Notary services by modern standards

A good notary is always ready to listen to the client, solve his problem. An appeal to such a specialist is required by many. Some are often forced to seek qualified support. It is best to do this with the help of one trusted professional. A good notary in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with experience can guarantee friendliness, quality and efficiency. An additional advantage is the reasonable cost of services.

Common notary services

The number of services provided by a notary office is very significant. They are associated with the processing of various documents, certification, preparation of powers of attorney. For example, someone decided to go to another country to study, work. Then the preparation of documents and their qualified certification will be required. In order for the signing of the contract to be transparent and legal, you must also contact a notary public. A popular variety of services are powers of attorney, for example, general, for an apartment, vehicle, bank account and much more. Contractual relationships must be properly regulated. This allows them to be honest and transparent. Therefore, turning to a notary’s office becomes a necessity.

Our notary office has long been working in the Oklahoma market. Consistently high quality is considered the main advantage. But qualifications are constantly increasing, which is associated with active labor. All the main directions are presented in the office at the proper level. Professionalism and attention to customer problems are guaranteed.

Can Notaries Act As Proctors For Exams?

A notary public has one main role — to make sure that the legal documents are being signed by the correct person by carefully verifying them, thus preventing fraud from taking place. To be a notary public in Oklahoma City, you cannot be convicted of any felony. Thus, what safer way would there be to make sure that those students who are taking online exams are being invigilated, than by hiring a notary public as a proctor? But can notaries act as proctors for exams? Let’s explore.

Why Students May Need An Independent Exam Proctor

Due to the changing times and influx of modern tools and technology, educational institutes are allowing their students to study and take classes online. Thus, for students who opt for online classes and assessments, it is essential to make sure that they do not cheat, as it can be very easy for them to do so when they are giving online tests alone. To limit cheating, students are required to take their exam outside of their residence, for example in a library or anywhere suitable with internet access. The independent exam proctor meets the student at the location chosen and there the exam begins.

How Are Notaries Fit To Be Proctors?

Proctors do not require a notary commission, but since notaries have underwent a detailed background check, they are the model candidate for a trustworthy and impartial proctor. This does not only assure the school that the student will be invigilated appropriately, but it will also help the student feel comfortable while giving their exam.

How Does It Work?

  1. The school sends test instructions and one copy of the exam to the notary public from Oklahoma.
  2. The student brings their identification documents along with them to the chosen location. Once the students have been verified through their identification documents, the notary then administers the test.
  3. Once the exam is completed, the notary certifies the exam and it is then forwarded to the school.
  4. The student can bring along only the items that are allowed by the school, for example stationery, notes or a calculator, which are checked by the notary public from OKC before the exam commences.
  5. Items such as cellphones, books or personal digital assistants are not allowed during the exam.

Thus, notaries are very well-qualified to act as proctors for online and even written exams, and can ensure that the exam is taken within the conditions set by the school.

Preparation Required for a Notarization

Notary Public Oklahoma City

There are many reasons why you need to get a document notarized. Either you have to send a certified copy of your documents abroad, or you want to get your will notarized.

In order for you to face no hassle while getting your documents notarized, here are some tips to help you prepare so things work out well when you go to the Notary Public Oklahoma City office. Following these tips will ensure a smooth notarization.

1.   Know The Type of Notarization You Have To Get

Generally, notarizations come in 3 basic forms: copy, acknowledgements, and jurist certifications. It will be your responsibility to tell the Notary Public what form of notarization you want. Being a ministerial official employed by the state, the Notary does not have the power to advise you which form of notarization is it that you need. Before you make a visit to the Notary Public OKC, be sure to review the kinds of notarial acts, and confirm with either the receiving organization or the document drafter what form of notarization they need. If you are still in doubt, you can always contact an attorney.

2.   All Signers Are Present

At the time when you are completing your document, you ensure every area is filled out except the signature section. According to notarial acts, the Notary Public Oklahoma City will call for the signer to sign the document in his or her presence. For that, all the required signers need to be physically present in front of a Notary Public OKC to get their signature on the document notarized. So make sure all the signers are available and can attend the appointment set with the Notary Public Oklahoma, otherwise, the Notary will not be able to notarize the document.

3.   Be Willing and Aware

Among other duties of the notary, one of them is to make sure the signers are alert and mentally aware of what the document is that they are signing. In the condition where the signer is intoxicated, medicated, or does not comprehend what is happening around, the notary has the power to decline to notarize the document.

One more thing the Notary Public OKC will look for is any signs of force and coercion. Regardless that the signer is not happy with some of the clauses mentioned in the document, the Notary Public has the authority to ensure the signer is not being forced to sign the document.

Penalties of Wrong Notarization

wrong notarization

Under state law, if notary public performs any wrong or criminal notarization, this may leads notary public being found in guilty of a misdemeanor in wrong case. Consequently, notary public has to face some penalties as suggested by state law. Following are some possible penalties of wrong notarization which they may have to face if  found involve in any misconduct. 

Notary Commission Suspended and Revoked

Commission will take away or suspend the authority of notary public, if notary performs any misconduct or any criminal offense. This suspension may be temporary or permanent based on the nature of his misconduct.

Commission can revoke or suspend the notary public on the following grounds

  • If notary public fails to comply with the state of law.
  • The notary make fraudulent mission statement on commission’s application
  • If notary public does not follow the rules and regulation of commission.

Criminal Penalties

State’s law also set some criminal penalties for notary public if they perform any illegal act or involve in any fraudulent activities. Notary public will have to pay criminal penalties in the following case.

  • Notary who knowingly executes a notary certificate containing a statement, the notary knows to be false or, perform any act in the intent to deceive or defraud is also a guilty of misdemeanor.

Civil Penalties

Some types of misconduct may require the notary to pay a fine or other civil penalty.

For example , a person who acts as notary after their commission expires can be fined $100-$500 .

  • In Virginia, a notary who uses notaries in his or advertise this title or any other term in the  language will be  subject to a maximum civil penalty of $500
  • In New York , committing certain advertising violations may result in a civil penalty up to $1000


Law Suits and Financial Liability

If a state does not fine notary or levy other punishment of misconduct, notary  will still be liable for the signer in the court for financial loss, whether  the notary commit the fraud intentionally or unintentionally.

A notary is not the only one who can held  liable for the misconduct, employers and bosses  are also held liable for that misconduct as well, if they ask  notaries to perform  that task which violate laws of commission and states.


Notary public may held liable for imprisonment in some cases. For example; if someone lost his life due to the misconduct of the notary public then, he will be imprisoned for some years. Further, He will also liable for imprisonment, if someone bear heavy damage due to notary public criminal offense or misconduct.


According to law no one is free from law. So, if notary public commits any fraudulent activity or performs any illegal act then, notary public will held liable for various penalties of wrong notarization.Which we have described above. It is moral duty of a notary to perform his duties with loyalty and purity. Further, these penalties are used as coercive force for many notaries who are not loyal with their job.

Role Of Notary public In The Development Of Business – Authenticity of Documents


Notary public includes those people who have the authority to notarize the document by signing it. The notary public plays a significant role in the development of any business by ensuring the authenticity of documents.

Following are the important role of the notary public.

Necessary for contracts

The notary public play important role in the development of the business. Because, without notarization of documents business deals or contract will never be finalized. So, notary public notarizes the document after those contracts will be donning. In business, every contract requires authentic documents.

Aunthetication of documents are necessary for registration of the business

Every businessman needs to register his organization before incorporation of the business. Notarized documents are very important for the purpose of registration. So, notary public play vital role in the process of registration of business which ultimately increase the chances of development of business.



Indeed, Affidavit is the most important document of the business. It requires the legal documents, means notarized documents. However, Without notary public we cannot get these documents. Therefore, it proves that how notary public is important for business development and growth.

Power of attorney

Power of attorney means the delegation of authority from one person to another person or, from principal to agent. We can say that power of attorney is a process of appointing a person who will manage task on behalf of business owner. Therefore, for the purpose of power of attorney, we need legal documents or notarized documents. It is only possible, if notary public signs these documents. So, in this case we can identify the important role of notary public too.

Deed of trust

Deed of trust is also very essential document for any business. This document is used for selling and buying of homes. Specifically, It is an agreement a lender and a borrower to give the property to third party. Here is also notary public plays important role by notarizing the documents.

Medical Authorization

Normally, this type of document is used by minors for receiving medical care. There are times when hospitals or clinics require a notarized medical authorization from parents of minor children. This document only notarized from notary public. It is right that a business will never do a single task without notarized documents which is done by notary public.

Partnership Deed

A Partnership deed is also a legal document which contains the agreement of partners. Generally, it contains the records of all partners addresses, share percentage and agreement details. For the purpose of making this document, every partner should have to submit notarized or legal documents.


We have discussed above how notary public plays significant role in the development of the business. Nevertheless, Every task of business, from registration to partnership deed and authenticity of documents, requires notarized documents and which will only possible with the sign of notary public.

Essentials To Bring Along When Having Your Documents Notarized

Notary Public Oklahoma City

Getting a document notarized is a common practice. You bring the document to the Notary Public Oklahoma City, they will verify your identification, and then watch you sign it.

Having your document notarized is one straightforward practice. For the most part. It’s when you forget to bring along some essentials that make the process a lot more tedious. If you wish to make sure the process goes just as planned, be sure to bring along these few basic items before taking your document to the Notary Public OKC.

1.   The Document Itself

If you forget to take the document that you have to get notarized, the notary public will not be able to notarize the document. Before you take out some time from your busy schedule and take the effort to go to the Notary Public Oklahoma, make sure to check the document is complete and all set for notarization. Ensure that every field is filled out except the part where you have to sign. Most notarial acts call for the signer to sign the document in the presence of the Notary Public Oklahoma City.

2.   Your Identification

The Notary Public OKC has the duty of verifying the signer’s identify. It is the obligation of the Notary Public to make sure the signer who is signing the document is in fact who he or she says to be. The reason why verification of the signer’s identity is asked for is that it helps prevent fraud and scams. Particularly in the case where the document to be notarized is a sensitive financial document such as a will or a grant, it is imperative that the notary public verify the signer’s identity.

Acceptable examples of identification can be a driver’s license, a military ID, or a state-issued id card. Some notaries have different criteria for identification. It varies depending on the state of the commission of the notary. Therefore, make sure you check beforehand with either your state’s Secretary Office or the notary to find out which types of identification will be accepted.

3.   Notary’s Fee/ Payment

It goes without saying that when you avail the services of a Notary Public Oklahoma City, you will have to pay their fee. Make sure that you bring along the notary’s payment when you visit their office. The fee will vary depending on your state, what the Notary Public Oklahoma wants to charge, and the notarial act.

Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Notary


There are a large number of documents such as Powers of Attorney, healthcare papers, wills, and immigration documents that are required to be notarized. It is important to remember that the document should be complete with no blank sections such as incomplete date or missing interest rate in order for the Notary Public Oklahoma City to notarize the document. In case if the information is not filled out, the document can be found susceptible to fraud once the notarization is performed. Most of the states require the Notary to decline a notarization if the document is incomplete or inform the customer that their document has to be completed in order to be notarized.

At times, going the notary public to get the documents verified can become a challenge. For this reason, it is better to hire a mobile notary.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a mobile Notary Public Oklahoma:

1.   No Worries about Forgetting To Bring Your Documents Along

In case if you have a habit of forgetting to take along your required documents, there is the option to hire mobile notary services instead. This will save you from taking out the time from your schedule and taking the effort to commute to the Notary Public OKC office. The notary will go to you and perform the service. Keep in mind that since they will be coming to you, they will charge you more than a standard notary would.

2.   Availability

At times, there are emergency situations when you require the services of a notary but it is past their working hours. If you hire a mobile Notary Public, you can easily get your documents notarized whenever you have the need for. Whatever time of the day you need them, they will be available.

3.   No Location Problems

It can be quite difficult to gather all the required parties to be present in one small office room. When you consider a mobile notary, you can arrange for an appropriately sized location that can accommodate everyone.

Furthermore, if the required parties are located from each other at a distance, a central location can be found so the travel time is saved for all the parties. This can only be possible if a mobile Notary Public Oklahoma City is involved.

4.   Easier Access

Mobile notaries will travel to lesser-populated areas so it will be convenient for the people to have their documents notarized.

Is It Possible To Notarize Handwritten Documents

There are certain situations in which the document is handwritten. Perhaps a mother is authorizing her child to go along a friend’s family on their holiday trip and needs to get her statement notarized. She may find it easier to handwrite the statement rather than get it printed. Or there could be a situation where a building tenant has to verify the household income for which they need to submit a letter to the housing authority. The same can be said for a separated couple who have to provide a notarized statement declaring they have been living apart for some months so they can solve the income tax issue as quickly as possible. In such cases, it is fast and convenient to have handwritten documents and then get them notarized.

What Will the Notary Public OKC Ensure Before Notarizing the Document

For a document to be notarized, it needs to be attested by a Notary Public from Oklahoma City. The official will verify the identities of those who have signed the document, check the signatures, and then stamp (or “seal”) the document.

The job and duty of the notary is to ensure the signatures are legitimate. For this, the notary is required to ask for an identification document of each individual who have signed the document.

Another thing the notary must look for is signs of coercion and force. Even if the signer does not like some clauses in the document, it is important to ensure that the signer is signing from their own free will and no one is forcing them to sign.

Another important job of the notary official is to make sure the signers are capable of making sound decisions. The signers should be in a state where they able to fully comprehend the document they are signing. In the situation where the individual is medicated, intoxicated, or for some reason is not able to understand what is happening, the notary official is liable to refuse notarizing the document.

Is It Possible To Notarize Handwritten Documents

Yes, handwritten documents can be notarized by the Notary Public of Oklahoma. Notaries will be cautious about handwritten wills. However, there needs to a notarial certificate. In the case where there is not, the notary needs to add it. There are some states that don’t allow the notary public to determine the type of notarization required. Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to ask the notary public whether an oath or acknowledgment needs to be taken.

The Difference between a Notary Public and a Solicitor

Notary Public

There is a common misconception that notary public and a solicitor are synonyms for each other. The fact is, that there is a world of a differences between the two. Some even assume that a solicitor is one who works in the Notary Public. Let’s go deeper into their differences.

What Constitutes a Notary Public

A notary public is a small yet specialized division of the legal occupation. Although a Notary Public offers many other services, they are most sought by the public for the certification of their documents.

Especially those who are migrating abroad, have to fulfil the requirement of submitting certified copies of the document. For this purpose, they come to the Notary Public of Oklahoma City to have their documents signed.

A Notary Public of OKC helps clients with:

  1. Preparation of their wills
  2. Representation Agreements
  3. Real estate conveyancing (mortgaging/selling/purchasing a property)
  4. Certify original documents
  5. Powers of Attorney

Notaries have a reputation of being trusted and reliable professionals, who provide their services to the public. The profession dates back to Ancient Rome! The public officials were called scribes and they had a higher stature than copiers and transcribers.

Notary Public are acknowledged and recognized worldwide. They have the obligation to maintain absolute impartiality and integrity to uphold the status of the Notarial occupation.

Who Are Solicitors

A solicitor provides a wide range of legal services to the clients. They provide advice on legal matters and what the best way for them to proceed will be. A solicitor can represent their clients in court and fight on their behalf.

In some situations, a solicitor also has the power to authenticate the documents. However, some authorities may insist that the document be attested by a Notary Public of Oklahoma City than a solicitor.

What is the difference?

A Notary and Solicitor both hold a degree in law. It is the nature of their jobs that makes them different. In a way, a notary public is a solicitor who has acquired another qualification to work as a notary. Solicitors require more training and education than notaries do.

One important difference is that a solicitor’s main duty is towards the client. Whereas, the Notary’s main obligation is to the authenticity and genuineness of the documents.

A Notary Public from Oklahoma provides the public with limited legal services. They cannot represent their clients in court. A solicitor can take up legal cases and fight for their clients in the courtroom.

Things To Keep In Mind When Signing Any Document

Signing a document may sound like a very straightforward task; however, there are so many aspects that must be considered before signing a legally binding document. It does not matter if you are settling a lawsuit or buying a new home, signing a document without understanding the contents of the document can be harmful for you in terms of money and time.

Here are some things you should keep in mind before going to a notary public to sign a document.

Read The Document At Least Twice

One of the most important parts of signing a document is to first read the document carefully. Remember: there is no rush. Read slowly so that you can actually understand the contents of the document. If you are given a time frame within which you have to sign the document then make sure that you have set aside time so that you can review the document carefully before signing. You can ask Notary Public from Oklahoma City in case you are confused about any aspect pertaining to the document.

Make Corrections If Needed

After carefully reviewing every single page of the relevant document, make additions, deletions, or corrections as needed. You can sign your initials either next to the changes or in the margin space.

The Signature Page

The document’s last page usually has the spaces for the relevant signatures. There, you can determine whether you need a witness’s signature. All that you will need in that case is have someone observe you signing the document. If your document asks for a notarized signature, you can hire a Notary public from Oklahoma so that you can sign the document in their presence. The notary public signs and stamps the document in order to attest to the fact that you signed the document, thus make sure to keep the relevant identification documents with you.

Make Sure To Legibly Sign The Document

Make sure to use darker ink when signing legal documents. Usually, black is the most acceptable ink color to sign a document. However, in case you need to clearly distinguish between the original and copies of the signed legal document, you can use blue ink to sign the document. Make sure you keep your signs consistent and uniform otherwise the Notary Public from OKC may have trouble attesting your document.