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Tinsley Keefe Discusses, “So You Are a Process Server in a Long Term Relationship”

Tinsley Keefe Discusses, "So You Are a Process Server in a Long Term Relationship"

Tinsley Keefe Discusses, "So You Are a Process Server in a Long Term Relationship"Being in a long term relationship is challenging enough without the added stress of your career. A relationship is a two-way street – it is necessary to put forth as much as you receive if you want the love to remain unhindered. This is one of the biggest reasons why working as a process server while being a part of a long term relationship is somewhat difficult. As a legal agent in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe can testify firsthand that balancing work and relationships is not always as easy as it should (or could) be.

For starters, it is common knowledge that process servers travel more often than not. When that travelling starts to impact your love life; things become a bit complicated. Of course, there is always a way around the unwanted outcome of losing your significant other solely due to your work. Lucky for you, Tinsley Keefe has been giving the same advice to other process servers in Oklahoma long enough to know that her words are – at the very least – successful 9/10 times.

First and foremost, it is extremely important to make sure your significant other is aware of your job and its requirements long before things grow serious. If you get the obvious out of the way early on, it is easy to slide into a comfortable halfway point. Moreover, your job might be necessary to make a living, but that does not mean it has to take away the light in your life. In fact, you should be working because you want to support you and your loved ones.

When your significant other understands that you have their best intentions in mind, things will be a lot easier to move forward with. The second thing that Tinsley Keefe has learned while working as a process server in OKC is that, if they are able, your significant other can always travel with you. Tinsley recalls a process server friend of hers that is married to a freelance writer. Due to the partner’s ability to work remotely, they will just tag along on their s/o’s process server adventures (at no cost to the clients, of course).

Furthermore, if you are a legal agent in Altus and you are in a serious, long term relationship – chances are you are still with your significant other for a reason. They have been with you long enough to know how your job works; giving them the chance to get used to it before it becomes a problem in your relationship.

The fact of the matter is that a career should never get in the middle of love; no matter what the career is, no matter what it pays, and no matter what any of the gory details are. Likewise, your partner should never demand that you choose between your career and your relationship. True love does not have ultimatums. In the end, it is more than possible for process servers to enjoy long term relationships; they just have to think outside of the box.

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