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Tinsley Advises on Promotion Tactics as a Notary Public

Tinsley Advises on Promotion Tactics as a Notary Public
Tinsley Advises on Promotion Tactics as a Notary Public
Tinsley Advises on Promotion Tactics as a Notary Public

Working as a notary public is great and has ample amount of opportunities, but not without the hard work that notary publics put into their professions. While working as an endorser in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has gotten familiar with the promotion tactics used to advertise her notary public business to her fellow Oklahoma neighbors.

In fact, any notary public that yearns for a thriving business should utilize promotion tactics. While word of mouth is as good as any tactic, it is no longer enough in today’s day and age. In a digital world, we need digital advertising.

First and foremost, Tinsley stresses the importance of having a working, easy-to-use website for your clients to find, submit and request information. The more work you put into your website, the more your notary public business will flourish in the upcoming months and years.

As a general idea, you should promote your website physically as much as you do digitally. This can involve pens or other merchandise with your business name, identification cards, and special discounts for different groups of clients. For example, consider giving free notarizations to the local high school’s athletic department.

Moving forward, another great promotion tactic is attending networking events in your area. As a traveling notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley has attended her fair share of networking events. In fact, it was at a networking event where she was given the advice of joining her local Chamber of Commerce as a volunteer on the Membership Committee.

After receiving the advice, Tinsley has made it a point to share it at every networking event since; hoping to help another small business owner. In addition, you can also dabble in co-sponsoring different financial literacy seminars with financial advisors, wealth managers, banks, and real estate agents.

In fact, pulling from the promotion tactic mentioned above, you can take your physical advertising a step further by printing shirts with your business’s name and contact information. If you wear those shirts to community events, you are sure to not only spread the word of your business, but possibly make some money on the side as well by selling the shirts.

Finally, the next best promotion tactic for a notary public is utilizing your online presence as much as you possibly can. Tinsley Keefe has registered her OKC notary public business on every endorser registry available. She has also created various social media profiles for her work; all of which are linked for an easier customer experience.

The truth is, if you want your small business to thrive in today’s economy – whether it is a notary public business or something else – you need to create an online presence that not only demands attention but offers reliability.

Advertise your services online on a constant basis and you will notice just how useful an online presence can be. In conclusion, if you want your notary public business to excel and succeed, you need to think outside of the box. There are millions of creative promotion tactics just waiting to be used by you.

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