Notary Public Horror Stories: Things You Should NEVER do as a Professional Public Notary

Oklahoma Notary Public

Oklahoma Notary PublicAs a professional public notary, there are a few things you should never do while on a signing job. Most of these things are purely common sense. If you lack commons sense, perhaps being a public notary is not the job for you. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a public notary in Oklahoma City, would like to share this list of no-no’s, and encourages all public notaries or those aspiring to be one, to read them.

People are Strange

Ed and Betty accepted a loan signing from a signing company. The couple arrived at the agreed upon signing location on time. After 30 minutes had gone by, Ed and Betty began to wonder if the public notary had forgotten about them. That’s when Ed’s cell phone rang. Can you guess who it was?

On the other end of the line, the public notary sounded frazzled and full of excuses. She claimed that her car broke down and then proceeds to ask Ed for a ride! Ed and Betty graciously agree to give her a lift.
It only gets weirder from here, folks.

As they are driving, the notary public asks if they can stop off at Staples to print out their documents. Once again, Ed and Betty oblige. Once they stop at Staples and the notary public prints the documents, she asks Ed and Betty if they could pay for them because she is flat broke. What?! This naturally infuriated Ed, and he placed a call to the loan officer and told him what was going on. The loan officer advised Ed and Betty to leave the notary public at Staples, and that’s what they did.

The following day, the notary public called the loan officer and told him that her husband had to work late, and that’s why she missed the signing appointment. Can we say, “caught.” As if the loan officer wouldn’t find out what really happened!

Wi-Fi Makes Responding to Emails Very Easy

One company receives complaints ever month about a notary who is notorious for making mistakes on documents. Whenever the company or clients try to reach the public notary, he doesn’t respond to phone calls, text messages, or emails. When confronted with this issue the public notary always has some lame excuse like he was on vacation or was experiencing a family emergency.

Folks, if you are going to be a public notary, there is NEVER any reason not to answer your messages concerning a signing, especially an email message. In this day and age, Wi-Fi is largely available almost anywhere.

Don’t Make the Company You Work for Look Bad

Diane and Christopher were waiting patiently for their public notary to show up and meet them at a local café. Finally, 20 minutes late, the notary arrives. You would think that he would have apologized to Diane and Christopher, but nope, he was rude to them instead! The public notary didn’t handle the signing professionally and on top of everything, he didn’t fax the appropriate documents. The documents were also not returned properly.

Listen, if you work for a company or are part of a team of public notaries, do your job well because the rest of us don’t feel like looking bad on account of one rotten apple.

Always dress professionally when conducting notary business, and don’t smoke on the job!

Always be prompt, and NEVER make your clients wait on you.

The Perks of Being a Bilingual Notary Public

multilingual notary okc

multilingual notary okc Being a notary public is not all that uncommon of a job. In fact, there are thousands of notaries public in the United States today. So, how do you give yourself an edge over the competition? Well, for starters, you could be bilingual.

Knowing more than one language will get you far more business than the notary public who can only speak English. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is a prominent notary public in the Oklahoma City area and can speak fluent Spanish. That gives Dr. Keefe a distinct advantage over other notaries public in the area. When signing legal documents, clear, concise communication is key.

Imagine being a Spanish-speaking immigrant who just arrived in the United States and that you trying to gain legal citizenship. You have paperwork that needs to be notarized, but you only speak Spanish. You might not even understand what your paperwork says. That is where a notary public in OKC comes into play. Dr. John Keefe II will gladly read the paperwork over to you and will help make sure that you fully understand it. He will then watch you sign it, and he will also sign the document all the while communicating with you in your native tongue.

Can you imagine being in this predicament and not being able to find a bilingual notary public in OKC? It would be heartbreaking. In fact, you might end up with a notary public who just signs the documents without helping you to understand clearly the process or what is going on. That can lead to many problems.

When John Keefe II acts as your notary public, you can be sure all the bases will be covered, especially if English isn’t your first language. An honest notary public in Oklahoma will see to it that you fully understand what you are signing and will not try to take advantage of you in any way, shape, or form.

As a bilingual notary public in Oklahoma City, you are not only supplying additional services for people, you are showing them that you have character. Not everyone is capable or willing to learn a second language. Most people would choose the services of a bilingual notary public in Oklahoma City over a company that can only speak English. It shows that you have initiative and you are dedicated to your cause.

If you have other notaries public under your charge, you can encourage them to learn a second language. For example, wouldn’t it be great to have a Spanish, French, Chinese, and German-speaking notary public under one roof? Imagine the possibilities! Your company would have so much business you wouldn’t know how to handle all the traffic coming through your front door.

As stated, notaries public in OKC are a dime a dozen. Give your business a boost and become a bilingual enterprise. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for your reputation. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II took the bilingual plunge and is now one of the most successful notaries public in all of Oklahoma.

24/7 Notary Public Services

24/7 Notary OKC

So many notaries public are only available Monday through Friday. We have to admit that these hours are sort of crappy. This is why Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has decided to make his notary public in Oklahoma services available 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas Day or the middle of the night. If you need something notarized, John is the guy to call.

Why did John Keefe II decide to leave his notary public open sign on all the time? Because he’s smart, that’s why. Dr. Keefe’s first concern is for the people of Oklahoma City. He understands that stuff happens, and sometimes you might need a document signed on the weekend versus a Monday. In many cases, people simply cannot wait until the following business day to have their paperwork notarized.
Think about it. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’ve just purchased a new vehicle from a friend. Before you can drive the new car off your friend’s property, you must have some documents notarized. A notary public in OKC should meet you at the location of your choice and help you get behind the wheel of your new car. That is exactly what Dr. John Keefe II does for you.

Dr. John Keefe II makes himself available at all times for public notary business. That includes weekends, late nights, early mornings, and holidays. John Patrick Keefe II will happily come to you, or you may come to him for services. For John Keefe II, it’s about making his clients happy. That is why many of Dr. Keefe’s clients are repeat customers.

Here is another scenario of a notary public in Oklahoma City going above and beyond the call of duty for his or her clients.: It’s Easter Sunday. You’ve been waiting months and months to close on your dream house. The people you are purchasing the home from have finally gotten all the paperwork together, and they said if you’re ready to sign, so are they. Yippee! call john

How in the hell will you ever find a notary public in Oklahoma City on Easter Sunday to help you get this paperwork signed? Typically, the answer would be “no one.” However, Dr. John Keefe II will come to your rescue and help you sign the documents that need signing, so you can spend the rest of your Easter coloring eggs in your new home.

You see, there are not many people who would step up to bat for you the way that Dr. John Patrick Keefe II would. Seeing his clients happy is paramount to him. You are not just a number to John Keefe II but a friend. Doing business with this outstanding notary public in Oklahoma City will leave you feeling confident and at ease. You’ll always be left thinking about the day John Keefe II helped make your dreams come true with his mad notary skills.

That is how all notaries public should handle their business, but for the ones who don’t John Keefe II will be ready and willing to take their clients.