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Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties

Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties
Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties
Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties

As a process server, there might be times when the objective seems like more than just a friendly challenge. Running out of options does not happen often for Tinsley Keefe when working as a process server in Oklahoma City, but a few gems do stand out.

Once upon a time, Tinsley was desperately trying to serve some legal documents to a specific client, but with no luck. After days of chasing pavement, she finally devised the ultimate plan: a process server party. As crazy as it might sound, the party ended up being a huge success and is now a somewhat regular event.

The party was well-planned and completely diabolical. For starters, Tinsley Keefe – along with a dozen other process servers in Oklahoma – put their heads together to devise the ultimate scheme. Organizing the party started with renting a venue, hiring entertainment, advertising at every radio station and bulletin board possible, and then whispering rumors into the grapevine that would attract the targets to the event.

The key is learning to play both strengths and weaknesses; likes and dislikes. When you put a dozen process servers together with the intent of serving some legal documents, not only will the objective be met, but it will be met in a creative and impressive way.

After word of the cleverly disguised process server party got around to enough people, the real planning started. Tinsley and the rest of the OKC process servers plotted their intelligent means of serving their documents to their clients. After that, all they had to do was wait. On the night of the party, all of the attendees – the suspecting and unsuspecting alike – were enjoying themselves.

In the middle of the party, Tinsley summoned the rest of her process server sisters and brothers and announced the night’s main entertainment feature. The people being served could not hide, nor could they run or scheme their way out. Every single person was successfully delivered their papers at the first official process server party.

In response to the first process server party’s success, dozens of similar events have been popping up across Oklahoma City and neighboring areas. Tinsley Keefe offers advice to the process servers out there looking to organize their own process server party, starting with the necessity of kindness. Just because you are cunningly conspiring the serving of legal papers to an unsuspecting third party does not mean you need to be rude while doing it.

In fact, when Tinsley Keefe is hosting a process server party in OKC, she urges the clients to enjoy the party after the main objective is met. Most of the time, this invitation is respectfully (or not so respectfully) declined. It is the thought that counts, at least.

When it comes down to it, a process server party can make or break multiple cases all at once. In most occurrences, the party will be a huge success and you will be able to enjoy a night of fun while still doing your job.

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