So many notaries public are only available Monday through Friday. We have to admit that these hours are sort of crappy. This is why Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has decided to make his notary public in Oklahoma services available 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas Day or the middle of the night. If you need something notarized, John is the guy to call.

Why did John Keefe II decide to leave his notary public open sign on all the time? Because he’s smart, that’s why. Dr. Keefe’s first concern is for the people of Oklahoma City. He understands that stuff happens, and sometimes you might need a document signed on the weekend versus a Monday. In many cases, people simply cannot wait until the following business day to have their paperwork notarized.
Think about it. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’ve just purchased a new vehicle from a friend. Before you can drive the new car off your friend’s property, you must have some documents notarized. A notary public in OKC should meet you at the location of your choice and help you get behind the wheel of your new car. That is exactly what Dr. John Keefe II does for you.

Dr. John Keefe II makes himself available at all times for public notary business. That includes weekends, late nights, early mornings, and holidays. John Patrick Keefe II will happily come to you, or you may come to him for services. For John Keefe II, it’s about making his clients happy. That is why many of Dr. Keefe’s clients are repeat customers.

Here is another scenario of a notary public in Oklahoma City going above and beyond the call of duty for his or her clients.: It’s Easter Sunday. You’ve been waiting months and months to close on your dream house. The people you are purchasing the home from have finally gotten all the paperwork together, and they said if you’re ready to sign, so are they. Yippee! call john

How in the hell will you ever find a notary public in Oklahoma City on Easter Sunday to help you get this paperwork signed? Typically, the answer would be “no one.” However, Dr. John Keefe II will come to your rescue and help you sign the documents that need signing, so you can spend the rest of your Easter coloring eggs in your new home.

You see, there are not many people who would step up to bat for you the way that Dr. John Patrick Keefe II would. Seeing his clients happy is paramount to him. You are not just a number to John Keefe II but a friend. Doing business with this outstanding notary public in Oklahoma City will leave you feeling confident and at ease. You’ll always be left thinking about the day John Keefe II helped make your dreams come true with his mad notary skills.

That is how all notaries public should handle their business, but for the ones who don’t John Keefe II will be ready and willing to take their clients.

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  1. We need a notary to come out to my brothers house as he has cancer and can not travel my phone number is 623/738/9217 could you call me

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