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How Process Servers Deal With the Challenges that Come With Their Job

Process servers are a vital part of the justice system, seeing how they are the ones that deal the necessary documents to various parties. But not only do they deliver the documents, they are also responsible for tracking down the recipient and delivering it by hand. OKC process servers would enjoy the luxury of simply delivering the document through the mail or through a simple email.

However, process servers in Oklahoma City need to make sure that the right person is able to receive the notice. If the right party does not get the notice in time, or at all, there can be no legal action against them. And despite performing a very important task, process servers in Oklahoma have to deal with a lot of challenges when going about their job.

The Challenges That Process Servers Face

Process serving is no easy task. Process servers in Oklahoma City not only have to locate the individual who need to receive the court notice, but they are also responsible for the delivery. And even though it may seem like a very simple process, it can get very difficult at times.

Some individuals might live in more remote areas, or some have moved to new houses without updating their information. There have also been cases where individuals can move to different states, so the process server in OKC now has to track them down and deliver it to them at any cost.

Locating someone can sometimes be as easy as looking for the individual on social media. They will usually have their address available on their professional profiles on websites like LinkedIn. But if they move out of that address or forget to update it, the process server in Oklahoma will have to track down the new address quickly.

Physical Assault

If finding the home was not difficult enough, deliveries for process servers in Oklahoma City can be dangerous as well. There have been numerous cases where process servers brought notices to a recipient, only to be met with violence. Either people would assault them upon hearing where they were from or they would see the document and lash out at the nearest person, who was usually the process server.

Process servers rarely ever bring good news to a recipient, who is usually being called to court for a lawsuit. But despite what the recipient is feeling, that is certainly no way to treat a process server. Incidents have occurred where process servers in Oklahoma City have been doused with pepper spray for bringing an individual’s notice. And even though it is very unethical, many servers have started to mentally and physically prepared themselves for an angry recipient.

No Payment until Completed Delivery

Process servers in OKC state their price for a specific delivery before they start working on it. Therefore, the city where they are delivering, the attempts made to deliver the document, and the service they requested are all factors that will dictate the price that they charge for their services.

Other factors that could change the price of the delivery include attempted service, routine service, court filing, multiple parties that need delivery, and same day delivering.  All of these factors can greatly influence the money that the process server receives for their services.

While they do certainly make enough to compensate them for their troubles at the time, they only receive payment for their services once they deliver the notice and return with the individual’s sign. Only when they meet this very specific criteria will they be able to get the money that they deserve.

So if a process server in Oklahoma City is unable to see the job through, they might only get a reaction of what they would have gotten, or get nothing at all. It can be very heartbreaking for them to spend so much time trying to deliver a document to someone, only to not give the document because of factors out of their control.

Dealing with Complicated Laws

One of the first major issues that come with process serving come in the form of dealing with complicated laws. Each state has specific laws surrounding practice serving, as process servers have to walk around their laws to do their job. If the recipient is in a different state, then the legal agent in Oklahoma will have to approach the individual with the state’s laws in mind.

Some states will also require a process server to have a GPS tracker on them or first fill in affidavits before starting their search. All of these steps further complicate their process and needlessly makes it more difficult to find the individual.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the process server and the sheriff to be at odds during a search, as the sheriff might restrict the individual’s access to certain places. so not only does the process server have to deal with the different state laws as well, but they might face some resistance from the local police.

Tackling These Issues

When it comes to solving these issues, states have put laws into place to help process servers in El Reno, OK. In some states, attacking the process server is a felony and can result in jail time. Furthermore, process servers are also working with law enforcement to ensure their safety when on the job.

As for the issues that come with payment, most process servers charge for the different services. So skip tracing will usually charge a client upfront, but payment for the delivery will happen later.

So if you are looking for process servers who can better deal with this job, and can also be efficient with their deliveries, then Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has what you need. Our process servers in Oklahoma City have the experience and expertise necessary to make the delivery without any issues. And when the time is right, they will be sure to find the recipient and easily deliver the notice to them.

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