large number of legal representatives can provide some meaningful insights.  Many bailiffs charge about what a sheriff’s deputy would otherwise get, while other Kansas private representatives may charge more or less.  Indeed, those who do not own companies at all and just do process serving on a part time basis might require the least amount of money.  Oklahoma City process servers who conduct a thorough check, if time permits, of reasonable rates throughout the area are likely to find those who will do the job for the least amount of money.

One of the biggest headaches of hiring private representative who reside in other states is that an Edmond, Oklahoma legal representative cannot really control the quality of work.  If a law agent in Moore, Oklahoma suddenly drops the ball and disappears from a job, then it is usually not too difficult for the Oklahoma legal officer who hired him or her to just go and do the job himself or herself.  However, if that private agent lives in another state and the process serving company that hired the personal representative has no corporate address there, then fixing a problem (i.e., failure to do the job) can and usually will become much more difficult.

Another bad aspect of hiring other bailiffs in different states is having to deal with a plethora of egos, outrageous fees, etc.  Some legal representatives will even try to steal clients, and professional legal representatives will usually not consent to signing contracts which prohibit client stealing.  Even if they do, it is not always so easy to track whether the process servers in other states are stealing your clients.  That being said, those that do get caught often do not have any assets to sue for anyway.

Sometimes hiring legal agents who know their states’ local laws, are reliable, professional, affordable, etc., is just too difficult a task.  Indeed, hiring bad private representatives in other states can actually end up costing otherwise reputable companies a great deal of business from attorneys and others who also use that same process serving company for work in their local area.  Each Oklahoma legal representative should carefully weigh whether or not the cost-benefit analysis  of hiring contract labor elsewhere is really worth it.  Of course, professional process serving companies are not the only ones who stand to win – or lose – with outsourcing.

Though it can take time, performing background checks, taking time to call references, and only working with process servers in Oklahoma who will sign a legal contract can help pay off in the long run.  Any legal agent in Oklahoma or elsewhere who refuses to do so is not someone that a firm should hire anyway.  Those who are dedicated and who have nothing to hide will not have any reason to worry.

Sometimes attorneys and others will claim that finding and keeping a very trustworthy, reliable, affordable, personable process server is an extremely difficult task.  Whether in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Florida, or elsewhere, this is often true.  This is why those that attorneys and law representatives seeking to contract out the work to others tend to prefer to hire the same private agents that do excellent work over seeking a new one for each job.

On the other side of the coin, numerous process servers can explain in detail how various professional process serving companies have cheated them out of money, have been very slow to pay, etc.  Indeed, in an effort to maximize profits, many professional Oklahoma legal representative seek to pay others they hire only a mere fraction of what the client is actually paying.  The good and the bad can flow both ways, so it is important to ensure that all process servers also thoroughly investigate the companies that hire them beforehand, too!

An Oklahoma law agent who is trying to run an outstanding business should take special care to carefully weigh all of the pros and cons of hiring contract labor.  Legal agents looking for work from large companies should do the same.  Some process servers run companies that help their customers throughout the entire nation, and they can indeed enjoy a great deal of success – if they take the needed precautions beforehand.  Others summoner in Oklahoma find that it is just not worth their time or effort, and therefore they do not even bother with hiring independent contractors.  Ultimately, each Oklahoma City process server company and the private agent who consider working for them must carefully determine the best course of action for his or her own professional company and those they work with.

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