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The Weird, the Wild, and the Outright Hilarious Tales of Oklahoma Private Investigators

Experienced private investigators in Oklahoma often see some pretty fascinating cases. These can range from things that are dangerous to those that are just plain odd. Here you will hear about a tale from a private investigator that might just make you laugh!

One day a private investigator was out with his video camera watching a woman whom the insurance company had suspected of pretending to be hurt. The lady in question was a fourty-year-old exotic dancer, and she had supposedly gotten hurt while on the job. However, the insurance company suspected fraud, so they sent this Oklahoma private investigator out to look into the matter.

After sitting in his car in the hot sun for some time, guess who emerged from the house? Yes, the woman came out into her backyard. However, apparently she was hardly far from hurt, as she began bouncing up and down on her trampoline. This in and of itself would definitely prove, short of some new “trampoline therapy,” that she was uninjured, but the story doesn’t end there.

What makes this story so interesting is the fact that the lady was in fact dancing in the nude! Yes, her boobs were bouncing up and down as the private investigator caught everything on tape. Trying to contain himself from laughing and getting slightly turned on at the same time, he could not wait to get the video back to the office. It is believed that many people found the tape to be very interesting indeed.

Now, one might ask what kind of defense the woman would have used against this? Trampoline therapy? Insanity? Who knows? Whatever the case, the private investigator got this case solved and the woman probably had to go find another job. The evidence against her was too overwhelming, and this shows how private investigators can often get work done that the police simply do not want to mess with.

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