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Why Oklahoma City Process Servers Need to Dress for the Occasion

Sometimes we at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com hear about how process servers who work with other companies or individually do not dress professionally.  While we obviously have absolutely no control over what those who work for other companies do or do not do, the field of process serving in Oklahoma is certainly a professional field.  However, what is “professional” in one situation may not be appropriate for another.  This is why it is more important for process servers in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, or elsewhere to dress according to each situation.

If an Oklahoma process server is going to serve someone in an elite suburban community or at an upscale business office, then how should he or she dress?  Well, obviously in this situation, process servers can usually expect a less favorable reaction for his or her comeliness if dressed in sagging jeans, a baseball cap that is turned backwards, and a shirttail that is hanging out.  In this instance, Oklahoma process servers should usually wear a nice dress shirt, pressed slacks, polished shoes, and have their hair washed and neatly combed.  The same rule applies in other locations, just with different clothing styles.

This time let us assume a process server has entered a very low socioeconomic income area.  Gangs might abound, and people around the neighbourhood might not necessarily be dressed up in suits and nice slacks.  Instead, perhaps they are wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and T-shirts.  Why should they not?  With few exceptions, there is certainly no law stating what people can and cannot wear.  However, process servers who fail to match this same type of clothing attire will likely yield less than favourable results.

Oklahoma process server who goes to such places wearing a nice shirt, tie, dress pants, and polished shoes might be viewed by others there as “suspicious” and out of place.  Who are they and what do they want?  Surely they cannot be from around the neighbourhood, right?  Are they cops?  Are they selling something?  This could indeed present a problem.

Likewise, as noted earlier, process servers who go to upscale areas will often find themselves in the same position if they do not dress in nice shirts, dress slacks, etc.  People in those Oklahoma communities will likely see this person as a trespasser, someone looking to use the bathroom, an individual who is homeless, a potential thug, etc.  While this may be quite far from the truth, this, too, could present problems for Oklahoma City process servers.

Both scenarios essentially rely upon the same logic: the need for process servers to make meaningful connections with the people around them.  Those that Oklahoma process servers go around need to be able to effectively identify with them as being “one of us”.  If they do not, then getting questions answered, finding the right person, and not getting treated as nicely can potentially become major issues.  Of course, this does not just extend to a process server’s manner of dress; it entails other factors as well.

Excellent process serving companies also realise the need to hire a diverse workforce.  Having process servers of different ages, races, nationalities, those who can speak more than one language, etc., will sometimes enhance their ability to better connect with other people around them – if they have similar attributes.  The old adages “like attracts like” and “birds of a feather flock together” are quite true indeed!

It is important to note that there are no guarantees that dressing in a certain way or having a process server who is of a particular race, age, etc., will be able to have any enhanced success over those who fail to employ these techniques.  Likewise, it is equally important not to make overgeneralizations about those those who live in upper class neighbourhoods and business districts or in lower socioeconomic areas.  People can act in all different ways, and outstanding, professional process servers should always stand ready to ensure that they act accordingly and remain ready to adapt.  However, as a general rule of thumb, the more professional Oklahoma process servers fit in to their surroundings and those within them, the more likely they chance they will have increased success when serving court papers.

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