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Why Process Servers in Ok Make Cat a Preferable Pet Over Dogs

Cat a Preferable Pet

Do you want to know why some process servers in OKC prefer keeping cats as pets rather than dogs? Well, it’s a more generalized question that doesn’t only relate to the process server in OKC but other people in various regions as well. What’re the main reasons that convince process servers in Oklahoma to keep felines as pets and not dogs? Is it all about the behavior? Are cats low-maintenance? We will help you answer most of the questions in this post. Taming a cat is very different from taming a dog, although the animals appear to be highly common among homeowners and process servers in OKC.

Several behavioral aspects, cleaning requirements, feeding needs, and other reasons make a cat a preferable pet over dogs for process servers in OKC. Here’s what you must know about it.

Why Some OKC Process Servers Pet Cats More Than Dogs?

In this section, we will take a look at some of the main reasons why cats make better pets for process servers in OKC than dogs. So, let’s begin!

Cat’s Are Space-Efficient

Have you ever shared the bed with a dog such as a Golden Retriever or a Rottweiler? Even the tiny dogs take up a lot of space and make it extremely uncomfortable for the owner to sleep with comfy space on their beds. Dogs are genetically bigger (most of the time) and therefore take up more space than a cat.

Process servers in OKC prefer petting cats more than dogs because cats don’t take up as much space. Generally speaking, dogs require a solid amount of space, whereas cats can fit in easily, granted they’re comfortable with the space even it is smaller than a dog’s.

Cats Don’t Need Long Outdoor Walks

Virtually speaking, dogs can’t spend their whole lives living indoors. While that’s also true for cats, the impression cats give off is that they don’t require as much outdoor and playtime as a dog. Dogs require constant exercise stretching space, and why not mention their need to go on long walks with their owner? While all this can be extremely adorable and healthy for a dog, it can be extremely tiring for someone like a process server in OKC who has to complete errands day-round.

If you don’t have a nearby park, yard, or enough playing space, holding a healthy dog is a challenging task. On the other hand, you may notice how cats can spend hours staring at the window or just curling up on the window. All they require is peace to have healthy lifestyles.

Cats Aren’t Noisy

Do you want to know another reason why many process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, and Ardmore, Oklahoma, love keeping cats? Well, cats don’t usually make a lot of sounds. In simple words, cats are “purrrfect” for a quiet indoor lifestyle. Unlike dogs, cats don’t usually bark and yell a lot using their heavy voice boxes. Cats love cuddles, and they usually curl up against the owner if they want to interact, demand, or ask for something.

Besides, a “meow” isn’t as loud as a tiny dog’s bark. Plus, how many times have you not seen a dog not bark or make a sound at another passerby or animal, even if it’s from inside the house? Considering that, cats make wonderful pets for process servers in OKC!

Cats Are Almost Independent

Do you know that many times, cats are independent? It’s wonderful news for those who would love to have an animal companion but can’t bother taking too much care due to their jobs and responsibilities. Kittens indeed require much time, attention, and care, much like puppies. It can even make a process server in Enid, Oklahoma, or any other region sleep-deprived due to the care and training that goes into keeping a kitten or a pup.

However, as they grow up, kittens get more comfortable and independent at creating habits. On the other hand, when you have a dog, you have to invest more time and attention in training them. Dogs require ongoing training. Conversely, with kittens and cats, you can leave them unsupervised roaming around the house once they learn the basics, including how and when to use the kitty litter.

Cats Keep the House Pest-Free

Do you know that cats are natural-born hunters? It’s a fact, and one that makes most Moore process servers keep cats as pets. It’s advisable to keep your cat from ingesting any bugs or mice. However, it’s in their DNA to stalk and pounce on their prey whenever they get a chance. They may even pounce at the television, assuming that a certain bug or mouse enters its territory. The best part is that cats give off a feline odor where they live.

The odor isn’t noticeable, but rodents and mice can easily pick the scent. So, in simple words, your house can remain rodent-free as long as there is a healthy and active cat living inside.

The Conclusion

Are you trying to get a process server to work with you? Are you worried that a process server from OKC might not cooperate with your cat unless they already have one of their own? A few process servers in OKC love petting a cat and already have one or more as pets at home. Working side by side with a process server in Oklahoma City that has cats as pets can be extremely easy for you. You won’t have to experience the hassles of keeping your pet away and restricted when dealing with the process server. Plus, a process server like that will know how to handle and move around a cat.

You can hire the best process servers in Oklahoma at Oklahoma Judicial Process Server (OJPS). Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing offer a diverse range of services that you can benefit from.

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