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Private investigations: a useful tool against domestic abuse

Domestic abuse continues to be a serious issue throughout most marriages, as one of the individuals in the relationship takes advantage of their unfair power dynamics. While women are prime targets of domestic abuse, men can also fall victim to this. However, men are less likely to report these acts of violence, mainly because of unrealistic standards of manliness in society.

And despite the severity of the issue, it also remains one of the most difficult accusations to prove in court. Since the parameters for domestic abuse have gone on to include things like financial, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, these can be especially difficult to prove. Since none of these issues leaves scars on the outside, the most that people can do at times is rely on other people’s testimonies.

These can usually be individuals who witnessed the abuse, including friends, therapists, family, or even neighbours. But these are still witnesses, and there is no definitive proof of this abuse. So in situations like these, a good private investigator can be instrumental in getting the evidence necessary to prove a case for domestic abuse in a court of law.

In Oklahoma, a private investigation agency thrives in collective evidence that would otherwise be difficult to gather or collect. They can use a variety of tactics to gather that information that would otherwise be impossible for most other individuals.

How a Private Detective Can Help With Domestic Abuse

Private investigators thrive on the ability to be able to find new ways to catch abusers in the act. The only quantifiable proof that an abuser acted would be audio or video recording or photographs. And using their crafty methods, investigators will be able to gather the evidence necessary to catch an abuser in the act.

Domestic abuse is a hard line to cross, and when someone does, the chances are that they will do it again. Ask any private investigator in OKC about this, and they will tell you the same thing. And you will have to be ready for the next time it happens so that it will be the last.

The worst part about serial abusers is turning the narrative against the victim. They could play the victim card themselves, even when they could be psychologically abusing them. Or they can make other people believe that the abuse is only a figment of their imagination. Even if the friends and family of the victim suspect something, the abuser can wriggle themselves out of their suspicions.

Therefore, it can be difficult to rely on friends or family to stand a victim of abuse since the abuser can also hold the ability to control the narrative. And the only way that you can shatter that false narrative is by getting quantifiable proof of the abuse. Something that, usually, only a private investigator can help.

Performing a Background Check

The first thing that the private investigator in Oklahoma City will do is a background check on the abuser. Abusers rarely ever start of the blue, and they usually have a history of hurting other people, one that they would prefer not to know.

Your PI from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma city will go through the abusers’ history of relationships to find other individuals to whom they might have done the same. Even if that individual is just a witness, they can be more valuable in a court of law as they had a unique experience with the abuser.

Furthermore, the Private investigator in Oklahoma City might also get lucky and find that the victim has evidence against the abuser. But since the victim was scared, they couldn’t use it in a viable place.

Creating a Timeline of Events

Even if the evidence is hard to find, causation can be a powerful tool against an abuser. A private investigator in Oklahoma will record pictures of the physical abuse along with the date and time. They can create a timeline of events showing how the abuser could have hurt the victim. Even if there is no evidence, the timeline can prove a link between both individuals meeting and the victim showing signs of going through a traumatic experience later.

Installing Hidden Cameras

Private investigators in OKC will never do something without the victim’s consent. So if they were to bug their house or install hidden cameras, it would only be with the victim’s permission. Hidden cameras can either catch the abuser in the act or show how they treat the victim. It can also help create a timeline to show that there has been a history of abusing their partner.

If Hidden cameras are too difficult to place, then the private investigation agency Oklahoma City will try to add secret audio devices.

Adding Tracking Devices to a Car

The house is not the only place where a victim may experience domestic abuse. They may even be abused in a car or where not many people can see. Bugging the vehicle will give the private detective a sightline into the abuser’s activities. Furthermore, a tracker can help track where the abuser has been and if they have been lying. Trackers can also be effective in finding out if the abuser is stalking the victim at any given moment.

Find the Right PI for the Job

If you’re looking for the right Domestic Abuse Private Investigator in Oklahoma to help you with your domestic abuse case, we might have the ones for you. Our private investigators in Oklahoma city have the skills necessary to find information about the abuser that will be effective in a court of law. Furthermore, as a private investigation agency in Oklahoma, we offer our expertise in various other fields of investigation, such as stalking and cheating.


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