While your sense of humor might seem unimportant as a notary public, that is simply not the case. Some notary publics try too hard to have a sense of humor and end up scaring their clients away. Some just make clients feel really awkward. Other times, a notary public might use an offensive joke without realizing it.

Tinsley Keefe has witnessed a number of bad jokes that should have never left the lips of the deliverer, including ones told by fellow notary publics in Oklahoma City. Although Tinsley has been in similar situations in the past, she is now very successful when it comes to the perfect sense of humor while working as a notary public. Luckily, Tinsley is very generous in her knowledge and willingly shares it with us.

First and foremost, it is important to know that corny jokes are okay. Some people think corny jokes are stupid – because they are – but nobody will get outright angry at a harmless corny joke. On the flip side, dirty jokes and offensive jokes are out of the question. Even if the joke is just a little bit dark, you never want to test the waters.

Tinsley Keefe has told thousands of corny jokes while working as a notary public in Oklahoma, but she has managed to refrain from saying something unforgivably offensive. It is not a challenge to steer clear of humor danger; you simply need to think about the joke for a minute before saying it out loud. If you have any doubt in your mind on whether or not it is appropriate, then it is not appropriate. It is that simple.

The second piece of advice that Tinsley offers is easier said than done. If you want your clients to adore you, try laughing at every single joke they tell – even the terrible ones. Do not stress if your fake laugh is obvious; Tinsley Keefe has been in the same situation during her time as a process server in OKC. The trick is to find humor in the person’s attempt; not in the joke itself.

If you can find amusement at the innocence or cheesiness of another person, it will benefit both you and the person you are finding amusement in. Tinsley urges you to not mistake friendly laughter at a spoken joke as ridiculing laughter at a person’s “stupidity”. Do not be rude.

This leads to Tinsley’s last offering of advice: when it doubt, laugh it out. Maybe that is also cheesy, but it is true. When it comes down to it, awkward situations are plentiful and come more often than not. The easiest way to relieve the tension in one of those situations is by cracking a joke or finding humor.

If you always provide a light atmosphere, people will be more likely to return and recommend you to other. Although, Tinsley does urge on avoiding arrogance, as that can offset all good accomplished in an ideal sense of humor.