What kind of cases do private investigators handle?

The role of a private investigator in maintaining a corruption and crime-free society is vital. Private investigators are specially hired to handle matters that usually are out of the league of normal officers. Such matters are crucially important to our system and have vital importance in maintaining discipline and order in the society. A private investigator will always conduct a background check before beginning on a case. They also conduct a few more standard procedures before they start working on a case. Here are some cases that private investigators handle.

private investigators handle

Family matters

Such cases are pretty easy to handle for a PI, but they last longer. A private investigator may be hired by a family to handle financial and other matters. Such hirings are for a lifetime; they are also called a personal private investigator. However, only rich families hire private investigators for these projects because financial matters for such families are too complicated to be handled by family members. An example of such private investigators is a consigliere who was commonly hired by the mafia families in the 70s. They act as more of a legal family advisor and counselor rather than a private investigator.

Family matters


It is the most common task people hire a private investigator for. At some point in time, you might need to observe someone and keep an eye on their activities, not with harmful intentions but merely for self-defense. Someone might have harmful intentions against you. You must not hesitate to hire a private investigator immediately. You can assign your PI the task of monitoring that target and keeping an eye on their activities. Such targets are usually a stalker or an ex-spouse who wants to have their vengeance. No need to worry at all. Private investigators can handle such cases well and can keep a close eye on such targets.

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Tools and resources a private investigator uses to uncover mysteries

Tools and resources

When was the last time you needed to hire a private investigator to solve your problems? Can’t remember? Exactly! There is a reason you don’t hire a private investigator frequently to get yourself out of trouble. A PI is not someone to be bothered for something trivial. They only handle cases that are too complicated for routine agents to solve. Of course, a private investigator uses a specific set of tools and resources to uncover mysteries that are usually a part of the problems they are hired to solve.

Some resources that a private investigator may use while revealing some important pieces of evidence might be common, but some tools are used by them only. Here are discussed a few such tools and resources that a PI might use while solving a case.

Cloning a digital device

The use of spyware software is banned in many states; hence a private investigator might use the technique of device cloning to preserve valuable data. Cloning a hard drive is a common technique for a private investigator. The data obtained by detectives while solving a case is highly valuable because it converts into evidence. It is always a good practice to store such data in multiple storage. So, a PI uses the cloning technique to store their data in their hard drives.

GPS Tracking

A private investigator often uses a GPS tracking device to track the location of a suspect. These devices are common in this industry and can be easily installed on a vehicle. Private investigators install these devices on the vehicles of people who are suspected to be a cheating spouse or employees who use cars provided by their companies for their personal reasons. There might be several other reasons as well for a private investigator to track the geographical locations of a person.

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Private detectives are hired by individual clients or agencies to investigate. They work on their own with agencies or companies like insurance or law firms. A vast majority of the job is surrounded by gathering information and fact-finding. These tasks are accomplished using computers and other surveillance gadgets, conducting interviews plus, going undercover. At times, private investigators also conduct follow-ups of even closed criminal cases.

In short, every day in the life of a private investigator is quite happening. Work that involves compensation fraud, suspects, and mystery puzzles does not offer time out.

It’s a tough job, indeed, but someone has to keep the city safe.

Let’s talk about the duties and responsibilities that come with a private investigator’s job description.


Here is a list of skills that the job of a PI requires;

  • Prepare Reports
  • Perform Surveillance
  • Conduct Background Checks
  • Gather Intelligence
  • Provide courtroom testimonies
  • Interview People
  • Assisting in locating and searching for missing people

Private investigators are not government agents; however, the information gathered can be used for later criminal investigations, which is why a PI needs to adhere to established rules of evidence like police officers.


An aspiring private investigator should have the below-mentioned traits to be successful in their respective field;

Analysis of Evidence

They should be able to analyze, interpret, and evaluate the evidence.

Curious & Justice Seeking

They have to be inquisitive and should right the perceived wrongs.

Problem-Solving Skills

They must train themselves quickly to be able to solve problems.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Private investigators must be good at getting people to talk and obtain the information relevant to the task.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of investigators will grow 11% from 2017-2026, which is faster than the average of all occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees continued demand for investigators in legal service industries for running more-intensive background checks that can’t be accomplished through online and other old school methods.

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A private investigator’s areas of expertise

When was the last time you went to a court of law to get justice and was served with it? With an increase in corruption among the authorities who are responsible for making the law in a state, people have lost a significant amount of trust in such bodies. They often take their cases and legal matters to a private investigator in hopes of being treated fairly and getting their issues resolved within legal boundaries.

The work of a private investigator is simple, they gather evidence and information from clues, keep an eye on the suspect, process the data, catch the perpetrator, if any, and present the evidence in the court to win the case. They apply the same approach in most of the cases they handle. Here are discussed some areas of their expertise.

Handling financial and legal matters for a family

A family can hire a private investigator to handle their financial and legal matters. Tasks like transfer of assets, maintaining documentation, keeping an eye on possible financial frauds among the family members, etc. are handled by a private investigator. A private investigator may also handle the insurance of assets for a family and deal with insurance companies. Such a hiring, of course, can only be witnessed in a rich family.

Finding missing people

Tracing evidence and clues and tracking the whereabouts of missing persons is almost a routine task for a private investigator. They are specialized in finding and interpreting clues that lead to a breakthrough in such cases. A family can approach a private investigator to locate one of their missing family members. Similarly, a business person can report for a missing partner in case of fraud.

Tracing properties and assets gone missing

A private investigator’s ability to trace missing assets and properties comes in handy when a family member or a business partner commits fraud and hides the ownership documents of an asset. Such events are common during a divorce or liquidation of a business. Private investigators are specialized in handling such matters and help in tracing the legal ownership rights for any missing property or asset.

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Many people are looking for relatives, a former good friend or a life partner – sometimes only for days, sometimes for years. However, the contact between two people is often simply lost and it is hard to restore it. Here, a private detective is a great way to find someone even after a long time. However, it is important to be patient as a client, because in the rarest of cases this endeavor can be completed after only a few days or weeks: It often takes quite a while to evaluate old data and search for new information.

So, if you are looking for a missing person, it is worthwhile to involve a private investigator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He can help you to take the right measures and then take care of the right approach to research.

The police often do not intervene when a person is missing – especially not when no danger is suspected. A detective is also active when the police don’t care. He can conduct surveys, determine locations, collect traces and obtain information from the missing person’s environment.

Find the right detective in Oklahoma!

In principle, let a detective first advise you to determine whether the individual case can even be handled by a detective agency. Most providers offer a free initial consultation, which should definitely be taken advantage of. If possible, research several detective agencies in order to be able to compare them. During such a conversation, you usually get an overview of the costs, which should help you make the decision, because the financial scope is often limited.

These are the services of private investigators in relation to the search for people:

  • Heir identification
  • Missing persons
  • Search relatives
  • Track down debtors and suspects
  • Find old acquaintances and friends
  • Address determination such as the address to telephone number
  • Determination of a loadable address for a lawsuit
  • Tracing service of people
  • Find relatives and people
  • Determination of workplace or job
  • Employer identification
  • Missing persons

Police or detective agency – how to find a missing person?

It is important to be aware that no detective in Oklahoma could replace the work of the police. If a person is missing and there is an acute suspicion of a crime, the police should be informed immediately so that they can initiate an investigation. It can take immediate action and does not have to wait 24 hours, as is often assumed. Every minute counts, especially when suspected of a crime – you can document exactly when a person has disappeared inexplicably.

In the case of missing children, the police are also informed directly. However, if it is about child abduction by a well-known person, such as the former life partner, then many people first choose a detective who initially leaves out the police and does extensive research.

In the case of young people who have disappeared, the first thing to consider is what the background of the incident could be – here, too, parents often contact a detective agency directly, whereby the police can also be a contact. There is, of course, no reason not to use both the help of the police and the investigation of a detective.

If an adult is missing, private detectives are the right contact if there is no evidence or suspicion of a crime, but the person is likely to be deliberately in hiding. However, there are exceptions here too: if women flee to a women’s shelter for fear of their violent partner, for example, no reputable detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will start looking for her – even if she takes her children with her.

Everything About Fraudulent Claims For Disability

Once we have covered this basic information with you, we will explore in more detail how computer research can help you build your case against fraud. This was not the case in the past, but now technology is leading us all to leave virtual traces, and so there is a lot of information that can be gathered through a thorough and detailed computer survey of the habits and behaviors of people in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Whether on the internet or within social networks, comprehensive such research is conducted by a professional online private investigator. This will not, of course, represent the only evidence presented in a fraud prosecution, but computer research can, support a case in a strong and convincing manner, for example by confirming or contradicting an alibi, or by establishing the personality of an individual, etc.

So first, here is some important information about fraud:

  • Fraud can occur when a person, for example, makes false claims about his or her sources of income when filing a disability claim. There may also be fraud when someone uses forged documents when submitting this disability claim, for example by submitting someone else’s social insurance number.
  • If a person’s health improves, as this person fails to share this information with the Social Security Office, this represents fraud.
  • However, be careful: not all disabilities and diagnoses are immediately visible. So before declaring that a person is better, remember that some medical conditions are less easily identifiable than others, such as autoimmune disorders, mental health problems and cognitive deficits.
  • Same people who make disability claims have the right to work a limited number of hours a week, so be careful if you make these kinds of charges.

Can a private investigator’s online computer investigation be used in court to make a complaint about fraud?

The answer to this question is yes, absolutely! If you are a HR executive or a boss, and you believe that one of your employees may be applying for a fraudulent disability, it is important that you consider the potential evidence for yourself.

Computer research: it can support or even cement your case. An investigator from an online private detective agency will be able to delve deeper and deeper in order to build your case, or will simply be able to provide you with the information you need to determine whether or not your employee is acting illegally.

Below you will find different reasons why an online and social networks survey could be useful:

  • Determine if an employee is telling the truth: Your employee may be alleging that he has been the victim of an accident at work, but you suddenly see him on Facebook in a skiing video. This could of course serve you well for proofs! A lot of things like social media activity, photos, videos, blogs, online searches, messages from private apps and email sites, and many other virtual activities, can be used to unmask your employee or, on the contrary, to justify his claims.
  • Keep this in mind if you think an employee is actually working elsewhere: Your employee is posting news that seems to be dealing with another job. Curious if it is completely legal? Often you will not immediately have all the answers to your questions, but you will be able to explore all of this more online to determine once and for all if your concerns are well founded.
  • Information gathering through social networks: What if your employee applied for a disability claiming to be single, but you suddenly saw them, hand in hand, with a spouse on the Instagram account?

In general, research online and within social networks are able to reveal some cliques of information that may be useful in the preparation of your file against some employees, or on the contrary can reassure you very quickly that your worries are wrong. If you would like to explore in more detail the ways in which a computer survey can help you, then review the private detective agencies in your area, and identify one with a good reputation. In consultation with your staff, you will be able to identify how a survey together with social networks can help you. We are the leading private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and we are here to help you solve all your worries.

How to Defend Yourself against False Sexual Battery Accusations

How to Defend Yourself against False Sexual Accusations

In the state of Oklahoma, sexual battery is considered a felony. Being accused of sexual battery charges is a very grave matter. Your life changes for the worse. Everything you work for, your family, your job, your reputation, you lose it in the blink of an eye. On top of that, you also have to serve serious jail time.

However, what if you were falsely accused? It’s not something unheard of. Every other month you read about such cases where the man was found innocent and the allegations were proven to be false.

So how do you defend and prove yourself innocent? Here are some of the ways.

1.   Cooperate With the Investigation

An investigation will take place no matter how much you say you are not guilty. When you know very well that you are innocent and have not committed this awful crime, there is no reason why you should not cooperate with the investigation.

2.   Hire a Private Investigator

Being accused of sexual battery can be a serious and severe issue. It is important that you involve a Private Investigator Oklahoma City for this matter. Your private investigator will help you gather evidences so you are able to defend you against the false sexual battery charges you have been alleged with.

3.   Keep Away From Your Accuser

Until you can legally defend yourself, it is best that you keep a distance from your accuser. These are things your private investigator will let you know of.

4.   Keep Your Emotions Under Control

There is no doubt that you will feel frustrated and enraged of being falsely accused of sexual battery. However, it is imperative you learn to control your emotions and try to stay calm. Your private detective will tell you this is the best way to protect yourself.

5.   Try To Understand Your Accuser’s Motives

You must try to understand what was the motive of your accuser to charge you falsely of sexual battery. There are many reasons why the victim is accused of such allegations. It could be that a colleague is jealous of their co-worker’s success. Or maybe an ex is looking for a way to get back at their partner. Whatever the reason may be, your private investigator OKC will try to get to the bottom of the case and understand your accuser’s motives for falsely accusing you.

The Technologies Process Servers Use To Locate People

Process Servers Oklahoma City

The requirements of the process serving industry are continuously upgrading. Thus, process servers must adopt the latest trends and invest in the latest technologies in order to meet the standard expected of them. A process server needs to be as innovative as possible to successfully (and legally) track down their subject and serve papers. Devices that help keep a track of subjects’ in real time are a necessity for process servers in this day and age. Here are the technologies that process servers need to use on duty.

Smartphone Apps

If it exists, there is an app about it. There are numerous apps available that not only help the process server from Oklahoma City keep a track of their assignment but also helps them locate the subject. Some of those key apps are:

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Tracking Apps (Google Maps)

GPS has been revolutionary in providing direction to people when they are looking to visit a specific area that they have never been to before. Just plug in the location in the app and then let GPS lead the process server to the place marked, making their job a lot easier.

Social Media Applications

One good thing that social media did for people is that it made it easier for law officials and process servers to look for their subjects. A process server from Oklahoma would not typically have access to private databases so they need to rely heavily on public databases for relevant information. They may find out the subject’s workplace, residence or their partner’s residence if needed. They will also gain insight as to the timings of the subject is present at certain locations. They may also find out key information on public transportation services that they may avail.


In some cases, the process server from OKC needs to very covertly follow their subjects. Some subjects may be running from the law and if they suspect that a process server is out to serve them papers, they may make a run for it. Therefore, binoculars can be an extremely beneficial technology for process servers to possess.

It is crazy to think that we all hold so much power in our hands at all times. Just owning a smartphone can introduce you to whole new worlds you never could have thought existed. Process servers have successfully just utilized these constantly evolving technologies for their own benefit.

There is Hope: Locating a Drug Addict

drug addiction

Are you dealing with the pain of a drug-addicted family member or friend? Does this person disappear for days on end without calling or coming home? If so, you need the help of a private investigator such as Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. John Keefe II and his team will help quickly locate a drugged or drunk loved one, using the best techniques in the business.

Trying to find an addict is not an easy task, as these people typically don’t want to be found. For one, they are almost always in a stupor of some sort, which makes their ability to reason nonexistent. Once a junkie is located, you must have a plan of action put in place as to how you are going to approach them such as:

  • Hiring a therapist to accompany you
  • Staging an intervention
  • Creating a list of ways you will and will not help them
  • Bringing other family and friends with you
  • Understanding that you must be strong no matter what

Drug addicts and drunks are very manipulative people. They are willing to do anything to score their next fix. Their family, friends, children, and spouses mean nothing to them when they are looking to get high. These are the types of things you want to consider when trying to locate a junkie. The private investigator in Oklahoma can lead you to the drug addict, but your next course of action is up to you.

Private investigators in OKC, unfortunately, know the horrors of drug addiction and substance abuse all too well. Oklahoma City has a growing problem with drug abuse, and this issue contributes to a lot of the city’s crime. It is a pleasure for Dr. John Patrick Keefe II and his team at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers to find your drug addicted family member and bring him or her back home. One less junkie on the streets is one less crime waiting to happen.

These words may sound harsh, but it’s the cold reality of the life of a drug addict. You need to be firm when dealing with these people, even when all you want to do is hug them and bring them to a warm place to stay. Enabling a drug addict makes you part of the problem and not the solution. Again, private investigators in OKC can lead you to the whereabouts of your drug-addicted loved one, but the steps you take next are your responsibility.

You must make sure that you have a plan put in place once your family member is found. One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is mentally to prepare for the fact that they just might not want to go home with you. Even though your friend might clearly be in danger as drug dens aren’t the safest places to hang out, you cannot drag them kicking and screaming out the door.

Do not be discouraged if things do not go as planned, once the private investigator in Oklahoma City finds the drug addict. Know in your heart you did everything that you could to help him or her. In the end, we all have to make our own decisions to change.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: Rescuing A Family Member From A Cult


When a family member disappears, the last place we think they are is in a cult. However, this scenario is quite real and happens every day. Sometimes loved ones will join groups like this on their own, because they are looking for community, companionship, and someplace where they feel accepted. The community never advertises itself as a cult, but the actions of its members often say otherwise. cult

Convincing a family member that he or she is indeed in a cult can be difficult. Trying to get that person to break away from the group can be next to impossible, if you do not have the right skills. However, before these two things can even be thought about, you must first locate the family member. That is where Dr. John Patrick Keefe II comes in. John Keefe II and his private investigation team will do everything that they can to find your loved one.
What if your family member didn’t join the cult of his or her own will and was kidnapped? Naturally, your first course of action would be to call the police. After you give your statement and the officers leave, you begin to notice days going by without any word. The police aren’t always as helpful as you’d like them to be, because they often have an overabundance of missing person cases to work. Calling a private investigator in OKC can be the best choice you’ve ever made.

Cults are the real deal folks. Helping people escape them can be tricky, especially if they joined willingly. For one, you have to deal with the element of brainwashing. Cult leaders will often use scare tactics, abuse, and other forms of mental and physical warfare to keep their members in line. Many times, people are brainwashed into thinking that God wants them to be part of the cult, and if one should leave, he or she will be punished. Hiring a private investigator in Oklahoma such as Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is the right thing to do.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City understand how bad you want your loved one back from the cult. They will apply covert operations to reunite you with your loved one. There is a technique for locating people that do not want to be found, such as those voluntarily involved in cults. There are also particular tactics used to find victims of cult kidnappings. Dr. John Keefe II and his team are privy to all of these. Allow them to bring your loved ones home from the cult. If anyone can do it, private investigators in Oklahoma City can.

Even if a loved one seems “happy” living in the cult community, he or she is still in danger. Most cult followers are waiting for something miraculous to happen such, as aliens to visit or angels to fly down from heaven and take them back with them. When these things do not happen, cult members get frustrated and sad stuff like suicide can ensue. If you know your loved one has been scooped up by a cult, Private Investigator John Keefe II will help you find them.