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Is Gambling a Safe Hobby? Tinsley Keefe Discusses

Is Gambling a Safe Hobby Tinsley Keefe Discusses

One of the most common ways to fall into debt is by spending money you do not have. As a skip tracer in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has witnessed exactly what spending too much money can do to a person. A popular reason behind debt is gambling. When a person suffers from a gambling addiction, they often put forward money that they do not have – or products/accommodations they cannot afford to give away. Some people have even gambled away things as important as their houses – their kids – or their most prized possessions. This is why there is a very thick stigma behind gambling in society. Many people will argue on whether or not it is possible to simply gamble as a hobby.

Is Gambling a Safe Hobby Tinsley Keefe DiscussesTinsley Keefe stresses the biggest thing, front and clear: gambling should never become a hobby. Instead, gambling should be something to do on a special occasion. During her time operating as a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley has dealt with her fair share of gambling addicts. The thing to remember is that it almost always starts as a “hobby”. In the beginning, you might find yourself only doing it a few times a month. That can soon change to a few times a week, and then a few times a day. Before you know it, you are losing more than you are gaining. And then eventually, it spins out of your control and you have a skip tracer knocking at your door.

However, that also does not mean that gambling should be 100% avoided. In fact, gambling is a great thing to reward with. For example, some people will go to a casino and gamble on holidays as a yearly tradition. Other people will go on vacations to places like Las Vegas; giving themselves the opportunity to gamble in a comfortable and exciting setting. When done in moderation, gambling is extremely fun. And who knows? You could end up with more money than you walked in with. Even if you do not however, that is the Brightside of gambling in moderation. In addition to gambling in moderation, OKC Skip Tracer Tinsley Keefe also suggests several tips when it comes to gambling.

For starters, you should give yourself a set amount of gambling money. Do not go over your limit. In fact, leave all debit cards and credit cards locked up somewhere safe and only bring the amount of cash you are letting yourself spend. Another tip is setting a goal – will you stop gambling if you are ahead by 50 – maybe 100? Tinsley stresses the importance of knowing when to quit. Just think: you go in with 100 dollars to gamble with. You are losing at first, but suddenly you have a string of luck. You get up to 200 bucks, and then 300. You decide to keep going. Suddenly, you are back down to 100 – and then 50. Soon you are leaving the casino with no money . . . when you could have been leaving 200 bucks richer.

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