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Unsolved Homicides Later Become Unsolved Murder Private Investigations

Unsolved Murder Private Investigations

A Cold Case Homicide Private Investigator from a Private Investigation Agency Explains the Top Reasons Unsolved Homicides Later Become Unsolved Murder Private Investigations

A private investigator in OKC explains why unsolved homicides become unsolved murder cases. The reason for this is quite enormous. Homicides happen more frequently than we may like to admit. Sometimes, the law enforcement agencies like the Police fail to share data accurately. But, as a private detective from a private investigation agency in Bethany, Oklahoma City, shared, these are some of the reasons this occurs:

Faulty Data

The PI in El Rebo, Oklahoma, shares that one of the leading causes is terrible or faulty data. If our data quality is poor, the Police often have no statistics about how many unsolved murders turn into homicides. Hence, they have no idea that they need to sit up.

While researching, a private investigator in OKC from a private detective agency in Norman, OK, discovered that Police frequently fail to submit information on thousands of homicides. Without these data, it is hard to hold Police accountable for investigating these homicides. The under-reporting argument also needs to explain why patterns in so many different cities closely resemble the general trend in the country. Additionally, the private detective said that without the data, people have no idea of how they can do better.

Rights of Suspect

The Miranda case mandated that Police must inform suspects taken into custody about their right to maintain silence, and they can also have a counsel present during questioning. However, a private investigator in OKC says that adhering to the rights of suspects has led to unsolved homicide cases turning into unsolved murders.

The private investigator OKC from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma says that deterring confessions makes the job of the Police harder. This is because most suspects that would have given testimonies to get to the root of homicide cases choose to stay silent. This is because they know that the private investigator Oklahoma or the Police will not force them to speak up.

In every state or city worldwide, the Miranda warning is a requirement. However, a private investigator in OKC from a private investigation agency claims that this led suspects to walk out free because there was no proof.

High Rate of Crime

Another thing that has contributed significantly to unsolved homicide cases turning into unsolved murder cases is the high crime rate, and Homicide itself is a criminal act. During Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations, a private investigator in Oklahoma City said drug wars or crime have led to many unresolved cases.

Many believe that people in underprivileged, urban, and black neighborhoods are less inclined to help the Police. For example, if a homicide occurred in their area, a private investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma, says they will be reluctant to speak up. This is because they do not want an investigation into their other crimes, especially drug crimes.

Additionally, a private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma, found that some homicides were drug-related homicides. Sometimes, members of the gang killed each other. When this happens, the members who know what happens do not want to out their members.

No One Wants to Speak Up

Homicide cases turn into unsolved murder cases because no one wants to speak up. A private detective says that some witnesses are scared of coming out because they are frightened of what the murderer will do. This is usually in circumstances where the murderer is a gang member or knows the witness.

Also, a discovery by a private investigator from a private investigation agency OKC is that some witnesses lack faith in law enforcement agencies. People won’t come forward to testify if they don’t believe that the Police will genuinely put the perpetrators in jail. In addition, some witnesses know that they will endanger their lives, and their families will not want to speak up. So, if they are not sure that the law enforcement agencies will keep them safe, they do not wish to testify.

A private investigator in OKC from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City says the fear of revenge makes it more difficult to solve cases. This is usually because witnesses fear retaliation from the perpetrators of the murderer.

Actions We Can Take to Stop Unsolved Homicide from Becoming Unsolved Murders

The uncomfortable reality is that we don’t know exactly how we got here. Unsolved homicides becoming unsolved murder cases seem to be increasing instead of decreasing. Law enforcement agents like Police and private investigators from Norman, Oklahoma City, share some hints on how this can be combated:

Encouraging Persistence

The Police and private detectives in Bethany, Oklahoma, sometimes give up when they need leads. However, police work makes a difference. In homicide cases, besides a private investigator in OKC investigating well, luck also plays a part. They may luckily stumble on fingerprints, accidental but helpful evidence, or a bystander recognizes the perpetrator. Encouraging them to be persistent will reduce the chance of unsolved homicides turning into unsolved murders.

Encourage Law Enforcement Agents

Police officers spend more time extorting money from citizens and less time tackling significant crimes. This is the view that many people worldwide have, and it. It is another reason many say that the government should reduce police allocation. A PI in El Reno, Oklahoma City, says that this view is held when Police from cities receive income from diverse sources. It needs to be corrected when a more significant portion of their income is from issuing tickets and charging fines. Some even seize properties such as cars, automobiles, and homes.

So, to stop this from continuing, private investigation agencies in Norman, OKC says that law enforcement agents should be encouraged. They should have access to funds that will help them investigate homicide and murder cases well should be given to them. Additionally, statistics on the issues they have solved should be released so that they will be encouraged.

Final Thoughts

Though many reasons contribute to homicide cases turning into murder cases if it remains unsolved, there is still hope. All the law enforcement agents and private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma City, should learn to work together if we are to see a good change.

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