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Tinsley Keefe Talks about the Misconceptions of Skiptracing

Tinsley Keefe Talks about the Misconceptions of Skiptracing

There have been some terrible movies made about skiptracing – and also some good ones. There have been even more movies made with similar plots related to skiptracing. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe pulls from her experience as a skiptracer in Oklahoma City, and instantly quenches all of the theories that have stemmed from those movies. Skiptracing does not take you on a fun adventure across the country, and it does not make you as badass as you think it does. The boring truth behind skiptracing is that most of the time, it is actually pretty easy. Sure you will get those adventures every once in a while, but most of the time it is tracking down a person and calling them. Sometimes you even get to show up at their house and knock on their door. Have a conversation.

When people are confronted with skiptracers, their last instinct is to run. They know why you are there. They know what you want. They might even have a million excuses, but they will not have that adventure you desperately want. Skiptracing does not make you rich either. While it has the very rare potential to make you a butt-load of cash, chances are it will make you a decent amount that will keep you warm and full. If you want to become a skiptracer, do so because the actual idea of tracking people down is intriguing. Dr. Tinsley Keefe knows from her time as a skiptracer in Oklahoma that you will track a lot of people simply by sitting at your desk and browsing the internet. For some people, that is all they want in life. Maybe you have an eerie ability to find someone’s location really quickly and that is why you want to become a skiptracer. That is fine. You will excel.

Do not become a skiptracer because you saw something in the media that portrayed skiptracing as a dangerous profession with a lot of action, mystery, and climax. You will be very disappointed. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe points out as a skiptracer in OKC that not all the rumors about skiptracers are good rumors. Some of them are misleading in the sense that a skiptracer is intimidating and mean. The people who do this job are just as human as you are, and they are doing their job just like everyone else. If you are on the other end of a skiptracer’s research, then chances are you deserve to be there. Be honest and upfront. Get it over with.

In the end, if you want to be a skiptracer because of what you have seen in movies then you are barking up the wrong tree. If you are afraid of skiptracers because of the stigma behind them, then you are misinformed. The best way to find more information on skiptracing is to do your own research and ask questions. Tinsley Keefe wants to remind that misconceptions can be avoided.

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