It turns out that the police is one of the most important civil authorities of our society. Therefore, among law enforcement officers there are both decent and professional employees, and those who got into the structure by chance or in order to realize their painful ambitions. The Oklahoma Judicial Process Server in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma often provides legal and consulting assistance to victims of police actions, so it’s time to publish a brief instruction on how to protect yourself from arbitrariness.

If the police violated your rights, then do not assume that complaining about them is useless. After the reform, law enforcement agencies, although they did not lose all of their shortcomings, began to respond more effectively to complaints and criticism. You can describe your claim in a statement and leave it at a police station whose officer acted illegally. An experienced lawyer of our Oklahoma Judicial Process Server will help you draw up such paper in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

It should be noted right away that you can also file a complaint by phone, simply by calling 102 and telling the dispatcher your problem. But if the violation is serious, for example, beatings, illegal detention or threats, then you can’t get by with a call and you need to write a statement to the prosecutor’s office.

Many are sure that their statement will fall “in the long box” and there will be no sense from it. To prevent this from happening, you need to know the terms for considering such appeals. The law of Oklahoma takes many days to do this, but in some cases the term can be extended to 30 days. If necessary, our professional lawyer, whose services are available, will consult and tell you about the nuances associated with such complaints.

police activity

In our country, the “Law on Police” is in force, which states that any appeals to law enforcement officers, if they relate to violations of freedoms and human rights, must be accepted on any day, including on weekends or holidays, and even after the end of the working day. If they try to get rid of you, referring to after hours or employment, then your rights are again violated and the police should be reminded of this.

Our qualified lawyer, the price of which is always available in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is an assistant to ensure that your complaint does not end up in the trash and will be examined and appropriate action will be taken on the facts indicated therein.