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Dr. Tinsley Keefe Shares on How to Make Friends with Other Notary Publics

Dr. Tinsley Keefe Shares on How to Make Friends with Other Notary Publics

As silly as it sounds, having friends that are notary publics is beneficial in several ways. First of all, they will understand when you need to cancel due to job-related reasons. When she first started out as a notary public in Oklahoma City, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe did not have many notary public friends, if any. She realized very quickly how frustrating it could be trying to explain to her other friends why she did not show up to 4 out of 5 get-togethers. Eventually, Tinsley realized making friends with other notaries was easier than originally depicted. The key is keeping their friendship, as notary publics are like you: they get frustrated easily.

Luckily, Tinsley Keefe has picked up a few tips of the trade while working as notary public in Oklahoma and she is nice enough to share those tips with us. The first thing you need to remember when befriending other notary publics is the obvious: they are run on time as much as you are. If they cancel a lunch date or a night out for any reason – not just work related – you need to understand. You get bonus points if you tell them you are available for help if need be. By being aware of their busy schedule and understanding when they bail, you will most likely get the same treatment in return. Most notary publics have families or other responsibilities that can creep up, and due to their job it can be difficult to fit those unexpected tasks in.

Another benefit of making friends with other notary publics is the convenience that sometimes comes with it. Notary publics can refer clients to other notary publics, and they can also switch appointments if it comes down to it. Dr. Tinsley Keefe knows from her experience as a notary public in OKC that what goes around comes around, and if you do not offer your assistance then they will not offer theirs. You cannot expect your notary public friend to cover one of your appointments if you will not return the favor. This leads to the next tip that Tinsley Keefe has to offer . . . returning the favor. There will be times when you are out meeting with a client and you have forgotten something important – a pen, a certain document, anything – and one of your notary public friends will be willing to fetch it for you because they can relate.

Having experienced this notion as a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows that this action is favored and respected amongst notary publics. Much like what was mentioned above, you must remember that what goes around comes around. If a notary public does you a favor, try to return it. If you follow these tips from Tinsley Keefe, you are sure to make many notary public friends and reap the benefits of having them as friends. Just remember that friendship is not one-sided: share the benefits with everyone.

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