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Serving Papers In Prison

There are many reasons why someone might be served papers even when they are serving jail time. The person could be served divorce papers from their partner or may be served papers from a civil case. Thus, the question arises, who delivers the papers to them? They may not even have a lawyer through which the papers might go through, and of course the one who has ordered the papers would not want to be endangered by going to a prison. The solution to this would be to get a process server to serve the papers to the person in prison. Here are all the processes involved when a process server from Oklahoma City serves papers to someone in prison.

Visiting Application

Any visitor needs to fill out a visiting application or a ‘visitor request form,’ in order to be approved for visitation. The application is mailed along with photo ID to the relevant facility. Background checks take a long time, hence the process server from Oklahoma needs to state their reason for the visit and have to ensure they have a clean background. The process server will need to take along their approved application and identification in order to get through the security.

Access to the Inmate at an Appropriate Time

The inmates have many duties even while they are in prison, such as going to work duty, attending addiction programs, attending classes or going to counseling sessions and more. Thus, the process server from OKC will have to go during the set visitation hours in order to serve the papers. An experienced legal agent will know what the most opportune time to go is, so the inmate is not expecting papers and is also available to be served.

Following Dress Codes

The process server should be careful to follow the required dress code of the institution. In Oklahoma, visitors have to be dressed conservatively and should not wear shirts with offensive images or language on it. They also cannot wear attire similar to the inmates’ uniform, so that they are easily distinguishable.

Things They Are Allowed To Bring

Electronics including cell phones, recorders and cameras are strictly forbidden, even for process servers. And of course no weapons or tobacco related products are allowed either.

It is difficult to serve papers in a prison due to the various processes that visitors have to go through in order to do so. A professional legal agent in Moore may be adept in serving papers in prison, and can do so effectively and efficiently.

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