Skip Tracing Techniques To Locate Your Debtor

Skip Tracing OKC

Skip Tracing Techniques To Locate Your Debtor

Skip tracing is essentially the search of an individual, mostly a borrower who does what he or she can do to not be found so they do not have to repay their debt. Skip tracing OKC is a challenging and complicated endeavor, especially when the person is difficult to locate. For this purpose, there are experts who specialize in skip tracing services and are easily able to find people who have no intention of being found.

Skip Tracing Techniques To Locate Your Debtor

A skip tracer uses various sources of information to track down the debtor. These sources include:

1.   Acquaintances

One of the techniques a skip tracer uses is contacting the debtor’s neighbors, friends, business associates, or relatives if they may have an idea of the whereabouts of the person. Although it can be quite difficult to get useful information from these people who are close to the person, you can get a direct lead on the target without having to engage in other skip tracing activities.

2.   Directory assistance

Regardless that the phone line is disconnected, the skip tracer can contact directory assistance to ask for listings in the locality, or for other phone numbers that have the last name as the missing debtor.

3.   Fraternal organizations

Skip Tracing Oklahoma calls for the skip tracer to go through the person’s history in detail. Maybe the missing debtor was in a fraternal organization. There may be a chance that the person has provided the organization with their updated contact information.

4.   Professional licenses

The skip tracer will inquire from the certifying agency if the missing debtor is certified by any state organizations.

5.   Search engine

Thanks to today’s Internet, Skip Tracing Oklahoma City is much easier and stress-free than it previously used to be. A huge amount of valuable information is easily available through online resources such as Skip Tracing Oklahoma web sites where links can be accessed to public record files that may contain other leads or useful information to help locate the individual. Even if you simply enter the individual’s name in the search engine, you will find relevant information of some sort.

6.   Telephone listing

Both printed and online telephone directories can contain address and phone information, which can help the skip tracer in locating the individual.

7.   Vehicle Registrations

If the missing debtor has a registered boat or vehicles, the skip tracer will have no trouble in locating the address of the missing debtor.



Missing An Old Friend Or Classmate? Hire A Skip Tracer!

There are many times when we hear our parents talking about the ‘good old days,’ when their friends used to get together and play creative games in an era where there was no technology. Maybe they even mentioned that they had a best friend who they grew up with but lost touch with decades ago and are unable trace them.  It is even worse when they do not appear in any social media searches. Where does one start to look for them? Well, in such a situation, it would be wise to hire skip tracing services to find that old friend! Here is how a skip tracer can help you find your old classmate or friend.  

One of the First Places To Look

As morbid as it may sound, skip tracing involves, first, searching to see if the person is still alive or not. This is done through the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). They will search through public records and telephone directories in order to figure out where they may be today. Then there are other places such as private records that only skip tracers have access to for a fee, which helps to launch an in depth search for the person you are looking for.

The Tools Skip Tracers Use

Of course, as much information as you can give the skip tracer, the better the chances will be of finding the person you are looking for. Skip tracers have special access to databases that have the newest information about people, and through their experience they know where to start searching. Here are a few of the tools that can be used for skip tracing:

  • Public Records
  • Loan Applications
  • Former School Records
  • Interviewing relevant persons
  • Private records such as credit reports
  • Phone directories

What Happens When Leads Are Found?

Skip tracing in Oklahoma City can lead to the generation of possible leads, such as home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and more which are sorted through till the right person is found. Of course, due to safety reasons, if the person is located and verified to be the one you were looking for, they will be asked if their details can be revealed to you.

Happy Reunion!

Hiring our services of skip tracing in Oklahoma is more than likely to lead you to have a happy reunion with a fond friend of yours. Even though skip tracing in OKC is used mostly for debt collection and to help attorneys, reunions are also worth utilizing skip tracing services for.

How Do Skip Tracers Discover Debtors?

Judicial Process Servers Oklahoma City

Have you ever lend money to a borrower and expected that they will pay back the amount on the decided date, only to discover that the borrower is nowhere to find? In such times, borrower might find themselves at a loss while not knowing what to do. The most possible thing that will come to your mind will be to hire skip tracing services and find the borrower.

Skip tracing refers to searching a debtor who seems to have vanished in thin air. The debtor tries to do everything to escape and avoid being found, believing that they will not pay back their debt ever.

The lender on his/her own may find it difficult to locate a person. For this, it is wise to hire services of Skip Tracing OKC so that they track down your debtor .

In case if you are wondering how Skip Tracing Oklahoma finds your borrower in a matter of time, then below are some ways mentioned:

1.   Gather Data On Your Debtor

The first rule of skip tracing OKC is to discover every bit of information about a missing debtor. This Information includes Social Security number, driver’s license, birthdate, previous residential address, place of employment, etc.

This information can be gathered easily by inquiring the friends and family of the debtor. The skip tracer also goes through resources such as court records, taxation details, banking applications, job applications, etc. to accumulate information. Once the skip tracer gets hold of this information, they become able to get a lead on their search.

2.   Caller ID

Skip Tracing Oklahoma City also gives a call at all the addresses that the individual has resided in. The tracer will state that they need to contact so and so person, and leave a phone number on which the person can call back on. In case, a person catches the bait and calls out of curiosity, bam! Your caller ID will identify the phone number, which will help reveal the person’s current address.

3.   Contact place of employment

The skip tracer will visit the borrower’s place of employment to see if they can get any leads on where your debtor may be working now. They may find someone who can provide valuable information about your debtor that will help the skip tracer track him or her.



When Is It the Time to Hire a Skip Tracer

Due to a multitude of reasons, you are not able to find the person you are looking for. That person may be a debtor who has borrowed a sum of money from you and has no intention of repaying it. So they decide to go missing so you are not able to ask your money from them.

Skip Tracing Services can be extremely valuable in helping you find the missing person. So waste no time and hire a Skip Tracing Oklahoma City services company to solve the mystery of the missing person.

When Is It the Time to Hire a Skip Tracer

1.   You Are Not Able To Locate an Individual

When you have no idea where the person you are looking for is living and their last known residential address is of no good, this is a good time to contact a Skip Tracing company. At this point, who knows where the person is.  The skip tracer will know exactly where and how to start the search. They are well aware of the approach they should take in tracking down the person.

2.   You Have a Feeling the Person Is Residing In a Certain Place

Although you do not have any listed information, you have a strong feeling that they might be found at a certain address. In such situations, it is better to have a Skip Tracing Oklahoma company verify if your suspicion is correct or not.

3.   Finding Difficulty in Tracing a Particular Asset

If you have been thinking that skip tracing OKC is only related to finding missing persons then you have been limiting the capabilities of skip tracers. One can get to know where a specific person is by investigating in the neighbourhood, but getting to know here the asset of that person is a bit difficult. Skip tracers have things in controlled in this matter, usually, lenders ask for their help when trying to locate a vehicle for repossession. However, there are companies who render these services but they limit their reach to time but skip tracers do not give up until the missing asset is found.

4.   Verify If the Person Has Died

If you have heard rumors that the person you are looking for has passed away, you can hire a Skip Tracing Oklahoma City company to track down the truth.

The Origination of Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing OKC

The concept of skip tracing has been established since before the middle ages. Obviously, the way skip tracing took place before is a lot different than how it is practiced now. However, the premise is the same. What is the premise? Well, skip tracing is often related to debt collection, in which tracing is the way to find the ‘skip’ (the one who has left, often a debtor) in order to help someone get their money back. Skip tracing services are used for many other purposes now, for example, to track down old relatives or friends or just to find someone specific. Skip tracing has been around since before sliced bread was created! People really have been running away from paying their debt for a long long time. The modern ways to skip trace are extremely innovative and easy. Let’s explore how skip tracing originated.

The Word Skip Tracing

The word ‘skip,’ in this phrase, is actually used as a noun. Skip is another word for a person who has ‘skipped’ (left) town. In most cases, the skip leaves hurriedly, leaving behind some subtle clues as to where they have gone. Traditionally, skip tracing was only used by bounty hunters, detectives, repossession agents, debt collectors, lawyers and bond enforcers.

What Is The Original Skip Tracing Methodology

The basic method of skip tracing is pretty easy- collecting as much information as possible, analyzing it, drawing conclusions, taking an action and then repeating! Most skip tracing in Oklahoma City basically takes place in the same way. Of course, the difficult part is finding the most useful information available through a variety of methods. These days, skip tracing in Oklahoma just involves going through databases and using the internet to make connections to the skip. In the very old days, they would have to travel around and then ask around. Skip tracing in OKC, however, in some cases still involves calling up, visiting and/or interviewing family, friends and anyone who is related to the skip such as co-workers and neighbors. Collecting data, of course, can happen in any of these diverse foolproof ways.  Then, of course, skip tracers need to analyze the data meticulously in order to trace the skip.

Thank god that things have improved and changed in the skip tracing industry due to the advent of technology. Skip tracing is an ages-old art that has definitely been refined.

How Bounty Hunters Benefit From Skip Tracing Services

Bounty Hunter is not just a concept made up for the 2010 movie of the same name. Bounty hunters exist, and work day and night in order to capture fugitives who are on the run. Bounty hunters possess special skills and tools, and receive proper training as they need to be prepared for the dangerous and strenuous task of capturing a fugitive and bringing them back to wherever they should be. However, bounty hunters may need help from private investigators or skip tracers in finding the fugitive they have been assigned to bring back. Here is how bounty hunters can benefit from skip tracing services.

What Is Skip Tracing and How Is It Used?

The term skip tracing comes from the concept of ‘skipping’ town, and tracing is the act of finding the person who has skipped. Skip tracing services are commonly used by repossession agents, private investigators, bail bondsmen, journalists, bounty hunters and debt collectors. A skip tracer is one who is skilled in locating hard to find individuals, using their expertise and location mechanisms and techniques in order to locate the skip. Skip tracers use the minimal information they have and head to the deep ends of the internet and may even go through the person’s social media accounts in order to generate a lead. Skip tracers may also access the following:

  • Credit Reports
  • Job applications
  • Phone number databases
  • Criminal records
  • Loan Applications
  • Credit card applications
  • Public tax records
  • Utility bills
  • Public records
  • Courthouse records
  • Air travel records
  • Loyalty cards for stores
  • Car registration departments

How Skip Tracing in Oklahoma City Can Benefit Bounty Hunters

Bail bondsmen and bounty hunters may require the services of skip tracing from Oklahoma for those defendants or fugitives who have not met their bond conditions. Skip tracing in such a challenging situation, where a person has intentionally skipped town to avoid detection, should only be left to the professionals. When bounty hunters procure the services of skip tracing in OKC, they typically use both modern and traditional tools, such as going through records as well as online databases. At the same time, skip tracers need to abide by federal and local laws, like those pertaining to privacy and trespassing. They help to build a report of evidences that the bounty hunter can use to capture a fugitive. Even the smallest lead can be extremely vital for the bounty hunter in their endeavor.

Skip tracing is quite similar to investigative work, where they need to scour databases, understand how and where to search for relevant information, and follow up on leads. In some cases they may need to conduct interviews, do surveillance activities and assess information about the subject.

The Connection between Skip Tracing and Debt Collection

Many companies often go through losses when they deal with clients, give them the product, and then find that the client has disappeared before paying their due. Clients may also go through a fraudulent company who took payment and did not give the services or products they had offered. This is where skip tracing services come in handy!

Here is how skip tracing can help in the collection of outstanding payments.

What Is Skip Trace And What Do Skip Tracers Do?

Skip trace is a process of locating a person. Skip tracers use all the tools that are at their disposal in order to find the person they are hired to look for. “Skip” refers to the person, and tracing is the process of locating the person. There are a number of tools skip tracers can use to find people, such as search engines, social media accounts, reverse search, white and yellow pages, email checkers etc. The most common use for skip tracing in Oklahoma City is to find those evading payment.

How Skip Tracing Can Help in Debt Collection

Often times, correct or existing contact information is not available when trying to find those who owe you money. Skip tracing in Oklahoma can help you go into detail and find the person’s whereabouts, as many skip town or are hiding in plain sight, a skip tracer can trace them out for you by using their tools expertly. It is important for businesses and individuals alike to hire skip tracing services in order to reclaim money and find debtors. Skip tracers are professionals in their work and they have the skills needed in order to find people. Skip tracing in OKC can be a great way for businesses to generate income in a more timely fashion, and for individuals to find those who owe them large amounts of money.


How Skip Tracing Can Land You Your Dream Home

Anyone wanting to invest in good real estate at a good price would know that the best deals can come out of abandoned homes. The only problem with that is finding the actual owners of the property, which can often be equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack. But, that is where skip tracing can help you out!

Here is how hiring skip tracing services can land you your dream home.

What Do Skip Tracers Do?

More often than not, the owners of your potential dream home have skipped town, making it futile to look for owners through employment agencies or through local marketing. Skip tracers are adept at tracing people who may have ‘skipped’ town (this is where the name skip tracing comes from).

How Skip Tracing Can Help To Find A Homeowner

Professionals of Skip Tracing in Oklahoma City have the tools and resources that the normal person may not have access to. They also use different methods and techniques to find the person you are looking for. Skip tracing in Oklahoma can help you find the alternate or new address of the vacant property owner. Property owners who have skipped to another town do not usually leave behind the details pertaining to their new place, so it is pretty much impossible to trace them through a phonebook directory. Though some property owners leave their forwarding address with the National Change of Address (NCOA), which can help skip tracers to locate them without putting up much effort.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) do not usually give forwarding addresses of the person you are trying to trace, regardless of any reason you may provide. These details are usually released to licensed private detectives, officers of the law enforcement agency, and other court-related entities. However, Skip tracing in OKC may use various tactics in order to find out the forwarding address. For instance, they may send a mail to the homeowner’s property with, “Do Not Forward. Return Service Requested.” written on the envelope. This information will make the post office return the letter to you without forwarding it and there will be a sticker posted on it containing their new address.

Skip tracing services can use various other techniques and strategies to efficiently and effectively find the homeowner you are looking for, which in turn can help you invest in the best properties out there. For property investors especially, hiring skip tracing services to find the owners of abandoned properties can give them an edge over their competitors.

Can A Skip Tracer Help You Find Your Birth Parents?

Most individuals who were adopted at a young age want to find out more about their legacy and their biological family. Even if they are happy with their adoptive family, they might want to know in case they need to worry about any genetic conditions, or maybe just to understand themselves a bit more. Trying to find someone without the right means and skills can prove to be nearly impossible. That is why people use the method of skip tracing to find their birth parents.

Here is how a skip tracer can help you find your biological parents.

What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip trace is a term used to ‘trace’ someone who may have ‘skipped’ town or shifted to a new location. Thus, skip tracing is one of the methods used to find those who are off the map. Skip tracing in Oklahoma City is commonly used to find debtors, runaways, relatives, and friends who seem to be off the radar.

Is It Considered Ethical To Use Skip Tracing In Oklahoma To Find People?

Most people become very skeptical when they hear the term skip tracing, as it sounds super suspicious and may even be considered a breach of privacy. However, professional skip tracing services have strict guidelines regarding the ethics of tracing a subject. Service providers of skip tracing in OKC prohibit bribing, threatening, manipulating or stalking people in order to find their target. So, even though skip tracing sounds dangerous, they are actually using public records and social media accounts etc. that are legal to go through. Skip tracers do not use methods of intimidation or force to find the person(s) they are looking for. Thus, no one will be intentionally harmed during the process of skip tracing.

What Are Some Of The Tools Skip Tracers Use In Order To Locate People?

Skip tracers look for their targets legally using tools that are at their disposal and that they are skilled at using. They usually go through property deeds as well as other public records. They also try to hunt out the missing person’s residential and employment histories. They make use of their special databases that have private records and also talk to the sources related to the target. Skip tracing services also makes use of tracking devices found in vehicles and mobile devices. Another major tool in their investigation is to use surveillance methods such as security camera footage. If you are looking for your birth parents it is important to note that if the birth parents refuse to meet you, the skip tracer is morally obliged to grant their wishes. Also, you may find out that your biological parents are deceased or were unable to be found. In each case, it is better to mentally prepare yourself before hiring a skip tracer.