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What 5 Mistakes Should Notary Public Agents in Norman, Ok

5 Mistakes Should Notary Public Agents in Norman

When most people think about a notary public in Oklahoma, they assume the job must be easy. They’re probably thinking that all you have to do is sign some paperwork and get people on board with what needs signing- surely not too hard! The truth of the matter, though? That could not be possible further from reality than anything else…

It is a fact that the notary public in OKC’s job is far from easy. In fact, it can be quite stressful and difficult at times to do what some people perceive as just having “go through paperwork.”

The work public notaries in Oklahoma City do every day is mentally exhausting and requires them to carefully read through documents, ensuring they don’t make any mistakes that could result in lawsuits.

There are many rules and regulations to follow, as well as the need for proper licensing in order to perform this role effectively- which means taking courses on how best to handle responsibilities involved with being an official witness or messenger during legal transactions such as drafting wills and deeds; identifying templates used by attorneys (and other professionals) who work outside our office but still within their field – like tax returns and financial statements among others.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Notary Public from Oklahoma City

The most dangerous mistakes you must avoid when working as a notary public in Oklahoma are improper conduct and poor judgment when completing an official document such as one related with real estate transactions or loans, among others. You should always remain professional and exercise extreme care so your job duties won’t be jeopardized by these simple errors, which can result in an expensive fine.

1 – Not Asking for the Signer’s Personal Appearance

When a notary public from Oklahoma City gets called to document the signing of an agreement, they should know that personal appearance is necessary for each party. The signer must be present and can’t give any excuses as long as it’s only exceptional cases like when there are attorneys representing them or something similar happening with other parties, in which case this requirement may vary depending on circumstances but regardless, no matter what kind those exceptions might seem like – if someone doesn’t show up then legal trouble awaits.

2 – Not Checking the Certificate Properly

The most common reason for the rejection of notaries’ public in Oklahoma documents is misprints or certificate errors. Make sure that you check and recheck all information, including names correctly entered as well as a venue added to your words

The silly thing about this issue would be how important it can seem at first glance, but when taken lightly, these mistakes often have serious consequences.

You may check if your date is correct and in accordance with the law, but notary public agents in Oklahoma City need to ensure they’ve included all required information.

3 – Not Having Enough Evidence of Identity

The notary public in OKC must collect sufficient details backed by authentic evidence or identity documents from the signer before they can be enrolled to seal legal agreements. Therefore, the intake process includes requesting a copy of the current ID card, which will provide photo evidence as well as the description and original signature for verification purposes.

The notary public in Oklahoma must collect sufficient details backed by authentic evidence or identity documents from the signer before they can be enrolled to seal legal agreements.

4 – Not Stamping Properly

The notary’s seal should be placed symmetrically on the document so that no stamp covers any part of it. Otherwise, this will cause difficulties when submitting your documents to authorities for processing because they’ll think you’re trying to cover up what was written with fraud or forged evidence.

When the notary public in Oklahoma stamps or seals a document, they have to ensure that their seal does not cover any words which would make it illegible.

5 – Not Having an In-Date Notary Seal

If you’re a notary public in OKC and your stamp is expired, it’s probably best for the sake of convenience to get an updated one. You don’t want people going through transactions with someone who could potentially be breaking laws by using outdated seals.

As the notary public in Oklahoma stamp must show the commission expiration date, ensure that your seal is up-to-date before using it.

Some Other Factors to Avoid as a Notary Public in Oklahoma City

Besides the five mistakes mentioned above, you need to be mindful of the following mistakes as well when working as a notary public in Oklahoma City:

Not Knowing Your State’s Notary Laws

Each state has different laws regarding public notaries. It is your responsibility to know your state’s requirements to perform your duties correctly. You could be held liable for defects in the documents you are witnessing or if you fail to follow your state’s laws.

Failing to Keep Up-To-Date With Notary Changes

The laws regarding public notaries are constantly changing. In order to make sure you are always in compliance, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest changes. The best way to do this is periodically checking for updates on the National Notary Association’s website.

Signing a Document Without Reading It Thoroughly

As a notary public in OKC, one of your most important duties is to make sure that the person signing the document understands what they are signing. This means that you need to take the time to read the document thoroughly yourself before witnessing the signature. If you have any questions about the document, make sure to get clarification from either the signer or an attorney before proceeding.

Not Keeping Good Records

An endorser in Oklahoma City is required to keep records of all the documents they’ve notarized. These records should include the date of the notarization, the type of document, and the names of the parties involved. Keeping good records will help you keep track of your work and make it easier to spot any potential red flags.

Failing to Maintain Impartiality

As a notary public in Oklahoma, you must always remain impartial while performing your duties. This means avoiding any conflicts of interest, such as being related to or having a financial stake in either party involved in the transaction. If you cannot maintain impartiality, it’s best to excuse yourself from performing the notarization altogether.

Not Charging Enough

Notaries public in Oklahoma City are allowed to charge for their services according to their state’s laws. In most cases, this fee is around $10 per signature. Some states allow signatory in OKC to charge more for additional services, such as certifying copies of documents or taking fingerprints. Be sure to research your state’s laws beforehand so that you don’t end up undercharging or overcharging for your services.


Notary public in Oklahoma City are always on the lookout for mistakes they might make while performing their job. And since these errors can lead to either bad outcomes, such as getting into trouble or having your document rejected, notary publics in OKC must take care during this process so that none of them occur!

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