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How to avoid becoming a victim of apartment thieves?

avoid becoming a victim

To secure your real estate, it is not enough to install the bars on the windows and lock the doors on a tricky lock. This will delay the robbers, but not for long. In 70% of cases, thieves enter the apartment through the windows, in 20% they break open the front doors, and in 10% they pick up the master keys for the locks.

In this regard, the most effective way will be to install a professional security system – alarms. Modern devices are a complex set of various sensors, alarm control devices, panic buttons, and other devices.

Alarm Functionality

The modern security complex allows you to perform a variety of tasks. Including, fix the leakage of gas, water, smoke. In case of unauthorized penetration of outsiders to the facility, an alarm is immediately transmitted to the central console, and the quick response team quickly leaves for the scene.

What is included in the complex?

The basic alarm kit includes the following devices:

  • Security device
  • Door/window opening sensors,
  • motion sensors,
  • Keyboard
  • Wireless panic button.

There is also an impressive range of optional equipment. For example, you can order the installation of a siren and siren, intercom, surveillance cameras.

Sensors monitor various parameters. The main ones are motion detectors and the opening of a window/door. For example, if you live on the first or last floor, you definitely cannot do without a window sensor. As soon as an attacker tries to get inside the room, the device will instantly transmit a signal to the central console. This complex can be expanded by installing protection against water leakage, fire.

Types of alarm

There are wireless and wired security systems. Each of them has its pros and cons. Employees of the Security Holding company will tell you which type is suitable in your particular case.

For example, for an apartment/house where repairs have already been completed, it is advisable to use a wireless alarm. This will save you from having to ditch the walls.

Alarm is an essential attribute for those who worry about their own safety and the safety of their personal property. In economic terms, it is fully justified. Entrust this task to professionals and sleep peacefully.

The company “Oklahoma Judicial Process Server” specializes in providing security services of a wide range in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, including those related to the protection of real estate from unauthorized entry. We and our security partners provide protection for more than 30 thousand objects throughout Oklahoma. We work with private clients and business. We have our own quick response teams, which include experienced and highly qualified employees. Most of them have a long history of service in the ranks of law enforcement, military and security agencies in Oklahoma and can prevent or eliminate an emergency situation of any complexity.

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