How to save money on a notary?

How to save money on a notary?

The short answer is to know the official rates and to insist on their compliance.

Many operations related to money require the participation of a notary public: certification of powers of attorney, signatures, many types of contracts; evidence of fidelity of translation; issuance of a certificate of inheritance, etc.

All these actions are paid. But not every notary client wonders where the price of operations comes from. In fact, it consists of two components: the state fee and the payment of “technical services” of the notary public. At the same time, the fee is usually very gentle, but the additional “technical” payment can be several times, or even an order of magnitude, making notary services expensive or completely meaningless (if the operations are carried out for small amounts).

In some cases, “technical” services are really necessary. But it often happens that a competent person has already prepared all the documents, wrote the text correctly, printed it, etc., i.e. The notary, for example, can only verify that the client signs the document and verify the signature. Such a service should be paid strictly at the state rate. However, in the vast majority of cases, a notary public (or more often his assistant) will insistently demand to pay for additional services that were actually absent. How to deal with this?

Let’s try to describe an ideal procedure.

You need to understand that you are able to properly execute documents. Think: if you are not sure that you are doing everything right, it is better to trust the professionals. Say, writing a letter about the payment of money from a deposit in a bank that has burst is really simple – its form is standard and known. You can simply enter your data in it and print it out, after which you can verify the signature.

If a notarial action allows you to choose a notary, call several notaries with a question about the prices, saying that everything is ready for you, you just need to carry out the standard notarial action at state prices. Sometimes some agree.

If you couldn’t find an honest notary public, go to anyone and inform that you don’t need additional services, that by law you are not obliged to receive and pay for them, and that the notary should only pay for the services actually provided (in this case amount of state duty). If you are serious and show that you do not intend to retreat, there is a chance that they will not want to contact you and, as an “exception”, they will accept a fee in the correct amount with an unhappy expression on their faces.

If you are still refused to be served, write down all the data of the notary and, preferably, his specific assistants who spoke with you, and contact the notary chamber of your region with a complaint about illegal actions. The list of notarial chambers with addresses, phone numbers and names of executives is here.

A small secret: the number of notaries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is limited, for each of them there is often a “turn” among those who are waiting for the current notary to leave or die. This is a very tough competitive market, therefore complaints, customer dissatisfaction, especially courts are not needed by anyone. If the notary is not too friendly with the notary chamber, they can take advantage of your complaint against him, and he knows this. Of course, there are influential “eternal” and “impenetrable” notaries with whom no one can do anything, but there is still a chance to get to the “weak link”.

Warn the notary and, later, the notary chamber, that you are ready to make a precedent out of your petty case and go all the way, including go to court, disseminate information on social networks and transmit to the press.

If you show seriousness of intent, calmness and a certain legal background, it is likely that you will be met. If the notaries and the chamber stumble, it’s up to you to decide what to do next – really realize your “threats” or look for another option. Oklahoma Judicial Process Server offers professional notary services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma region. Call us and learn more from our experts.

Is A Notary Public Allowed To Decline Notarization?

Notaries often come across people, whether their bosses, co-workers or customers that ask them to illegally notarize their documents. Sometimes, a notary public may not be able to tell the difference or know completely whether they should or should not notarize a document, especially if they are being pressured by powerful people. However, there are rules as to when a notary public can or cannot decline notarization. Let’s explore these rules in detail.

At What Point Can Notaries Refuse Notarization?

It is important to know when to decline notarization in order to prevent the fraud from being committed. Different states have different laws for notaries to follow regarding the refusal of service. However, it is safe to say that if there is any doubt of the documents being illegal or fraudulent.

If a signer does not follow the correct protocol or meet the requirements for the notarization to take place, the notary public from Oklahoma City. Some of the disqualifications may include:

  • The signer not making a personal appearance
  • The signer has not given their proper identification
  • If there is a language barrier
  • The signer is disoriented or seems like they are being forced to sign
  • If the signer is refusing to take an oath or affirm their documents

Sometimes, the documents may lead the notary public from Oklahoma to decline notarization, such as:

  • There are missing pages or blank spaces in the documents
  • If the required notarial certificate is not obtained

Then, there are also times when the notary public from Oklahoma may present a conflict of interest, and cannot unbiasedly notarize the document due to:

  • Being the signer of the document
  • The financial documents benefiting them as well
  • The signer is their parent, spouse, or child

Other situations in which a notary public from OKC can decline notarization are:

  • If the notary public is suspicious that the transaction is illegal, false, or deceptive
  • If the act being asked of them is not authorized for them to do
  • The signer cannot or will not pay the fee that is required for notarization
  • Being requested to notarized outside of your office hours
  • If the act that is being requested violates the guidelines of their workplace

Of course, notaries cannot refuse notarization due to a personal bias against the signer’s gender, race, religion, nationality, disabilities, or lifestyle.

Notaries must maintain their professionalism and use a respectful and calm tone when refusing the notarization. They must also explain why they are declining notarization. Lastly, the notary public has to document their refusal for any future questioning.

Penalties of Wrong Notarization

wrong notarization

Under state law, if notary public performs any wrong or criminal notarization, this may leads notary public being found in guilty of a misdemeanor in wrong case. Consequently, notary public has to face some penalties as suggested by state law. Following are some possible penalties of wrong notarization which they may have to face if  found involve in any misconduct. 

Notary Commission Suspended and Revoked

Commission will take away or suspend the authority of notary public, if notary performs any misconduct or any criminal offense. This suspension may be temporary or permanent based on the nature of his misconduct.

Commission can revoke or suspend the notary public on the following grounds

  • If notary public fails to comply with the state of law.
  • The notary make fraudulent mission statement on commission’s application
  • If notary public does not follow the rules and regulation of commission.

Criminal Penalties

State’s law also set some criminal penalties for notary public if they perform any illegal act or involve in any fraudulent activities. Notary public will have to pay criminal penalties in the following case.

  • Notary who knowingly executes a notary certificate containing a statement, the notary knows to be false or, perform any act in the intent to deceive or defraud is also a guilty of misdemeanor.

Civil Penalties

Some types of misconduct may require the notary to pay a fine or other civil penalty.

For example , a person who acts as notary after their commission expires can be fined $100-$500 .

  • In Virginia, a notary who uses notaries in his or advertise this title or any other term in the  language will be  subject to a maximum civil penalty of $500
  • In New York , committing certain advertising violations may result in a civil penalty up to $1000


Law Suits and Financial Liability

If a state does not fine notary or levy other punishment of misconduct, notary  will still be liable for the signer in the court for financial loss, whether  the notary commit the fraud intentionally or unintentionally.

A notary is not the only one who can held  liable for the misconduct, employers and bosses  are also held liable for that misconduct as well, if they ask  notaries to perform  that task which violate laws of commission and states.


Notary public may held liable for imprisonment in some cases. For example; if someone lost his life due to the misconduct of the notary public then, he will be imprisoned for some years. Further, He will also liable for imprisonment, if someone bear heavy damage due to notary public criminal offense or misconduct.


According to law no one is free from law. So, if notary public commits any fraudulent activity or performs any illegal act then, notary public will held liable for various penalties of wrong notarization.Which we have described above. It is moral duty of a notary to perform his duties with loyalty and purity. Further, these penalties are used as coercive force for many notaries who are not loyal with their job.

Become Notary Public

“Notary”stands for a person who is authorized to do some legal activities. These activities mostly include, certification of contracts, actions and the documentation process needed by jurisdiction in Oklahoma. Likewise, “Notary Public” stands for a public officer, who is authorized by law, to serve the citizens in non controversial issues like property, estate and business affairs.



Becoming Notary Public

Generally, financial institutions need Notary services. For example; work based on financial deals or real estate contracts. Financial organizations (banks), law making organizations and other large scale businesses are asked by the government to become a notary. By doing so, they can facilitate customers. Meanwhile, people who own small businesses are more interested in becoming a notary. They are interested because, a notary public is allowed to charge a fee for signing documents of his customers.


There are some requirements by law in Oklahoma. Specifically, If a person wants to become a notary public, he should fulfill all the requirements.

  • A person must be the United States citizen.
  • About residency;  a) A person needs to be a Oklahoma legal inhabitant, or; b) A person who is not a local resident of Oklahoma but working there.
  • A person must be 18 years of age or more.

Process to Become a Notary Public

  • Firstly, a person must has fulfilled all the requirements of qualifier set by the law.
  • Oklahoma Notary Public Application form is available online. fill the form completely.
  • Specifically, the fee and form should be submitted to state’s secretary.
  • Later, after submitting the application, a person needs to have the equipment which will be required in commission. Such equipment are like bond and seal.
  • Moreover, once you get your bond, you must file it with state’s secretary.
  • Insurance of Error and omission is optional. However, this insurance is very useful.
  • Now, Exercise your Notary Public roles.
  • If you feel you are lacking some skills, you can consult your experts or go for training.

Cost and Duration for Application Approval

Notary Public application submission and filing the Bond with the state’s Secretary hold some cost. The cost for application submission is 25 USD. Likewise, the cost for filing the bond is 10 USD. However, cost of all equipment depends upon the chosen seller.

duration of approval of application is not exact. It can vary. Typically, it takes 2 to 10 weeks. Then, secretary of state grant commission to the Notary Public Candidate.

Test and Training

Selection process is simple. No entry test and training. However, a person can take training by his own choice to improve his skills.


A person changes his name during his service. According to law,  he continue his commission with the old name. Nevertheless, if he wishes to change his name in his commission documents too, he has to resign the current commission and re-apply for notary public as a new candidate.

Expiration of Notary Public Commission

In Oklahoma, Notary Public Commission expires after 4 years. this validity can not be extended. A person has to re-apply if he wants to join again.