Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Speaks on Private Investigators Working with Hackers Private detectives and hackers can be one in the same, but most of the time they are not. While their execution might be similar, their motive is usually very different. Private investigators are normally interested in their career path to help other people, while most hackers end up as hackers to simply help themselves. This is the case in most circumstances. However, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe also knows from her time as a private detective in Oklahoma City that (sometimes) hackers can help detectives more than they can hinder them.

For example, if a detective saddles up with an ethical hacker of sorts, they might have a better chance at uncovering information. Private detectives are smart on their feet – they are intelligent in the sense of their equipment and information gathering skills. Hackers are usually making it a point to avoid confrontation, and they would rather sit at home behind a computer than walk the town trying to find clues and interrogating strangers.

If you put these two intellectuals together under the wrong circumstances, the outcome could be detrimental. However, if you put them together under the RIGHT circumstances . . . well you could have an unstoppable duo. Dr. Tinsley Keefe has some experience working with ethical hackers during her private detective days in Oklahoma; meaning she knows firsthand how beneficial their knowledge can be. The biggest tip that Dr. Tinsley can offer when working with a hacker: separate your case into two different cues.

There will be things that you are better off handling and there will be things that your hacker co-conspirator will be better off handling. For example, private detectives should handle the physical aspect of a case. If it is necessary to talk to clients or suspects in person, they should be the one to do the talking. Most hackers suffer from some type of social disease. If you send them out in your place, they could cost you the case simply by their awkwardness.

While private investigators handle the physical aspect of the case, their partner could handle the online aspect. There is ample information available online. In fact, the internet is home to probably more information than any physical location such as libraries or even city halls are. If you find someone who knows what they are doing and they know how to do it correctly, you could have access to private information like records, locations, bills, and everything in-between.

As a private detective in OKC, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows better than anyone the importance of getting information from the things listed above. Records can hold the answer to verifying the truth. Locations can lead to missing people. Bills can form paper trails. Everything has a purpose in the world of investigation, and hackers are no different. While many hackers are interested in illegal practices, there are also many that are interested in justice. By combining the skills of a private detective and a hacker, you could easily have the ultimate investigation business.

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