“Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Examines What Skip Tracing is and Why it’s Important”

Skip Trace Services

Skip Trace ServicesSometimes people that a process server in OKC is trying hard to locate are super slippery and evasive. A client is demanding immediate results, and time for proper service of court papers is simply running out. Whatever is a process server in Oklahoma City to do? Dr. John Patrick Keefe II contends that this is where skip tracing through an effective skip tracing service can often have plausible results.

According to John Keefe II, a skip trace is where a private investigator in Oklahoma City or a process server in Oklahoma takes pertinent information about individual such as the following . . .

  • Full Legal Name
  • Social Security Number or Last Four Digits
  • Date of Birth or Year of Birth
  • Previous Residential Address of the Person
  • Previous City & State
  • Person’s Email Address
  • Phone Number of the Person
  • Known Websites for the Individual

. . . and runs the information through a special database that is not open to the general public. While it is true that many websites now offer a wide variety of public records online, usually only licensed private investigators, process servers, bail bondsmen, etc., can get access to such sensitive information as social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. Also, people working in these professional fields also tend to get more reliable results for the other information that some sites make available, such as phone numbers and mailing addresses.

According to Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, the type of information usually available online to the general public via paid public records searches can often include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Personal Address History
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Neighbors
  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • Criminal History
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil Cases & Filings
  • Professional Licenses
  • Much, Much More!

Skip traces by a private investigator in OKC, such as those at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, can often yield helpful and insightful results for both process serving cases and for many matters involving private investigations. However, Dr. John Patrick Keefe is quick to point out that skip tracing cannot be done by professionals for just any reason. Instead, in order for a skip trace in Oklahoma to be performed, there has to be a legally verifiable reason such as a court case. If a private investigator in Oklahoma does it for some other reason, then he or she can get into serious trouble.

With all of the skip tracing services out there, which ones are reputable and which ones are complete junk? Well, John Patrick Keefe II recommends www.TLO.com as one of the better and more reputable skip tracing services, but Dr. John Keefe II of Oklahoma also notes that only licensed private investigators, bail bondsmen, etc., can fully utilize the site that TLO offers. Lexus Nexis is also another praiseworthy site for a process server in OKC or a private investigator in Oklahoma City that needs some good information for legal purposes.

Whatever the legal need, skip tracing services by a licensed private investigator or process server can be an invaluable source for legal professionals all over the world. “Time is money and money is time, and when you need to find someone in a hurry time cannot often wait,” asserts Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. Contact Dr. John Keefe II and the other skip tracing professionals at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers today at (405) 593-3515 for all of your skip tracing needs in Oklahoma!

Stay Safe: Tips for Hassle-Free Process Serving

Process Server

Process ServerProcess serving is no joke. This line of work can be extremely rewarding, but also very dangerous. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a process server in Oklahoma City, has run into his fair share of bumps in the road of serving court documents. If you aren’t always alert and on your toes, you can run into some unsavory situations. This article is going to help you forgo all of that nonsense.

Serve When the Recipient is by Themselves

Let’s face it; people aren’t being served with papers that contain good news. In situations like these, some individuals can become enraged when served. When a spouse or other friends and family members are present, this can exacerbate the emotions of anger, tenfold. An example of a process serve gone wrong is the case of the 2008 death of Steve Allen. The recipient was served divorce papers when his wife and children were present. This caused the recipient to attack Allen, taking his life as well as attacking his family. Try serving the documents in a place where an incident is less likely to occur such as the place of employment.

Have an Exit Plan in Place

Never go into a building, domicile, or area to serve court papers without first knowing the way out. If you go into an office building or business, you will have better make damn sure your path to the door or emergency exit is clear, available, and easily accessible in the event you are confronted by an angry recipient. It’s a good idea to know where the exits are before approaching any house. Never park in a driveway or alley where your car can be boxed in by the recipient’s vehicle.

Listen to Your Gut

Your instincts can go a long way in keeping you safe, especially if they are telling you that you’re about to head into a bad situation. Let your gut be your guide to prevent walking into an ugly, chaotic problem. If you are about to enter a place that makes you pause before you go in, turn around, and leave. Take it as a sign that you are not supposed to be there at that time. If you absolutely must go in, make sure your cell phone is on your person with 911 on the dial screen. Never, ever turn your back on someone that you have just served. If you are serving a restraining order or other emotionally charged document, do not be embarrassed to ask law enforcement to come with you.

Process ServerKeep an Eye Out for Dogs

Every day, people are bitten by dogs. Don’t be one of these people. If you spot a “Beware the Dog,” sign, adhere to it. Always look for other less obvious clues that a dog is on the premises should there not be a sign. These can include a barking dog, toys, a dog house, and a leash.

Be Polite, Professional, and Respectful

Chances are, if you’re nice to them, they’re going to be nice to you. Do not act high and mighty or rude when serving people with papers. Carry your identification, introduce yourself, and remind those that you serve that you are simply the messenger, and you’re just doing your job.

You Always Need to be on Your Toes: A Public Notary’s Worst Nightmare

Notary Public OKC

Notary Public OKCAs a public notary, especially one who is mobile, you always need to be aware of your surroundings, know how to handle yourself, and how to diffuse a chaotic situation. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a public notary in OKC, cannot stress enough the importance of learning and practicing ways to keep yourself safe during a signing. You never know what types of situations you can run into. The following story details a nightmare situation for one female public notary.

Oklahoma Mobile NotaryEmily was on her way to her last notary signing of the day. As she drove to the client’s home, she gave him a phone call to confirm his appointment. He seemed a little abrupt as they spoke, but nothing out of the ordinary.
When Emily arrived at the client’s house, she knocked on the door and was greeted by a large 250-pound man. She stepped inside the door and almost immediately heard it lock and slam behind her. A wave of unfamiliar fear washed over Emily. She had performed notary public duties with lots of men and always felt safe, but this time, she felt different.

The man asked Emily, “Is this your last signing of the day?” Without thinking clearly, Emily told him that it was. Instantly, after she spoke those words, Emily felt a sinking pit in her belly. As Emily was reaching for her phone, the client said, “Where’s my money?” Although startled, Emily told him that they should take a look at his documents, as calmly as she could.

Oklahoma Mobile NotaryAt that exact moment, the client reached behind his back and pulled out a handgun, which he harshly jammed into Emily’s chest. The man kept asking Emily over and over again where his money was. Emily tried to calmly explain that she had no check or cash on her person.

Emily asked the client if she could call his loan officer to clear up the situation and the disgruntled client growled, “no!” With the gun still pointed at her chest, Emily calmly went over the client’s documents with him and showed him various dates and his right to cancel documentation.
Finally, the client laid his gun down and began signing the paperwork. After the signing was complete, the client let Emily leave with the documents. When she got into her car, she locked the doors and called the proper authorities to report the incident.


  • Never, ever, tell a client that it’s your last signing of the day, even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. This will give the client the assumption that they have some control over you.
  • Whenever you enter someone’s home, always look for any possible exits and keep your cell phone unlocked and accessible.
  • Always trust your instincts. If your gut tells you that you shouldn’t be someplace, listen to it. Your instincts can save your life.
  • Make sure you know the documents that are being signed. Because Emily knew how to properly explain the documents to her disgruntled client, her knowledge diffused the situation and kept her safe.