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Tinsley Discusses: What to Look for in a Process Server

Tinsley Discusses a Process Server

When searching for a process server to handle your needs and meet your expectations, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for in the first place. Operating as a process server in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe is well aware of those expectations and goes to great lengths to achieve them. In addition, she also makes it a point to share the qualities every process server should have; the qualities that truly make a difference in the profession of process serving.


It goes without saying that the best legal agent comes with ample experience and ample skills acquired from that experience. You do not want a process server that does not know how to utilize resources and tools. You also do not want a legal representative that does not learn as their business grows. By choosing a skilled process server, you are ensuring the job gets done quickly and efficiently.


When searching for a process server, Tinsley stresses the importance of hiring someone that is both insured and licensed. You do not want to hire someone working unlawfully. Getting caught in that web is dangerous enough as a stand alone situation, but combined with your mission at hand . . . not pretty. Definitely a situation that is best avoided.


Of course, having a knowledgeable process server is a benefit all on its own. Taking pride in her knowledge as a legal agent in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe is constantly utilizing that knowledge to provide her clients with a multitude of different tips and discussions. By having knowledge on not only process serving related inquiries but general proceedings, the process server can work harder in making you, a loyal customer, feel secure and taken care of.


Choosing a process server with the trait of tranquility is also important. After all, the last thing you want is a temperamental process server that takes everything to heart. The easiest way to find a legal representative that practices tranquility is to try and have a discussion with them about your needs in person. It is relatively easy to read the tone and body language of your process server physically; giving you the chance to gauge their level of tranquility before making any final decisions.


Finally, one of the best traits to look for in a private agent is class. Very similar to tranquility, class is important because when it comes down to it, your process server in Stillwater, Oklahoma is representing you at all times. If you have a legal agent that does not take care of themselves, how are they supposed to take care of you?

A process server that holds class will behave in a manner that is both respectable and sophisticated. Looking back on her experience working as a process server in OKC, Tinsley Keefe has a golden rule when it comes to identifying class: does the person appear to hold themselves in high regard? If the answer is yes, chances are they have enough class for the both of you.

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