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Spot Fraudulent Mobile Notaries in OK: A Guide by OKC Expert

Spot Fraudulent Mobile Notaries in OK: A Guide by OKC Expert

Hello, people, and Welcome back to OKC Private Investigations & Process Server in Oklahoma. I’m Makayla and today, we want you to be informed. A notary public in OKC will share how you can locate and report a fraudulent mobile notary in Oklahoma. To get this information, do not touch the dial and keep on watching. Don’t forget that, for the best legal services in Oklahoma, call us at (405) 435-8355 and you will be glad you did.”

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Introduction to the case

There are so many fraudulent mobile notaries in Oklahoma City and their actions can lead to physical, financial, and legal harm to their unsuspecting victims. So, as a resident of Edmond, Oklahoma you need to know how you can locate and report these fraudulent mobile notaries. There are so many red flags that can tip you off when a Notary Public is fraudulent. The notary public in Yukon Oklahoma may be uncooperative, dismissive, evasive regarding their qualifications, pushy so that you will be forced into signing a document, uncommunicative for days on end without any credible justification, make false or misleading claims about their services or qualifications. When you notice any of these red flags, do not just brush them under the rug. Rather, create the time to look into it and the notary public in Altus, OK. What are the steps to locate and report them?”

Verify the Notary’s Commission

If someone claims to be a notary public official in Broken Arrow, OK you should visit the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website, go through their database, and search for the notary public official. If their name is not available it shows that the notary public official posing before you is a fraud because, in this database, you can see every notary public that has been commissioned in Oklahoma City. if you see the name of the notary public confirm to see if they are active, have been suspended or not, and the type of notarization they are authorized to perform. Ensure that the data this notary public in Midwest City, OK gave you is correct like their commission, name, and address.

Check for Complaints

Another way you can go about checking if a notary public in Piedmont, Oklahoma is fraudulent or not is by checking the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit or the Oklahoma Bar Association to see if any complaints have been filed against the notary public. Checking for complaints helps you know the reputation the notary public has. When a complaint has been made against any notary public in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma it is usually lodged in the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit so you can visit their website or call them at 405-521-2029 to confirm complaints that have been filed.  If you also visit the Oklahoma Bar Association website you can find out about complaints or disciplinary actions that were made against the notary public in Bixby, Oklahoma. You must not gloss over this process because you can find out professional issues this notary public has, disciplinary actions they have faced, and how they have operated. So, if you are considering hiring them, you will know if they will pose issues for you or if they will carry out their duties professionally and to the best of their ability.

Research Online

Research online for reviews and feedback about the services of the notary public. You can find out red flags and the reputation of the notary. To get started on your research, look at reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and even  Better Business Bureau (BBB). There are some notary public officials in Bethany, Oklahoma who have fake feedback and reviews about their notary services online. So, when researching about this notary public online you should look out for inconsistent information, multiple reviews with similar wordings, and poor grammar. If they also have so many negative reviews, low ratings, or no reviews at all these may be red flags. Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, and Scam Advisor are some complaints websites online that you can search to find out more about a notary public.

Check Their Credentials

Another method you can use in locating a fraudulent notary public in Del City, Oklahoma is their credentials. When a notary public is evasive when you bring up questions regarding their credentials, it is a red flag that you should take seriously. A notary public in Nichols Hills, OK is expected to have certifications like “Notary Signing Agent” or “Certified Notary Public”. They should also have proven tha they completed any notary training or education before they could practice.  Although there are newbies in the notary public industry, they should still have some level of experience in the industry like knowing the types of documents that can be notarized and what goes on in the practice. As part of checking their credentials, a notary public in Guthrie, Oklahoma should be a member of professional organizations like the National Notary Association or the Oklahoma Notary Association. If they claim not to have a website or social media presence, they should at least be available in online directories. Taking the time to check their credentials is an important process if you want to determine if they are trustworthy or not.

Report Suspicious Activity

After following the previous steps stated and you find out that the notary public visiting you is fraudulent you should head to the consumer protection unit of Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office so that they can look into it. Oklahoma Secretary of State also has a notary public section that you can make your reports to. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), and local enforcement agencies to complain. When you are reporting this notary public at any of these places ensure that you provide full documentation. Do not forget to clearly state the notary public’s name, contact information, description of what happened, dates and locations of these incidents, documents, and evidence if you have them.”


There you have it, the ways that you can locate and report fraudulent mobile notaries. Following these steps is important if you want to do the right thing, and that is ensuring that Oklahoma City is as safe. Remember to be vigilant at all times. Do not also neglect to let other people know how they can spot a fraudulent mobile notary official. This ensures that everyone is on the lookout and everyone can remain safe. At OKC Private Investigations & Process Server in Oklahoma, we see the Importance of getting the best private investigation services and legal services you can get. So, for more insights or our services, visit us at you can email us at Like, share, and subscribe for more content.

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