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Unfaithful Spouse Private Investigations and Infidelity Private Investigations FAQs

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Whenever someone cheats in a relationship, it causes all sorts of chaos and entropy. Unfaithful spouses cheat for a variety of reasons, and cheaters often try to hide their infidelity from their spouses or significant others. Of course, when you hire the best unfaithful spouse private investigator to conduct private investigations, then you can help catch them in the act!

While the cost to hire them is not inexpensive, just think of what you stand to lose if you do not. Indeed, by choosing not to hire the best cheating spouse private investigator from our private investigation agency to conduct infidelity private investigations, you risk all the following harm:

He/ She conducts cheating spouse private investigations in Oklahoma. Clients hire them from our private detective agency to help them determine if their spouses are engaging in marital infidelity. They typically employ the following tactics when conducting unfaithful spouse investigations:

These are just some of the ways that you can hire the best detective to conduct unfaithful spouse investigations on your behalf. If you need one to assist you with such case, then please contact one from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City today for more information. 😊

When you hire one for your case, the first thing they will do is assess whether your spouse or significant other is displaying red-flag behaviors commonly associated with cheating and infidelity. Once they have helped you to assess this properly, then they will help form a plan of action to help catch the cheaters.

The plan of action to catch the cheaters may include surveillance, skip tracing, catfishing, running vehicles’ license plates, reviewing financial statements and receipts, possibly reviewing text messages and call logs, and much more. Rest assured that they will work diligently with you to formulate the best plan of action to catch cheaters cheating. 😉

As mentioned earlier, they have many ways to catch cheaters in their acts of infidelity. Our detectives often use surveillance, nationwide skip tracing, catfishing, license plate checks on vehicles, reviewing financial statements/receipts, running nationwide criminal background checks, and much more. If you need to find a cheating spouse private investigator to catch your cheating spouse, then contact us today for more information.

If you suspect you spouse or significant other of engaging in infidelity, then you should hire an infidelity private investigator to find the truth on your behalf. Even though it costs a good amount of money to hire one, just think of what it will cost you if you do not – which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Your Physical & Emotional Health/Stress/Worry
  • Your Sexual Health & Capabilities – Contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), Especially an Incurable or Deadly One!
  • Possibly Conceiving More Children With a Cheater Where Your Marriage Will Likely End in Divorce Sooner or Later
  • Your Financial Future – Home, Vehicles, Life Insurance Policies, Cash & Retirement Benefits

Is it worth skimping on the costs upfront to risk all the above by choosing not to hire the best agent? Can you really afford not to hire one?

Whenever the experts do not know the identity of a person your spouse or partner may be cheating with, then they can run their name and other information through our skip trace service.

Our skip tracing service can pull up so much information about almost anyone, from their address/email/phone history to criminal records, aliases, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and more. Nationwide skip tracing does just as it says and covers the entire nation, so you can rest assured your results are not limited to only one state or territory. Our skip trace service by a skip tracer, private investigator, or process server at our private detective agency can provide so much information and is very quick and cost-effective!

They can also run social media scans/deep Internet searches. These social media scans/deep Internet searches can also pull up any public posts the person of interest (POI) has made about others, as well as public posts that others may have made about the POI. Likewise, a social media scan/deep Internet search can also pull up any news stories about the POI. Why might this be helpful? Glad you asked! 😊

Social media scans and deep Internet searches completement the results from our skip tracer’s skip trace service, because both our nationwide skip tracing and social media scans/deep Internet searches provide different results that the other does not. Just imagine if someone had a criminal record expunged on her/his/their record, and this service did not show it. Perhaps the news stations did a story about it, and thus the criminal story may still be on the Internet. See how helpful that could be?

Also our professionals can also run the license plates of unknown POIs. By running a POI’s license plate, they can verify the identity of the vehicle’s owner and her/his/their registered home address. If our client still requires more information about the unknown person, then they can still run the nationwide skip trace and social media scan/deep Internet search.

Yes, they have many ways to help determine if your husband, wife, or non-binary partner is cheating. Indeed, they can use a variety of techniques to help uncover a cheater. Some of these tactics that they utilize when conducting cheating spouse investigations are as follows:


They often conduct surveillance as part of their cheating spouse investigations. Surveillance during inquiries by following the potentially cheating spouse, also known as the person of interest (POI), to see where she/he/they go(es), when she/he/they go(es) there, whom she/he/they is/are with, and what the POI does while there. Surveillance often includes photos and videos of the POI in action, taken discreetly by the experienced individuals.

One nice thing about surveillance is the hard proof that it can potentially provide. By obtaining photographs and videos during surveillance, they can help provide clients with irrefutable proof that they can take and show their spouses, judges, etc. that take all doubt away and deprive the cheater from any excuses.


Another helpful tactic that they use during unfaithful spouse investigations and cheating spouse investigations is the catfishing technique. Catfishing involves having one create fake sex and romance profiles to help locate the fake sex and romance profiles that the offending spouse/person of interest (POI) has likewise created to cheat with.

Each specialist then tailors each profile to match with a romance and/or sex mate that the POI would find attraction to. This helps increase the chances that the POI will match up with their fake sex and romance profiles, and if all goes well they will hopefully get the POI to send over some nudes and maybe even “meet up” with them for dating and sex.

The client will receive anything they discover from the catfishing. This includes any photos, videos, and other intelligence that they can uncover. Of course, this is not where their ability ends for investigations. Yes, there is still more detectives from our private investigation agency that can do to help catch cheaters.

Review of Financial Records, Bank Statements, & Receipts:

They can also review your spouse’s/partner’s bank statements, hotel receipts, and other financial records on your behalf, to help determine if anything suspicious is there that might indicate a cheating spouse. They are extremely adept at researching and reviewing these types of documents and stay extra alert to any irregularities they might contain.

Text Messages, Call Logs, License Plate Information, Etc.:

If you and your spouse share the same phone account and you are listed as am account manager, then you can hire the best official. In this instance, they can help obtain and review calls logs, text messages, and can even track down the identity of the callers/texters via nationwide skip tracing.

You may also hire the best one who can also run license plate checks on persons whose vehicles you do not recognize. Thus, if your spouse or partner is going to meet up with someone unknown or is having secret visitors over to her/his/their home while you are absent, you can hire a specialist to run their license plates and verify their identity.

There are so many things that our agents can assist you with via our cheating spouse investigations. If you suspect your spouse may be engaging in infidelity on you and your marriage, then please contact one of our cheating spouse private detectives in Oklahoma today for more information.

Yes, you may find an unfaithful spouse, or a private investigator from a private detective agency to find the truth. All our professionals have a ton of experience in dealing with these for our clients. Each one knows how to operate discreetly and effectively to help you catch cheaters.

Oklahoma is a community property state. Thus, any property and mutually known about debts accrued by the married couple are shared between the two. However, if one party files for divorce on the grounds on adultery, then if proven the adultery may factor into the amount of child support and spousal support the judge awards to the offended party.

Yes, when inappropriate texting and/or sexting occur in a committed relationship, then it is considered cheating. Infidelity does not have to be in person, nor is it limited to physical contact and sexual relations. Infidelity in a marriage or other committed relationship is whatever the couple defines it as. Most married couples would heartily agree that it includes inappropriate texting/sexting.

If a couple is married by common law marriage or with a marriage license and begins having sexual intercourse or other physical contact with another person in Oklahoma, then it is technically a felony for both the spouse who is cheating and the person she/he/they is/are cheating with. Though never enforced since the 1960s, filing on the grounds of adultery does not help with the distribution of property in community property states like Oklahoma, because both persons get 50% of the marital assets.

However, when it comes to awarding custody of children and alimony, filing on the grounds of infidelity can help sway a judge to award custody of the children and alimony to the non-offending party. Thus, if you suspect your spouse of cheating on you, it is imperative that you contact a cheating spouse private investigator from our private detective agency to conduct investigations right away.

When a couple gets divorced, each party is entitled to the following:

  1. Each party is entitled to ½ of the retirement benefits.
  2. Any gifts received by either party before or during the marriage that the receiving partner did not comingle with other assets shared by the other spouse.
  3. Rehabilitative spousal support with the purpose of helping the receiving spouse get a new start after the marriage.
  4. Any property received by either party before the marriage, provided the spouse who owns it did not comingle the assets with money and property owned by the other spouse/partner.
  5. Each spouse must fully disclose their assets to the other partner/spouse prior to the divorce, so that each party may make an informed decision as to the available assets.
  6. Both parties are entitled to continue their parenting relationship with any children from the marriage, as provided for in their child custody plan/order. This order may potentially include child support.
  7. Because Oklahoma is a community property state, both spouses will share the assets and debts equally. Tenants in common may receive disproportionate shares, and if one spouse went into debt without the other’s knowledge of it, then that spouse is not held liable for the accrued debts.

They have many techniques to conduct cheating spouse investigations. Our highly specialized detectives have many ways to conduct infidelity private investigations.

One of the most effective tactics is to conduct surveillance. Surveillance is when one or more of them follows a person of interest (POI) around to see where he/she/they is/are going, what he/she/they is/are doing, with whom, and when. If the POI goes out and gets together with a side lover, a prostitute, or someone she/he/they met on the Tinder dating app, then they should be able to take videos and photos of that activity during their cheating spouse investigations.

Once you hire one to conduct cheating spouse investigations vis-à-vis surveillance, they will also need to get the following information from you about your spouse/partner:

  1. Full Legal Name & Any Nicknames
  2. A Current Photograph
  3. A Current Photograph of Your Spouse’s/Partner’s Vehicle(s)
  4. The License Plate Number of Vehicle(s)
  5. Names and Addresses of Places Your Spouse/Partner Likes to Frequent
  6. The Work & Residential Addresses
  7. Work Schedule, if Known/if Any
  8. The Dates & Times You Want an Unfaithful Spouse Detective From Our Private Investigation Agency  to Conduct Cheating Spouse Investigations on Your Partner/Spouse Vis-à-vis Surveillance – The Best Times Are When She/He/They Think You Will Be Gone/Out of Town.
  9. Any Names, Photos, & Other Information About Anyone You Think Your Spouse/Partner May be Cheating With
  10. A Clear Written Explanation by You Outlining What You Want Our Agent to do & Why – Including Any Suspicions You May Have!

Another one of the many ways in which they can solve such cases is to engage in catfishing. No, this does not involve going to a pond or ocean and using a pole to try to catch a fish to eat. It does not involve cats, nor does it involve catching cats or the terrible act of eating a cat.

When you find an official, catfishing is certainly an option. Catfishing involves the creation of fake romance and sex profiles that most closely match the kind of romance/sex mate that the person of interest (POI) would find attractive. They then try to locate romance and dating profiles out there on the Internet that the POI has created.

Once they have located the POI’s romance and sex profiles on the Internet and different dating/sex apps, then they will try to obtain nude and other illicit photos from the POI and even see if she/he/they will meet up with them for sex and romance.

They are very good at secretly recording photographs and videos while catfishing POIs in person and snapping screenshots of their romance and sex profiles and photos they send them. These photos and videos, much like those obtained during surveillance, are powerfully damning evidence against the POI that our clients can use against them to break up, during divorces, etc.

Another way to catch a cheater is to get copies of their text messages that they send to others, as well as any receipts, bank statehttps://oklahomajudicialprocessservers.com/nationwide-skip-tracing-services-faqs/ments, and call logs. Our experts can help you to gather the needed information listed above by working with you, bankers, receipt apps, credit card companies, and by running skip trace services on the phone numbers and names associated with the text messages and phone calls.

The easiest way to catch to catch a cheater is through diligent surveillance to see where your spouse or partner goes, whom he/she/they is/are with, what she/he/they do(es), and what day and time he/she/they go(es) there. Our specialists are very adept at conducting discreet surveillance to obtain damning photos and videos of your spouse/partner engaging in infidelity.

One of the other relatively easy ways for a licensed private investigator is to try to “catfish” the person of interest (POI). Catfishing is an unfaithful spouse private investigation technique that does not really require surveillance, as much as it does social media skills. 😉

To catfish a potentially unfaithful spouse and get proof of cheating, they will try to create fake sex and dating profiles that would match the kind of “side dish” sex or romantic mate she/he/they would have the most attraction to. Then, they work hard to search out sex and romance profiles the POI may have made. They then try to lure the POI into meeting with us, send us nude pics, etc., to give full evidence that the POI is cheating on our client. 😉

When you hire the best cheating spouse detectives to conduct cheating spouse private investigations on your behalf, you can rest assured that you have been able to successfully locate the best professional to assist you. 😊 Please contact a professional today for more assistance with all your unfaithful spouse investigations. 😊

No, ever since 2019, even tracking a person’s vehicle is no longer legal. Instead, the State of Oklahoma considers it to be “stalking” of sorts. This makes it difficult for them to conduct infidelity private investigations. Indeed, they should get to use cell phone and car trackers during infidelity private investigations.

One thing that can help them is by having the client get her/his/their spouse to voluntarily share her/his/their location with her/him/them via an app like Find my iPhone or some other tracking app. Indeed, many spouses share their locations with one another all the time, so why not make good use of it and help them with your investigations? 😊

Cheating spouses can always sue for divorce under the grounds of adultery. Of course, Oklahoma is also a no-fault community property divorce state, so the State of Oklahoma divides up property 50-50 regardless of the reason for divorce. Having said that, a finding of infidelity in a marriage might sway a judge to award alimony to the offended spouse.

In terms of criminal acts, adultery in a marriage is also crime. No state in the USA has ever enforced such a statute since the 1960s or so, and it is unlikely that any state will succeed in such a felony charge against both the cheating spouse investigation and the individual(s) she/he/they cheated with. Oklahoma’s adultery statute reads as follows:

Crimes and Punishments. §21-871. Adultery defined – Who may institute prosecution. Adultery is the unlawful voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with one of the opposite sex; and when the crime is between persons, only one of whom is married, both are guilty of adultery.

It is better for many reasons for a married couple to not engage in marital infidelity. Cheating in a relationship can cause so much emotional stress, financial instability, incurable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), problems for children, arguing and havoc, and so much more. If you are reading this and are wondering whether to cheat on your spouse, please do not. ☹


Yes, if you as our client are on the same phone plan as your spouse and are an account manager for it, then they can show you how to retrieve text messages from your spouse’s cell phone via unfaithful spouse investigations. Likewise, if you are not listed as an account manager on your spouse’s cell phone, then it will be illegal for our detectives from our private detective agency to show you how to retrieve your spouse’s text messages via our investigations.

To prove cheating and infidelity, a professional must get some definite proof that cheating is taking place. While conducting it, our investigators have many ways to help show that one spouse or partner has been unfaithful.

One of the best and most used ways they do is to conduct surveillance. Surveillance is when our client chooses to hire the best detectives to follow the person of interest (POI) around and see where she/he/they go(es). They will then take pictures of the POI and anywhere they go, people they visit, and will mark the times and dates these interactions occur.

Surveillance can provide some of the best proof of cheating, because the videos and pictures do not lie. When our clients hire them, they can often get pictures and videos – the best possible proof! When our clients confront their cheating spouses with the hard, cold evidence and facts that they obtain, even the worst cheaters have great difficulty denying their bad deeds!

Another tactic they use is catfishing. Catfishing involves needing to hire the specialist to investigations in Oklahoma by creating fake profiles to try to get our client’s spouse/partner to meet up with our expert. By finding the sex and dating profiles the person of interest (POI) has created and, if possible, by getting the POI to meet with one of our investigators, there is plenty of hardcore proof of cheating and marital infidelity for our client to confront her/his/their spouse/partner with.

The methods and tactics we described above are just some of the many ways in which our cheating spouse private detectives can use to gather sufficient proof of cheating spouses. They have many ways to gather proof of infidelity during our cheating spouse investigations.

If you or someone you know needs to solve your case by a professional, then please contact a cheating spouse private detective at our private detective agency for more information. They will be more than happy to assist you. 😊

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